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Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Towards sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture activities
“Towards minimising the adverse environmental effects of marine aquaculture.”

The problem

During the past decade several EU-funded projects have dealt with environmental and aquaculture but the results are not always readily accessible. This has increased the difficulty of integrating environmental considerations into the common fisheries policy (CFP). This raises the need to review and synthesise the current knowledge in this field and prepare the results for publication in a format readily accessible for policy-makers and all marine environment-aquaculture stakeholders.

SAMI  Trawling aquaculture-environment research to enhance accessibility


SAMI will optimise the access to and use of earlier EU-funded aquaculture-environment research by:

  • Convening expert workshops to review current understanding of aquaculture-environment interactions
  • Formulating advice that incorporates this knowledge into the CFP
  • Identifying and prioritising future research needs that support EU policy
  • Preparing a topic review – Aquaculture in the Ecosystem – for submission to an international publisher

Contribution to policy development:

  • SAMI will summarise current knowledge on environmental effects of aquaculture across Europe to inform future policy debate and decisions
  • The project will identify current gaps in scientific knowledge and prioritise research needs

Project deliverables

  • Report: Schedule of project workshops and topics – January 2006
  • Workshop report: Outline book proposal to publishers – May 2006
  • Annual report: Status of book chapter drafts – November 2006
  • Book manuscript for publication – March 2007
  • Final report – May 2007


  • Project website – February 2006
  • Results published in international peer-review journals and presented at scientific, trade and policy meetings – as needed

Technical information

Project acronym: SAMI
Project’s official full title: Synthesis of Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem Interactions
Research priority: 1.3. Modernisation and sustainability of fisheries, including aquaculture-based production systems
Specific webpage: Details not yet available
Proposal/contract no: 022656
Start date: 1 November 2005
Kick off meeting: November 2005
Completion date: May 2007
European Commission scientific officer: Jacques Fuchs,

Dr Marianne Holmer (
Name: Institute of Biology
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M
Country: Denmark
Tel: +45 6550 2605
Fax: +45 6593 0457


Name: Scottish Association of Marine Science
Abbreviated name: SAMS
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Institut Mediterrani d’Estudis Avançats
Abbreviated name: CSIC
Country: Spain

Name: University of Crete
Abbreviated name: UOC
Country: Greece