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“To support efforts to dispose of mining waste in a more environmentally friendly fashion.”

The problem

The mining industry generates huge amounts of waste, which comprises the largest source of environmental waste in many European countries. A series of accidents in recent years has highlighted the significant environmental risks posed by mining waste and the urgent need for better waste management procedures. These concerns have prompted the European Parliament and Council of Ministers to adopt a new Directive on the management of waste from the extractive industries. New research on waste classification and risks is required to allow mine operators and environmental authorities to implement the new regulation.

SAFEMANMIN  Better management of mining waste


SAFEMANMIN will collect and review information required for implementation of Directive 2006/21/EC on the management of waste from the mining industries.

The project will:

  • Review methods for the characterisation of mining waste
  • Review risk-assessment methodologies for the classification of mining waste facilities
    Review techniques for the prevention and abatement of pollution generated by mining wastes
  • Develop a decision-support tool for minimising the impact of the mining industry on the environment

Contribution to policy development:

  • SAFEMANMIN will provide direct assistance in implementing Directive 2006/21/EC.
  • It will result in a unified vision of the requirements of the Directive, applicable across Europe.
  • The project will produce guidance to support the prediction and prevention of mining waste problems.
  • It will also generate guidance to support policy and planning decisions on construction of new mines and decommissioning of old facilities.

Project deliverables

  • Series of reports on characterisation, handling and safe recycling or disposal of mining wastes – February 2007-January 2008
  • Review of research in Europe on risk assessment strategies for mining waste – October 2007
  • Report on training of representatives of environmental authorities – March 2008
  • Decision-support tool for minimising the environmental impact of the mining industry – May 2008
  • Final report – June 2008


  • Project website with deliverables available for download – from February 2007
  • Promotion of outputs to the environmental authorities in European countries – February 2007-June 2008
  • Publication of academic papers and general articles – as appropriate
  • Technical reports disseminated at the ministerial level – June 2008
  • Project brochures and CDs distributed to environmental authorities, the mining industry and academia – from May 2008

Technical information

Project acronym: SAFEMANMIN
Project’s official full title: Safe Management of Mining Waste and Waste Facilities
Research priority:Assessment of environmental technologies for support of policy decisions, in particular concerning effective but low-cost technologies in the context of fulfilling environmental legislation
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 044126
Start date: 1 January 2007
Kick off meeting: January 2007
Completion date: 30 June 2008
European Commission scientific officer: Michele Galatola,

Name: Biotechnologie und Umwelttechnologie F&E GesmbH, Vienna
Abbreviated name: BIUTEC
Address: Seeböckgasse 32b, A-1160 Wien
Country: Austria
Tel: +43 1 4083580 0
Fax: +43 1 4083580 34


Name: University of Mining and Geology “Saint Ivan Rilski”, Sofia
Abbreviated name: UMGS
Country: Bulgaria           

Name: Institute of Environmental Engineering, Polish Academy of Science, Zabrze
Abbreviated name: IPIS
Country: Poland

Name: Environmental Protection Agency Maramures, Baia Mare
Abbreviated name: APMMM
Country: Romania

Name: University of Cagliari, Department of Soil Sciences
Abbreviated name: UNICA
Country: Italy

Name: Research and Development National Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources
Abbreviated name: INCDMRR
Country: Romania

Name: Asociación Para La Investigación Y Desarrollo Industrial De Los Recursos Naturales
Abbreviated name: AITEMIN
Country: Spain

Name: Aristotle University Thessaloniki
Abbreviated name: AUTH
Country: Greece

Name: Geological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy, Sofia
Abbreviated name: GI-BAS
Country: Bulgaria

Name: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Abbreviated name: NTNU
Country: Norway

Name: University of Petrosani
Abbreviated name: UPET
Country: Romania

Abbreviated name: INERTEC
Country: France