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Environment - Understanding the environment and the impacts of green technologies
“To help design policy that promotes the adoption of cleaner, greener technologies across Europe.”

The problem

Guided by effective environmental policy, European industry has become ‘greener’ over the past decade. This is helping to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation. However, there is a lack of theory and empirical testing in this area. Research on how market and institutional barriers, for example, slow down the uptake of cleaner technology is scarce. Therefore, policy-makers often have insufficient information concerning the types and level of incentive and disincentive that best encourage innovation towards cleaner technologies.

POPA‑CDTA  Designing policies to promote for cleaner technologies


POPA-CDTA will help policy-makers predict the conditions required for the successful uptake of cleaner technologies.

It will:

  • Identify barriers hampering the development of environmental technologies
  • Build a model to test hypotheses concerning drivers and barriers to innovative behaviour
  • Conduct case studies in four sectors (agriculture, transport, industry and energy)
  • Assess the cost-effectiveness of selected environmental technologies and proposed policy measures
  • Make recommendations on policy initiatives to encourage the uptake of cleaner technologies

Contribution to policy development:


  • Provide a model to help policy-makers choose appropriate incentives and disincentives to encourage the development and uptake of cleaner technologies
  • Contribute to the development of the European Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP) in the agriculture, transport, industry and energy sectors

Project deliverables

  • Case studies – Month 15
  • Policies design – Month 18
  • Sectoral workshop report – Month 18
  • Synthesis report – Month 20
  • Final policy brief – Month 23


  • International workshop – Month 21
  • Review and assessment reports – Months 6, 12, 16, 19 and 24

Technical information

Project acronym: POPA-CDTA
Project’s official full title: Policy pathways to promote the development and adoption of cleaner technologies
Research priority: 1.6. Assessment of environmental technologies for support of policy decisions, in particular concerning effective but low-cost technologies in the context of fulfilling environmental legislation
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 502487
Start date: Details not yet available
Kick off meeting: Details not yet available
Completion date: Details not yet available
European Commission scientific officer: Nikolaos Christoforides (

Dr. Carlos Montalvo (
Name: Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, Institute for Technology, Strategy and Policy
Abbreviated name: TNO-STB
Address: Schoemakerstraat 97
P.O. Box 6030
2600JA Delft
Country: Netherlands
Tel: +31 55 269 5490
Fax: +31 55 259 5460


Name: Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
Abbreviated name: IPTS
Country: Spain

Name: Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Abbreviated name: ISI
Country: Germany

Name: Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Abbreviated name: OEAW
Country: Austria

Name: Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Abbreviated name: REC
Country: Hungary

Name: Institute for European Environmental Policy
Abbreviated name: IEEP
Country: UK

Name: Center for Environment and Sustainability, Göteborg University and Chalmers
Abbreviated name: UGOT
Country: Sweden