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Migration - Learning about people on the move
“Providing valuable information about how different EU Member States deal with immigration and citizenship issues”

The problem

Migration of third-country citizens to EU Member States has increased dramatically recently. The issue is now high on the political agenda, but the focus has tended to be on immigration regulation. Little work has been done on how immigrants are integrating into European society. Thanks to the Treaty of Amsterdam, aspects of immigration such as border control, asylum and the rights of third-country nationals are now matters of concern for EU policy-makers. Research is needed on how different Member States approach issues relating to the integration of immigrants. 

NATAC  Exploring aspects of immigration and citizenship


The project’s main goal is to develop a framework to compare specific aspects of the regulation of nationality and citizenship across EU Member States. Researchers will examine how these policies converge or differ. The work will provide a platform to evaluate Member States’ policies in this area.

NATAC will:

  • Collect information about current legislation and recent nationality laws
  • Analyse statistical data on naturalisation and other nationality issues
  • Investigate administrative practices relating to the implementation of nationality laws
  • Analyse the citizenship status of third-country nationals in several EU Member States

Contribution to policy development:

  • NATAC will provide Member States with information to use in amending nationality laws or when revising how they integrate immigrants
  • It will also provide empirical evidence and policy recommendations that will aid dialogue between Member States on harmonising nationality laws and practices
  • It will show how reforms of nationality laws can be integrated into the EU’s strategy to harmonise the status and rights of third-country nationals

Project deliverables

  • Agreement on general structure for reports on each Members State and list of topics to be covered – Month 1
  • Various reports for each Member State covering issues such as legal, political and administrative developments re nationality policy and practice – Month 6
  • Comparative report on how nationality laws and their application converge and diverge in Member States – Month 6
  • Evaluation of Member States’ nationality and citizenship policies as they relate to integration of immigrants – Month 7
  • Publishing recommendations for nationality and citizenship policies – Month 10


  • Workshop to disseminate results to the European Commission and other interested parties - 23-24 June 2005, Vienna
  • Final report of project – October 2005

Technical information

Project acronym: NATAC
Project’s official full title: The acquisition of nationality in EU Member States; rules, practices and quantitative developments
Research priority: 2.5. Comparative research of factors underlying migration and refugee flows, including illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 503762
Start date: 01/09/04
Kick off meeting: Not available
Completion date: 30/09/2005
European Commission scientific officer: Giulia Amaducci (

Name: Austrian Academy of Science, Institute for European Integration Research
Abbreviated name: EIF
Address: Prinz Eugen-Straße 8-10
1040 Vienna
Country: Austria
Tel: + 43 (1) 515 81 75 65
Fax: + 43 (1) 515 81 75 66


Name: European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
Abbreviated name: EZ
Country: Austria

Name: Catholic University Nijmegen, Centre for Migration Law
Abbreviated name: KUN
Country: The Netherlands

Name: Danish Institute for Human Rights
Abbreviated name: DIHR
Country: Denmark