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Disability - Ensuring that disabilities are no handicap
“Towards improving mobility and employment for disabled people.”

The problem

Access to employment by people with disabilities varies across Europe owing to differing attitudes and institutional policies. Some EU states make more effective provision than others for the mobility and employment of the disabled. If Europe is to maximise the opportunities for employing these people and the skills they can offer, it is essential that all Member States are made aware of, and encouraged to adopt, the good practices of more forward-thinking countries.

LivingAll  Free movement and equal living


LivingAll aims to boost the free movement of people with disabilities and enhance the accessibility of everyone to the European labour market. It will collect, collate and compare data on national policies affecting the mobility and employment of people with disabilities and prepare a manual of good practice. The analysis of existing policies will be used to highlight the most effective means towards harmonisation and adoption of best practice across Europe.

Contribution to policy development:

  • LivingAll will increase the quantity and quality of information available for exploring different options and making decisions.
  • The project will develop policy recommendations to harmonise different approaches and regulations in each European state in order to ensure free movement and equality of opportunities for all.
  • It will present proposals for closer co-operation between European institutions to improve freedom of movement across Europe.
  • LivingAll will establish criteria for policy-makers to assess practice across Europe and ensure there is a level playing field to enhance mobility and employment of all disabled people.

Project deliverables

  • Report on the rights of disabled people to free movement – July 2007
  • Compilation and classification of policies, action plans and technical measures – July-Aug 2007
  • Database with data from 700 replies and general statistics – Nov 2007
  • Report on the free movement of disabled people – Feb 2008
  • Report on the main barriers to disabled people’s free movement – Feb 2008
  • Annual project progress – Feb 2008
  • Guidelines for policies, actions and technologies – Oct 2008
  • European conference and proceedings – Dec 2008
  • Project summary and recommendations – Mar 2009


  • Project website – from June 2007
  • Link to the European Social Network to increase the implementation of the identified best practices – throughout
  • Regular LivingAll   up-dates will appear in the University of Valencia POLIBIEN ESTAR newsletter – monthly
  • Press releases and contacts with journalists – as necessary
  • Dissemination material for disabled associations
  • Dissemination material for administrations

Technical information

Project acronym: LIVINGALL
Research priority: Quality of life issues relating to handicapped/disabled people (including equal access facilities)
Specific webpage: 
Proposal/contract no: 044359
Start date: 1 March 2007
Kick off meeting: 29-30 March 2007
Completion date: March 2009
European Commission scientific officer: Veronique Bernard,

Coordinator: Jorge Garces Ferrer
Name: POLIBIENESTAR Research Institute, University of Valencia
Abbreviated name: POLIBIENESTAR
Address: Edificio Departamental Occidental
Avinguda dels Tarongers
s/n. 46022. Valencia
Country: Spain
Tel: +34 96 382 8184
Fax: +34 96 382 8184


Name: Compass Sozial-und Gesundheitsverein
Abbreviated name: COMPASS
Country: Austria

Name: Spanish Society of Social & Health Care
Abbreviated name: SEAS
Country: Spain

Name: Association Nationale pour le Logement des Personnel Handicapées 
Abbreviated name: ANLH
Country: Belgium

Name: Conselleria de Territorio y Urbanismo
Abbreviated name: DGV
Country: Spain

Name: National Research Council Construction Technologies Institute
Abbreviated name: CNR ITC
Country: Italy

Name: Vienna University of Technology
Abbreviated name: TUW
Country: Austria

Name: Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
Abbreviated name: UPIRS
Country: Slovenia

Name: SINTEF Byggforsk
Abbreviated name: SINTEF
Country: Norway

Name: Habinteg Housing Association Ltd
Abbreviated name: HABINTEG
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Innovaciones Sociosanitarias
Abbreviated name: ISS
Country: Spain