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Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Towards sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture activities
“To provide an improved basis for selecting fishery, aquaculture and seafood processing research projects for funding.”

The problem

European aquaculture, fisheries and seafood processing development has benefited considerably from EU-funded research efforts and reforms in European policies and programmes have affected the way in which the seafood sector is perceived. Fishery-related research projects under the EU’s Fourth and Fifth Framework Programmes (FP4 and FP5) were built upon specific objectives for the continued development of the sector between 1994 and 2002. But what were the actual impacts of these programmes?

IMPACT FISH  Maximising the value of EU-funded fishery research


IMPACT FISH will assess the effect of FP4 and FP5 projects on the seafood industry, including aquaculture production systems, in order to inform the policy-making process. This project will:

  • Review the effects that FP4 and FP5 have had on fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing
  • Bring together the diverse sources of information on projects and will seek direct feedback from a wide range of stakeholders
  • Compare the perceived impact of these programmes with their initial objectives
  • Identify trends and tendencies and provide a basis for the comparison of the Framework Programmes
  • Will provide guidelines for future actions and feed into preparations for FP7

Contribution to policy development:

  • This review will help to improve project selection criteria
  • It will contribute further to making well-informed, robust policy decisions affecting an important European industry
  • It will highlight the perceived effectiveness of EU-funded research projects and provide comments on how they can be better implemented in future EU Research Programmes

Project deliverables

  • Collate and summarise EU objectives for FP4 and FP5 – start July 2004, end August 2004
  • Collate and monitor information available for current projects – start July 2004,
    end November 2004
  • Develop and circulate questionnaire for gathering information from stakeholders – start October 2004, end January 2005
  • Interim report – April 2005
  • Analyse information from returned questionnaires – start March 2005, end June 2005
  • Final report and recommendations – July 2005


  • Mid-term project review meeting – December 2004
  • Final project review and report planning meeting – June 2005
  • Summaries of the findings will be distributed to stakeholders and submitted for publication – July 2005

Technical information

Project acronym: IMPACT FISH
Project’s official full title: Impact Assessment of the FP4 and FP5 Research Programmes on Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing Research Area and the Fishery Industry
Research Priority: Modernisation and sustainability of fisheries, including aquaculture-based production systems
Proposal/contract no: 513651
Start date: 1 July 2004
Kick off meeting: July 2004
Completion date: July 2005
European Commission scientific officer: Snorri Runar Palmason (

Alistair Lane
Name: European Aquaculture Society
Abbreviated name: EAS
Address: Slijkensesteenweg 4
B-8400 Oostende
Country: Belgium
Tel: +32 59 32 3859
Fax: +32 59 32 1005


Name: Oceanic Développement
Abbreviated name: OD
Country: France