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"Towards improved integration of female migrant workers"

The problem

The migration of workers across Europe, both from within the EU and from neighbouring countries, has significant socio-economic implications for the immediate and long-term future. At present, relatively little is known of the numbers involved, their origins, needs and aspirations, particularly those of female migrants. If these migrants are to make the maximum contribution to Member States’ economies and be integrated into the established workforce, it is essential to improve the quality of information upon which future policies are based.

FeMiPol  Integrating female immigrants


The European Commission has acknowledged that the integration of migrants enhances competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and greater social cohesion within Europe and across neighbouring borders. FeMiPol will analyse:

  • Policies affecting the integration of female migrants
  • Migration flows and processes of dispersion of female migrants
  • Demand for the labour of female migrants
  • Integration processes in relation to female migrants
  • Processes relating to the implementation of social policies.

The project will identify best practice and develop recommendations for better policies both at the national and EU level. 

Contribution to policy development:

  • FEMINPOL will gather information to inform current debates on female migration and their integration into the labour force.
  • The project will improve understanding of the social adaptation of migrants and problems this can entail.
  • FEMINPOL will analyse existing policies dealing with the illegal stay and work of migrant women in European societies and identify good practice.
  • The project will develop policy recommendations for policy-makers to improve strategic decisions affecting female migrant workers.

Project deliverables

  • Workshop and report on policies affecting female migrants in Europe – May 2006
  • Workshop and report on biographical policy evaluation – October 2006
  • Mapping and analysing policies affecting female migrants – February 2007
  • Key informant interviews – February 2007
  • Statistics on female migration in European countries – February 2007
  • Project policy recommendations – March 2008


  • Establish project website and publish first newsletter – May 2006
  • Presentation of project results at international conferences and publication in peer-reviewed journals – as opportunities permit
  • Project workshops targeted at policy-makers, journalists and other interested parties – ongoing

Technical information

Project acronym: FeMiPol
Project’s official full title:Integration of female immigrants in labour market and society. Policy assessment and policy recommendations
Research priority: Comparative research of factors underlying migration and refugee flows, including illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings.
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 022666
Start date: February 2006
Kick off meeting: February 2006
Completion date: January 2008
European Commission scientific officer: Giulia Amaducci,

Coordinator: Maria Kontos
Name: Institute of Social Research at JW Goethe University
Abbreviated name: IfS
Address: Senckenberganlage 26
DE -60325
Frankfurt am Main
Country: Germany
Tel: + 49 69 75 61 83 37
Fax: + 49 69 74 99 07


Name: Oxford Brookes University
Abbreviated name: UBO
Country: United Kingdom         

Name: Université de Paris X
Abbreviated name: U.P.X
Country: France

Name: University of Florence
Abbreviated name: UNIFI
Country: Italy

Name: Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Ljubljana
Abbreviated name: Peace Institute
Country: Slovenia

Name: Jagiellonian University of Cracow
Abbreviated name: UNIKRA  
Country: Poland

Name: Cyprus Labour Institute
Abbreviated name: INEK
Country: Cyprus

Name: Centre for Research on Women´s Issues, Athens
Abbreviated name: CRWI
Country: Greece

Name: Intercollege
Abbreviated name: INTERCO
Country: Cyprus