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Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Towards sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture activities
“Towards a genetic basis for eradicating bacterial and viral disease among carp.”

The problem

The common carp is the third most important farmed freshwater fish species in the world. Eastern European carp gene banks have provided the selective improvement of carp for intensive and semi-intensive pond culture in Europe and beyond. Several serious disease problems threaten carp farming in many countries and urgent steps need to be taken to alleviate these risks by identifying strains, families and individual carp with enhanced stress and disease resistance response, as well as growth performance.

EUROCARP  Increasing carp resistance to bacterial and viral infection


EUROCARP aims to assess four representative Hungarian carp strains for increased resistance to stress, as well as bacterial and viral infection. A multidisciplinary approach will:

  • Combine data gathered through classical quantitative genetics, functional genomics, immunology and proteomics to identify strains, families and individual carp with different susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections
  • Correlate levels of resistance with other performance traits (growth, pond survival). Results will be used to assess genetic variation under bacterial and
    viral infection.
  • Model EUROCARP data to identify optimal improvement for common carp strains worldwide

Contribution to policy development:

  • Provide a sound scientific basis for management decisions affecting the livelihoods of carp farmers world-wide
  • Establish strains or families of carp resistant to two serious pathogens that can be used to underpin policies aimed at limiting the occurrence and intensity of losses due to disease outbreaks
  • Enable the EU and member states to take a lead in international efforts to control the spread of fatal
    fish diseases
  • Help provide economic stability in a fishery sector of major significance across the EU

Project deliverables

  • Annual progress report – January 2007, 2008
  • Catalogue of Eastern European carp genetic resources – September 2008
  • Report: Plan for the production of selectively bred common carp populations – September 2008
  • Report: Development of more accurate tests and methods that can be used more rapidly and selectively to breed disease-resistant common carp – September 2008
  • Report: Development of a new method incorporating gene expression information for creating disease resistant strains – September 2008
  • Report: Draft linkage map using 500 Type I and II markers – October 2008
  • Final project report – December 2008


  • Website and newsletter – April 2006
  • EUROCARP will work with, and promote its findings through established international networks for carp research and production – ongoing
  • Publication of significant findings in international peer-review scientific journals – as needed
  • Presentations at international conferences of scientists, carp trade and management bodies – ongoing

Technical information

Project acronym: EUROCARP
Project’s official full title: Disease and Stress Resistant Common Carp: Combining Quantitative, Genomic and Proteomic and Immunological marker technologies to identify high performance strains, families and individuals.
Research priority: 1.3. Modernisation and sustainability of fisheries, including aquaculture-based production systems
Specific webpage: Details not yet available
Proposal/contract no: 0022665
Start date: 1 January 2006
Kick off meeting: January 2006
Completion date: December 2008
European Commission scientific officer: Mário Lopes dos Santos,

Zsigmond Jeney
Name: Research Institute of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation
Abbreviated name: HAKI
Address: Anna Liget 8
Country: Hungary
Tel: +36 66 515 314
Fax: +36 66 312 142


Name: University of Stirling, Institute of Aquaculture
Abbreviated name: UoS
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
Abbreviated name: CEFAS
Country: United Kingdom

Name: University of Liverpool Laboratory for Environmental Gene Regulation
Abbreviated name: UoL
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Akvaforsk - The Institute of Aquaculture Research
Abbreviated name: AKVA
Country: Norway

Name: Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography - Division of Molecular Genetics
Abbreviated name: VNIRO
Country: Russia

Name: Federal Centre of Fish Genetics and Selection
Abbreviated name: FCFGS  
Country: Russia