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Environment and health
Environment and health - Healthy citizens in healthy surrounding
“A coordinated approach that enhances bio-monitoring research and surveillance across Europe in support of environment and health policy.”

The problem

Integrating environmental and health data to better understand the links between pollutants and human illness is a key aim of the EU Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010. Biomonitoring is currently carried out across Europe, but different methodologies make data comparison difficult. Furthermore, up-to-date inventories and databases of biomonitoring and health surveillance, especially for children, are lacking at the European level. Therefore, there is a need for greater coordination of bio-monitoring activities in Europe.

ESBIO  Better health through improved bio-monitoring in Europe


ESBIO addresses the need for harmonised human bio-monitoring in Europe, with a focus on children.

The project will:

  • Develop a coordinated approach to bio-monitoring based on existing expertise and experience
  • Update and extend inventories and databases of European bio-monitoring activities
  • Integrate environmental and health monitoring data
  • Improve communication of results to all stakeholders, facilitating information sharing and the development of synergies so as to optimise output for policy support
  • Elaborate scenarios for the use of bio-monitoring results for policy-makers

Contribution to policy development:

  • ESBIO will lead to a systematic improvement in the relationship between research, surveillance and policy.
  • It will facilitate the evaluation of the socio-economic consequences and cost-effectiveness of different bio-monitoring strategies.
  • The developed coordinated approach can be used to provide early warning of pollutant risks to ensure policies are effectively orientated at an early stage.
  • It will extend improved and harmonised information to support the EU Environment and Health Action Plan.

Project deliverables

  • An overview, inventory and database of ongoing European bio-monitoring activities – September 2007
  • Assessments of the sensitivity of biomarkers and the utility of bio-indicators of pollution, and the socio-economic consequences and costs of alternative bio-monitoring strategies – September 2006
  • Guidelines and protocols for best practice – March 2007
  • Concept to integrate human bio-monitoring with environment and health monitoring – September 2006
  • Concept to establish bio-monitoring as a policy-making tool at the EU level – September 2007


  • Project website – December 2005
  • Project brochure and other non-technical publications – January 2006, September 2007
  • Semi-annual and final reports, and deliverables – continously
  • Meetings – quarterly
  • Conferences (‘State of the art’) – March 2006
  • Project workshops ('biomarkers' and 'ethics') – March 2006, March 2007

Technical information

Project acronym: ESBIO (Expert team to Support BIOmonitoring)
Project’s official full title: Development of a coherent approach to human biomonitoring in Europe
Research priority: The impact of environmental issues on health (including safety at work and methods for risk assessment and the mitigation of risks of natural disasters to people) 
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 022580
Start date: October 2005
Kick off meeting: September 2005
Completion date: September 2007
European Commission scientific officer: Tuomo Karjalainen,

Name: BiPRO GmbH
Abbreviated name: BiPRO
Address: Grauertstrasse 12
D-81545 Munich
Country: Germany
Tel: +49 (0)89 1897 9050
Fax: +49 (0)89 1897 9052


Name: Flemish centre of Environmental Technology
Abbreviated name: VITO
Country: Belgium

Name: Federal Environmental Agency
Abbreviated name: UBA
Country: Germany

Name: Institute for Occupational Medicine, WHO Collaborating Centre
Abbreviated name: NIOM
Country: Poland

Name: Instituto de Medicina Preventiva, Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa
Abbreviated name: IMP
Country: Portugal

Name: University of Copenhagen
Abbreviated name: UCPH
Country: Denmark

Name: University of Leuven
Abbreviated name: KUL
Country: Belgium

Name: National Institute of Public Health Surveillance
Abbreviated name: InVS
Country: France

Abbreviated name: ENV
Country: Netherlands

Name: State General Laboratory, Ministry of Health
Abbreviated name: SGL
Country: Cyprus

Name: Initiativ Liewensufank asbl – International Baby Food Action Network
Abbreviated name: IL-IBFAN
Country: Luxembourg

Name: Shell International Health Services
Abbreviated name: SHELL
Country: Belgium

Name: Institute for Medical Research and Occupational health
Abbreviated name: IMI
Country: Croatia

Name: ARPA Lombardia
Abbreviated name: ARPA
Country: Italy

Name: National Hellenic Research foundation
Abbreviated name: NHRF
Country: Greece

Name: Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
Abbreviated name: IMM, KI
Country: Sweden

Name: Regional Authority of Public Health Banská Bystrica
Abbreviated name: RAPH
Country: Slovakia

Name: National Institute of Public Health
Abbreviated name: NIPH
Country: Czech Republic

Name: Federal Environment Agency
Abbreviated name: UBA-A
Country: Austria

Name: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Abbreviated name: FIOH
Country: Finland

Name: Health Protection Agency
Abbreviated name: HPA
Country: United Kingdom

Name: National Institute for Health Development
Abbreviated name: NIHD
Country: Estonia