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“To improve air quality assessment in Europe, and deliver accessible and relevant information on air pollution to policy-makers.”

The problem

Air quality is generally improving in Europe, although air pollution problems exist that can have serious health and environmental implications. It is an important factor in many policies relating to energy, environment, transport, industry, agriculture and climate change. Policy-makers need ready access to relevant air quality information. To this end, improvements are required both in the harmonisation of data collection across Europe and in the delivery of information to policy-makers.

AIR4EU  Optimising air quality information for policy-makers


AIR4EU will address the need for improved policy-orientation of air quality information

The project will:

  • Establish case studies in six European cities – using different area sizes and time scales – to review and examine a range of air quality assessment methods
  • Formulate best practices for the monitoring and modelling of air quality across Europe
  • Consult with end-users to identify information needs
  • Produce air quality maps, on scales ranging from local hotspots to the continental level

Contribution to policy development:

AIR4EU will:

  • Optimise the delivery of air quality information to policy-makers
  • Construct maps and databases of air quality, which include specific pollutants (e.g. PM10, NO2, CO, O3, SO2 and benzene) at the spatial and temporal scales relevant to end-user needs

Project deliverables

  • Policy framework and requirements analysis – Month 1
  • Review of monitoring and modelling methods for air quality assessment – Month 13
  • Summary of case study results – Month 33
  • Best practice guidelines for air quality assessment – Month 33
  • Maps of air quality – Month 33   


  • Website – Month 5
  • Project Reports – Month 3, 4, 8, 13, 18, 24, 33 and 36
  • Periodic Newsletters – Starting Month 4
  • Workshops – Month 18 and 36
  • Publications in scientific literature – Starting Month 4
  • Good practice database – Month 35

Technical information

Project acronym: AIR4EU
Project’s official full title: Air Quality Assessment for Europe: from local to continental scale
Research priority: 1.5. Environmental assessment (soil, water, air, noise, including the effects of chemical substances)
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 503596
Start date: Not available
Kick off meeting: Not available
Completion date: Not available
European Commission scientific officer: Ib Troen (

Name: Netherlands Research Organisation
Abbreviated name: TNO
Address: Laans van Westenek 501
P.O. Box 342
7300 AH Apeldoom
Country: Netherlands
Tel: +31 55 549 30 38
Fax: +31 55 549 32 52


Name: Norsk Institut for Luftforskning
Abbreviated name: NILU
Country: Norway

Name: Aristotle University Thessaloniki
Abbreviated name: AUT
Country: Greece

Name: University of Stuttgart
Abbreviated name: IER
Country: Germany

Name: University of Hertfordshire
Abbreviated name: UH
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Universidade de Aveiro
Abbreviated name: UAVR
Country: Portugal

Abbreviated name: AIRPARIF
Country: France

Name: Servizi per la Mobilità del Comune di Roma S.p.A.
Abbreviated name: STA
Country: Italy 

Name: Environment Agency
Abbreviated name: EA
Country: United Kingdom

Name: City Development Authority of Prague
Abbreviated name: URM
Country: Czech Republic

Name: Enveco
Abbreviated name: ENVECO
Country: Greece

Name: Gemeentewerken Rotterdam
Abbreviated name: GW
Country: Netherlands

Name: Milieudienst Rijnmond
Abbreviated name: DCMR
Country: Netherlands

Name: City of Oslo, Public Health Authority
Abbreviated name: OPHA
Country: Norway