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(IMP)3 Finding common ground on environmental impact assessments (Environment and health)
A-BARD Linking rural areas to prosperity (Information society)
ACTOR Acting to promote local sustainability (Environment)
AFISA An automatic age-reading system for fish otoliths (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
AFRAME Improved fishery management through fleet- and area-based assessments (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
AHEAD Gauging how an ageing population affects health care demand (Health)
AIM Finding a way out of the future pensions conundrum (Health)
AIR4EU Optimising air quality information for policy-makers (Environment)
Anthrax-EuroNet Scientific shield against bioterror threats (Security - Crime - Drugs)
AquaBreeding Applying genetics to aquaculture breeding (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
AQUAFIRST Key genetic characteristics to improve selective fish breeding for disease resistance (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
AQUAFUNC Molecular biology and genome research into aquaculture (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
AQUAGENOME Improved aquacultures through applied genomics (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
ARCHAIA Innovations to support archaeological park management (Environment)
Assessing OC Towards a better understanding of organised crime in Europe (Security - Crime - Drugs)
ASSET Efficient transport and environmentally sensitive areas (Transport)
ASSRBCVUL Meeting the threat of terrorist attack (Security - Crime - Drugs)
BEACON Broadband’s impact on the knowledge economy (Information society)
BECAUSE Improving multi-species fisheries assessment in five European regional seas (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
BENEFISH Evaluating the economic impact of maintaining the welfare of farmed fish (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
BOTIA Safer blood and organ donation in the face of emerging threats (Health)
BRAVE Finding BRAVE new ways of combating bee viruses (Animal health and welfare)
BRIDGE Developing a common methodology for the evaluation of groundwater environmental quality (Environment)
CA FMD/CSF Coordinating research into contagious livestock diseases (Animal health and welfare)
CAFÉ Measurement of capacity, effort and fishing mortality (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
CAPRI-DynaSpat Predicting the impacts of agricultural policy, dynamically and spatially (Agriculture)
CASCADE MINTS Modelling the prospects for hydrogen and energy policy (Energy)
CATRIN Gathering data to promote sustainable transport (Transport)
CEDER Real-time monitoring of fishing activity (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
CEEC AGRI POLICY Analysing agri-economic policy in an enlarged EU (Agriculture)
CESSA A strategic policy for securing future energy supplies (Energy)
CEVIS Evaluating alternative, participatory management models for EU fisheries (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
CHAMP EU speeds up hunt for illicit drug manufacturers (Security - Crime - Drugs)
CLANDESTINO Undocumented migration: counting the uncountable (Information society)
COBECOS A more cost-effective approach to fishery enforcement (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
COINS Recognising coins to stamp out illegal antique trading (Information society)
COMETR Gauging the impact of ‘green’ tax reforms on competitiveness (Economic development and cohesion)
COMMIT Committing to tailor-made long-term fishery management strategies (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
CONSCIENCE Shoring up Europe's coastline (Environment)
CONSIST Conserving Europe’s industrial heritage (Cultural heritage)
CPFTR A research base for competition law making (Economic development and cohesion)
CRCC Crime fighting costs in context (Information society)
CROP BIOTERROR Preventing epidemics among agricultural crops from deliberately introduced pathogens (Security - Crime - Drugs)
CSFVACCINE Swine fever: vaccinating wild boars to keep pigs healthy (Animal health and welfare)
CULTSTRAT Assessing the impact of air pollution on cultural heritage (Cultural heritage)
DataPrev Evidence for better mental health (Health)
DEGREE Setting course for low-impact fishing gear (Fisheries and Aquaculture) Better standards for mental health care across Europe (Health)
DIFFERENT Travelling at the right price, place and time (Transport)
DIPNET Learning more about the transfer of pathogens in the sea (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
DIS-QOL Better care, social inclusion and quality of life for people with disabilities (Disability)
DISSECT Developing medical interventions for SARS (Communicable diseases)
DOPKI Boosting organ donation rates (Health)
EACH-FOR Understanding migration forced by environmental change (Information society)
EAQC-WISE Water quality control for all of Europe (Environment)
ECASA Environmental and socio-economic effects of aquaculture (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
ECODRIVE Driving eco-innovations forward (Information society)
EDIM Forecasting the repercussions of policy decisions on the dairy sector (Agriculture)
EFI+ An improved fish population index for European rivers (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
EFIMAS Evaluating scientific advice and decision-making processes in fisheries management systems (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
eINCLUSION@EU Extending the reach and range of access to the information society (Information society)
EMF-NET Are electromagnetic fields hazardous to health? (Environment and health)
EMPAFISH Ecosystem conservation and fisheries management through Marine Protected Areas (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
ENACT Ensuring that the transport price is right (Transport)
ENCOURAGED Securing European energy supplies (Energy)
ENFA Expanding non-food agri-forestry production and uptake (Agriculture)
ENVIE Behind closed doors: air quality in buildings (Environment and health)
EnviEFH Mapping essential fish habitats (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
ENVIRISK Assessing the adverse health effects of pollution (Environment and health)
EpiBathe Safe bathing waters for Europe (Environment)
EPIC Learning how nutrition and lifestyle affects health (Health)
EPIC-ICT Measuring an ICT product’s enviromental impact (Environment)
EPISARS Towards a better understanding of SARS-related viruses (Communicable diseases)
ESBIO Better health through improved bio-monitoring in Europe (Environment and health)
ESoF Stimulating entrepreneurialism among farmers (Agriculture)
ESPREME Reducing the environmental impact of heavy metals (Environment)
ETPGAH A global network for improving animal health (Agriculture)
ETTAR Training to accelerate uptake of environmental technologies (Environment)
EU AGRI MAPPING Better coordinated European agricultural and food research (Agriculture)
EU ICS Towards more accurate crime statistics (Security - Crime - Drugs)
EUKLEMS Figuring out industrial productivity in the European Union (Economic development and cohesion)
EU-MEDAGPOL Measuring the impact of agricultural trade liberalisation (Agriculture)
EUMercoPol Improving trade between the EU and Mercosur countries (Agriculture)
EuMon Standardised framework for monitoring and assessing trends among European species and habitats (Environment)
EURO-ACCESS Ensuring that disabilities are no handicap in public transport (Disability)
EUROCADET Battling against cancer through prevention (Health)
EUROCARP Increasing carp resistance to bacterial and viral infection (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
EUROCROP Agricultural Research for improving arable crop competitiveness (Agriculture)
EUROFLU Molecular studies to combat avian flu (Health)
Europe for patients The future for patients in Europe: benefits of enhanced mobility (Health)
EURO-POLICY-PID Working together to combat a rare and present danger (Health)
EURO-PREVOB Options to avoid obesity (Health)
EuroVaQ Putting a value on the quality of life (Health)
EUSUSTEL Analysing Europe’s future electricity needs (Energy)
EVA-TREN Evaluating Europe’s transport and energy web (Transport)
EVENT Towards better surveillance of food and water-borne viruses (Health)
FASTFISH Identifying quantifiable indicators of stress in farmed fish (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
FEMAGE Integrating women immigrants for life (Information society)
FeMiPol Integrating female immigrants (Information society)
FEUFAR Setting the fisheries research agenda (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
FinE The effects of intensive fishing on evolution (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
FINPROP Understanding shocks to the financial system (Economic development and cohesion)
FISBOAT Taking reliable stock of fish numbers (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
FLUINNATE The battle between influenza virus and its host (Health)
FLUPOL How influenza viruses multiply and adapt (Health)
FluVac Increased immunogenicity of pandemic influenza vaccine (Health)
FMD_ImproCon Foot and mouth disease: vaccination revisited (Animal health and welfare)
FoodComm Improving economic relationships along the food chain (Agriculture)
FOOTPRINT Evaluating EU agri-environment schemes (Agriculture)
FORASSET Assessing new technologies to build a sustainable future (Environment)
FORESCENE Forecasting a sustainable future (Environment)
FORWAST Assessing Europe's future waste management options (Environment)
FUNDETEC Environmental technologies for a sustainable future (Environment)
FUNDING Attracting investment into European transport infrastructure (Transport)
GAINS-Asia Assessing policies on air pollution and climate change (Environment)
GENEDEC Assessing changes to Europe’s agricultural policies (Agriculture)
GenImpact Investigating the genetic co-existence of fishing and aquaculture activities (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
GoFor New modes of governance for sustainable forestry in Europe (Agriculture)
GRACE Making sure the price is right for transport (Transport)
GRAFFITAGE Protecting historic buildings from the scourge of graffiti (Cultural heritage)
HAIR Harmonised environmental indicators for predicting pesticide risk (Agriculture)
HealthBASKET Working out health benefits and costs in Europe (Health)
HEALTHY POULTRY Keeping European poultry disease-free (Animal health and welfare)
HEATCO A harmonised approach to assessing costs for transport projects at the European level (Transport)
HOLIWAST Analysis of available and emerging technologies for effective waste treatment (Environment)
HOP! The macro-economic impact of high oil prices in Europe (Energy)
HOPE Digesting the facts to shape obesity prevention policy (Health)
HORIZONTAL Harmonising bio-waste and soil sampling and analysis (Environment)
I.Q.TOOLS Tools for assessing the sustainability of proposed policies (Environment)
IBEFish Better fishery management through meta-research (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
ICES-FishMap Updating the ICES Atlas of North Sea Fishes (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
IDEA New immigration patterns in the European Union (Information society)
IDEMA Assessing the impact of agricultural policy change in the enlarged European Union (Agriculture)
IKOC Providing research to fight organised crime (Security - Crime - Drugs)
IMAGE Integrating the ecosystem into fishery management (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
IMAGINE A holistic approach to mapping and modelling noise pollution (Environment)
IMPACT FISH Maximising the value of EU-funded fishery research (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
IMPASSE Reducing the impact of alien fish species (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
IN EX FISH Incorporating non-fishery influences into stock assessments (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
Income Stabilisation Reducing business risk and stabilising farmers’ incomes (Agriculture)
INDECO Developing environment indicators for assessing fishery management (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
INFTRANS Infectious diseases: modelling for control (Security - Crime - Drugs)
Inno-HTA Making the best use of innovative medical technology (Health)
INSEA Identifying land use activities that could help manage greenhouse gas emissions (Environment)
INTEREST Research – the standard bearer of European competitiveness (Economic development and cohesion)
IntranasalH5vaccine An effective and convenient influenza vaccine (Health)
IPDEV How intellectual property rights can support sustainable development (Economic development and cohesion)
ISTAM Improving fishery data acquisition, management and analysis (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
ITAES Pooling knowledge to support farming and the environment (Agriculture)
iTREN-2030 Developing the tools to analyse transport options for the future (Transport)
KEI Indicators for a knowledge-based economy (Economic development and cohesion)
LAB-ON-SITE Improved detection methods for animal viruses (Animal health and welfare)
LAYWEL Improving the health and welfare of laying hens (Animal health and welfare)
LEnSE Towards sustainable buildings (Environment)
LivingAll Free movement and equal living (Disability)
LUMOCAP Modelling CAP-landscape interactions (Agriculture)
MapStArt Modelling the state-of-the-art in agricultural policies (Agriculture)
MARC Short-circuiting the criminals (Security - Crime - Drugs)
MARQuIS Assessing health care quality strategies (Health)
MAXIMA Seeking consensus on external power generation costs (Energy)
MEACAP Preserving the environment, developing agriculture (Agriculture)
MEA-SCOPE Promoting agricultural reform and making sure the CAP fits (Agriculture)
Med_Reo_Net Fighting midge-borne diseases that threaten our livestock (Health)
MEDFROL Farming around the Mediterranean (Agriculture)
MEI Examining the eco-innovators (Environment)
MHADIE Supporting policy development through research (Disability)
MicMac Charting the complexities of a silvering population (Health)
MMECC How to count the cost of crime (Information society)
MOTOS European modelling methods for transport policy (Transport)
MULTIENCODE Monitoring the health of Europe’s works of art (Cultural heritage)
MUSICLESSONS Fine tuning policy for music download technologies (Information society)
NATAC Exploring aspects of immigration and citizenship (Migration)
NATAIR Measuring the impact of ‘natural’ emissions (Environment)
NECESSITY Modified fishing gear and practices to reduce by-catch in trawl fisheries (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
New 2092/91 Revising organic standards for Regulation 2092/91 (Agriculture)
NOAHSARK Defending cultural heritage against climate change (Cultural heritage)
OATP Offshore aquaculture on the horizon (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
Opti-Work Ensuring that disability is not a handicap in the workplace (Disability)
ORGAP Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry (Agriculture)
ORWINE Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry (Agriculture)
PANDA Teaming up against infectious diseases in aquaculture (Animal health and welfare)
PANFLUVAC Better vaccines against influenza (Health)
PANFLUVAC Better vaccines against influenza (Health)
PaperTreat The ‘acid test’ that could save Europe’s books and documents (Cultural heritage)
Patient Safety 2007 Keeping patients safe (Health)
PICTURE The big picture for sustainable city tourism (Cultural heritage)
POLIS Opening up Europe’s buildings to people of limited mobility (Disability)
POLYMOD Public health: fighting infectious diseases across Europe (Health)
POORFISH Developing probability model applications in data-poor fisheries (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
POPA-CDTA Designing policies to promote for cleaner technologies (Environment)
PORT CHECK Improved tools for detecting quarantine organisms (Agriculture)
PRIMA-EF Tackling stress and violence in the workplace (Health)
Prionscreen Screening donated blood to prevent CJD transmission (Health)
PROFET POLICY Spreading the word on EU-funded fisheries research (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
PRONE Assessing risk in fishery advice and management decisions (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
PRONET Exploring options for reducing pollution (Environment)
PROTECT Ecosystem conservation and fisheries management through Marine Protected Areas (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
PTaccess Transferring good practice in public transport accessibility (Disability)
RANA Identifying disease risk to native fish from ornamental fish species (Animal health and welfare)
RAPRA Assessing the risk posed by Phytophthora ramorum, a key quarantine organism (Agriculture)
RaSP Faster, cheaper, better testing for safety of blood (Health)
ReasonableAccess Defining ‘reasonable access’ for disabled people (Disability)
REBECCA Relationships between ecological and chemical status of surface waters (Environment)
RECIPES Renewable energy for developing countries (Energy)
RECLAIM Understanding and forecasting fisheries in a changing climate (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
REFIT Assessing the sustainability of transport policies (Transport)
REMAP Renewable energy in the Mediterranean area (Energy)
REPCO Agriculture - Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry (Agriculture)
REPROFISH Integrating research findings from fish reproduction studies (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
SAFEMANMIN Better management of mining waste (Environment)
SALTCONTROL Countering erosion in Europe’s historic buildings (Cultural heritage)
SAMI Trawling aquaculture-environment research to enhance accessibility (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
SARDONE New depths in the management of Mediterranean pelagic fish stocks (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
SARSControl Lessening the social and economic impact of SARS and influenza (Communicable diseases)
SARS-DTV Reducing the SARS threat with new therapies and diagnostic tests (Communicable diseases)
SARSTRANS Modelling the transmission of the SARS virus (Communicable diseases)
SARSVAC The development of new SARS vaccines and therapies (Communicable diseases)
SASSPO Agriculture - Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry (Agriculture)
SCARLET Testing chemicals without using animals (Health)
SEACASE Protecting tradition aquaculture through research (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
SEEMseed Building the e-business expressway (Information society)
SEPSDA New antiviral drugs and diagnostics to tackle SARS (Communicable diseases)
SESSA Supporting the single energy market (Energy)
SHEEL A secure and harmonised electronic European fishery logbook (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
SIAMETHOD Assessing the environmental impact of trade policies (Environment)
SIGMEA A toolkit for assessing the ecological and economic impacts of GM crops (Agriculture)
SINER-GI The value of knowing where our food comes from (Health)
SLIME Towards informed management of eels (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
SoFar Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry (Agriculture)
SPHERE Bolstering public health research (Health)
SPI-Water Linking research to policy-making for better water (Environment)
SRDTOOLS Sustainable regional development: tools for decision-making (Economic development and cohesion)
SRS NET & EEE Harmonising European energy data (Energy)
STATUS Checking the STATUS of urban sustainability (Environment)
SUBAT Assessing sustainable battery options for electric vehicles (Environment)
SurveNIR Hi-tech approach to protecting Europe’s archives (Cultural heritage)
Sustaining heritage Sustaining Europe’s cultural heritage (Cultural heritage)
SWAMI Building confidence in ambient intelligence (Information society)
SWIFT-WFD Harmonising water quality sampling and screening methods (Environment)
TAXBEN Tax-benefit systems for growth and employment (Economic development and cohesion)
TERA Policies for when problems come with the territory (Economic development and cohesion)
TETRIS Technology transfer and investment risk in international emissions trading (Environment)
THESIM Towards a robust and consistent picture of migration to, from and within the EU (Migration)
TISSUE Getting to grips with urban environment indicators (Environment)
TOOLQIT A TOOLQIT for measuring quality of service in transport (Transport)
TOP-MARD Harvesting knowledge of multifunctional agriculture (Agriculture)
TOXdrop Better chemical safety tests using cells – not animals (Health)
TRADEAG Assessing international agri-trade accords (Agriculture)
Transforum Towards common ground for European transport policy assessment (Transport)
TRANS-TOOLS A new way to model transport across Europe (Transport)
TranSust.Scan Modelling sustainable economic scenarios (Economic development and cohesion)
UNCOVER Developing more effective stock-recovery programmes (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
URBAN MATRIX Meeting the demand for quality urban sustainability information (Economic development and cohesion)
UWT The role of undocumented workers (Information society)
VENoMYC Joining forces against (para)tuberculosis in livestock (Animal health and welfare)
VERHI Children Tailoring environmental policy for children (Environment)
VHF/VARIOLA - PCR Improving preparedness against possible use of biological agents (Security - Crime - Drugs)
Virobathe New methods for assessing micro-organisms in EU bathing water (Environment)
WEALTH Improving the health and welfare of farmed fish (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
WEMAC Modelling international trade in arable crops (Agriculture)
WETO-H2 Assessing future energy needs and sustainable solutions (Energy)
Worldnet Freight flow between Europe and the rest of the world (Transport)