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Fabienne GoldfarbEleanna Galanaki Young researchers in motion

On the occasion of the event held in Paris on 29-30 June 2004, five young researchers were interviewed on their experience of mobility and answered the same questions.

Eleanna Galanaki / Fabienne Goldfarb / Marius Linguraru / Dagmar Meyer / Augusto Palombini

Augusto Palombini
Christian Bréchot Research at the interface – a new vision for European science careers

Christian Bréchot, director-general of Inserm, who has spear-headed the changes at the French institute, talks about his vision of a European research career, a vision that brings together competitiveness and mobility – key factors in the building of a European Research Area. (more...)
Dr Lloyd Anderson Co-operating on a new image for science and research

Dr Lloyd Anderson is Director of Science, Engineering and the Environment at the British Council, UK, with responsibility for setting global policy in the sector. The British Council spends £8 million (approximately €12 million) a year on science activities and exchange programmes in 60 countries. (more…)
Dr Paola Arimondo
A quest for professional development

Trained as a scientist in her native Italy, Dr Paola Arimondo has since worked in Germany, the UK and now France. She is already planning her next move – convinced that personal mobility is crucial to expanding a researcher’s innovative potential. (more…)
Commissioner Philippe Busquin
A new vision of human resources in Europe

Research Commisioner, Philippe Busquin, explains how the new training and mobility opportunities on offer under FP6 fit into the overall development of the European Research Area. (more…)
Dagmar Meyer Helping fellow nomads

A veritable academic nomad in her own right, Dagmar Meyer now heads up the Marie Curie Fellowship Association (MCFA). She tells us about the rewards and challenges of helping fellow researchers get mobile. (more…)

Marko Pahor
Free to be dynamic

A long way from home, Marko Pahor is determined to make the most of his sociology fellowship abroad. The young Slovenian tells us about his experience as a Marie Curie fellow in the Netherlands. (more…)
J.F. Brenes
Home to roost

Midway through his Marie Curie post-doc fellowship at French pharmaceutical giant Aventis, Jose Falco Bernes got a job offer he couldn’t refuse. (more…)
Dr Ana Cerdeño-Tárraga
Making the most of mobility

Senior computer biologist and former Marie Curie Fellow, Dr Ana Cerdeño-Tárraga, says the experience she gained from her training period abroad gave her the confidence to try something new. (more…)
Doctor Christina Vidinova

Marie Curie Training Sites: The chance to be different and acquire new skills

Writing in Science’s Next Wave, a weekly online publication on scientific training, former Marie Curie Fellow Christina Vidinova from Bulgaria explains how her training period in Germany led her to discover new scientific techniques which have proved invaluable to her career. “It was as if my training help me to see things in colour, which before I had only been able to see in black and white,” she says. (more…)

Professor Norbert Mauser
Advice from an international scholar

Leading Austrian mathematician, Professor Norbert Mauser, says the links he made through his Marie Curie post-doc fellowship have had a lasting effect on his work. (more…)
Pierre Bismuth
A job well done in Europe

People are a key resource for any business, and big companies go to great lengths to recruit – and keep – the best staff. Schlumberger is a major multinational supplying technical services to the oil and gas industry and information technology services to a wide range of industries. Pierre Bismuth, Vice-President – Personnel and speaker at the FP6 launch conference – explains the firm’s human resources policies. (more…)
Ellis Rubinstein
Setting up a global laboratory

Ellis Rubinstein, former editor of Science magazine and one of the speakers at the FP6 launch conference, is convinced of the need to pool resources in order to meet R&D challenges of an increasingly global nature. In particular, he emphasises the importance of encouraging the greater mobility of human resources. (more…)
Maria Helena Andre
All change for Europe's workforce?

Mobility of the workforce is strongly encouraged within the EU, yet various obstacles still stand in the way. Cultural, linguistic and social changes are needed for real mobility says Maria Helena André, Confederal Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). (more…)
Sigrid Bresosky
Creating a brain gain

Whilst young researchers need to move about and work in different environments, too often they go from the EU to the USA. Europe must develop a range of policies to reverse this, says Sigrid Bresoski, R&D advisor at the secretariat of UNICE, the European Union of Industrial and Employers Confederations. (more…)

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