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2006 Marie Curie Excellence Awards recognise five outstanding researchers.
16 November 2006 - The European Commission has today announced the winners of the 2006 Marie Curie Excellence Awards. This year’s prizes go to Michal Lavidor from Israel/United Kingdom, Frank Keppler from Germany, Chris Ewels from United Kingdom/France, Nicolas Cerf from Belgium and Paola Borri from Italy/United Kingdom. Their scientific work covers areas as varied as: cognitive neuroscience and psychology, atmospheric science and environmental science, nanotechnology and materials science and physics. (more…)

Study on the remunerations of researchers in the public and business enterprise sectors.
19 July 2006 - The European Commission has launched a study to assess the remunerations of researchers in the public and business enterprise sectors in the European Union and countries Associated to the Community RTD Framework programme. This study aims at obtaining a better understanding of the key elements of a researcher's career, with a view of improving the attractiveness of Europe for researchers. It will also enable the European Commission to assess the adequacy of its remuneration schemes.

The questionnaire is anonymous and should take no longer than five minutes to complete.

Please click here in order to proceed to the questionnaire in your language.

Rothenberg, de Jonge, SimonsFormer Marie Curie Fellows awarded Bayer Cropscience Innovation Award 2006
27 March 2006 - Hubert de Jonge and Gadi Rothenberg, both former Marie Curie fellows, have won the Bayer Cropscience Innovation Award 2006 for their invention of the Sorbicell. This is a classic example of the success of the Marie Curie programme. De Jonge and Rothenberg are both affiliates of the Marie Curie Fellowship Association. They have met in October 2000 in the IHP conference in Crete, and started an interdsciplinary collaboration that led to a world patent and ultimately the company Sorbisense. In 2004, Gadi Rothenberg also received a Marie Curie Excellence Award.
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European Reintegration Grants Survey
10 January 2006 - A recent survey conducted by the Marie Curie Fellowship Association reveals a high level of appreciation for this initiative - albeit with some reservations on certain rules and procedures. (more…)



Marie Curie Awards 2005: Rewarding mobile researchers at the knowledge frontier
09 December 2005 - Dublin, the home of roving Irish laureates, played host to laureates of a different sort: the five winners of this year’s Marie Curie Awards for mobile research excellence which aim to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of research careers. (more…)

FP7 draws on ‘people power’
06 October 2005 – Researchers and their careers are at the heart of the Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The dedicated 'People' programme will seek to make Europe more attractive to researchers worldwide. (more…)

New brochure ‘Building research careers in Europe’
06 October 2005 – The brochure, based on ten success stories of young research fellows having benefited from the Marie Curie RTN scheme, is available in PDF format PDF document 810 Kb.

European Commission launches ‘Europe4Researchers’
08 September 2005 – ‘Europe4Researchers’, the newsletter about career development opportunities for researchers in the European Research Area, was first published in September 2005. The newsletter aims to take a fresh look at the rich rewards and occasional challenges of working and pursuing a career in research today. You can subscribe online to receive each new issue by e-mail.

Impact assessment of the Marie Curie fellowships under FP4 and FP5
02 August 2005 – The study, published in June 2005, reveals both a positive image and impact of the Marie Curie schemes among fellows and host organisations; it is now available on this site.

New deadlines for proposals
20 July 2005 – Check the new calls published on the Europa and CORDIS websites for Transfer of Knowledge, Individual Fellowships and Promotion of Scientific Excellence.


Marie Curie Week in Warsaw
08 November 2004 – As part of the Marie Curie Week 2004, a variety of events took place in Warsaw between 3 and 10 November. (more…)

Marie Curie Excellence Awards 2004
07 November 2004 – The European Commission announced in Warsaw the winners of the 2004 Marie Curie Excellence Awards, with grants of €50,000 going to five outstanding European researchers. (more…)

Information on the projects funded in 2003 by Excellence Grants and Chairs is now available
21 October 2004 – The projects cover the following disciplines: social sciences and economics, chemistry and physics, life sciences, mathematics, information sciences, engineering and environment. (more…)

ERA-Link online survey: Defining the dimensions of a transatlantic
research bridge

18 October 2004 - The European Commission is in the process of canvassing European researchers in the United States to help it to design an ambitious transatlantic network for the EU’s expatriate research community. - (more…) (ERA-Link Questionnaire)

New calls are now open for Individual Fellowships, Excellence Grants, Excellence Awards and Chairs
15 October 2004 - These new calls are in addition to those already published on 11 September 2004 for Research Training Networks and Early Stage Training" - (more...)

Specific Support Action has been launched with the publication of a call for proposals for the “2005 ‘Researchers in Europe’ Inititiative” (SSA)
11 September 2004 - A Specific Support Action has been launched with the publication of a call for proposals for the 2005 ‘Researchers in Europe’ Inititiative - (more...)

Pushing and pulling – the forces of researcher mobility in Europe
08 July 2004 - Over 700 representatives from the world of research, industry and politics – from across Europe and beyond – met in Paris on the 29 and 30 June to discuss the challenges of researcher mobility in the European Research Area. (more...)

Feature: Eracareers takes mobility one step further
01 July 2004 - In the year since it was developed, the online European Researcher’s Mobility Portal has undergone some major evolutions in order to better serve research professionals and create a more favourable environment for them in the EU. By providing a gateway to opportunities across Europe, Eracareers helps to promote the cross-border mobility required to make the European Research Area (ERA) a success. (more...)

Analysis: ERA-MORE – a welcome service for the mobile researcher
30 June 2004 - This week’s official inauguration of the European Network of Mobility Centres (ERA-MORE) marks an important milestone on the road – first embarked upon by European leaders four years ago – to enhancing researcher mobility across the EU. (more...)

Feature: 2005 – a vintage year for research careers
30 June 2004 - A newly launched EU initiative is set to make 2005 a special year for European research. This Union-wide awareness-rasing action for researchers – lasting from the spring till the autumn – will help address popular misconceptions about R&D and draw more people to careers in the field. (more...)

Researchers to receive mobility support network... and TV airtime
17 June 2004 - Researchers from across Europe will join, on 29 and 30 June, EU Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin for the official launch of the European Network of Mobility Centres (ERA-MORE) and a televised debate on research careers. (more...)

Commission opens gate to foreign scientific talent
23 April 2004 - In a bid to attract the best research talent, the European Commission has formally proposed the creation of a specific residence permit for researchers. The EU executive has urged Member States to give the scheme quick passage to help fill the expected shortage in researchers that will accompany the Union’s ambitious R&D plans. (more...)

“Wanted: more European scientists,” experts say
6 April 2004 - European governments need to act now to address a shortage of scientists that is threatening to slow progress towards the EU’s ambitious R&D goals, an expert group has urged. (more...)


First EU Marie Curie Awards
5 November 2003 - European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin presented yesterday the first ever Marie Curie Excellence Awards to five outstanding European researchers. (more...)

RTD info taps into researchers' careers in the EU
29 September 2003 – A special edition of the European Commission's flagship Research magazine RTD info investigates efforts to capitalise on a valuable European asset: researchers. (more…)

New measures to improve researchers' careers in the EU
23 July 2003 – As the shortage of researchers in Europe becomes more acute, the European Commission has released a communication proposing a course of action to enhance  researchers’ careers in Europe. (more…)

European Researchers' Mobility portal now online 18 July 2003 – The European Commission recently launched a new web portal to help match researchers up with research organisations, and help promote the cross-border mobility required in the emerging European Research Area (ERA). (more…)

Researchers wanted for Commission’s new R&D ‘roadmap’
5 May 2003 – The European Commission's new research action plan signposts the route to achieving the EU's ambitious goal of boosting research investment to stimulate future economic growth. One crucial avenue it maps out is how to fill the growing shortage of researchers. (more…)

Leading industrialists call for “dramatic reappraisal” of European R&D
1 April 2003 – Europe will not meet the Barcelona target of increasing R&D spending to 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) unless there is a “dramatic reappraisal of Europe’s approach to innovation and its framework conditions for business,” according to Baron Daniel Janssen, chairman of the board of directors of Solvay and member of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) , a grouping of 42 of Europe’s largest companies. (more…)

Commission launches debate on human resources in European research
27 March 2003 – Europe needs an extra 500,000 researchers if it is to meet the goal set by EU leaders of boosting R&D spending to 3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to European Research Commissioner, Philippe Busquin. (more…)

EU research – performing well but still playing catch-up
27 March 2003 – Europe produces more graduates and PhDs in science and technology than its main competitors but still lags behind in many other aspects of R&D, according to a new report published by the European Commission. (more…)

Electronic submission: Important information for applicants
21 March 2003 – Applicants should not solely rely on the electronic submission system being available in time for the Marie Curie April deadlines and they are strongly advised to prepare and submit their roposals on paper. (more…)

Talking shop
12 March 2003 –- Over 200 Marie Curie fellows are in Paris this week for a three-day discussion on research mobility and other major challenges facing the world of science. The French Minister for Research will open the event. (more…)

Positive progress
12 March 2003 – The European Commission has published its first progress report on the steps taken so far to implement the EU’s mobility strategy.. (more…)

Commission launches debate on Europe’s universities
6 February 2003 – The European Commission has published a Communication on the role of universities in creating a ‘Europe of knowledge’. This examines the current state of Europe’s universities and calls for a debate on the challenges they face in reaching the target set by the European Council in March 2002 to make European systems of education a ‘world reference’ by 2010. (more…)

Report reveals the state of Europe's RTD human resources
6 February 2003 – The European Union produces more PhDs in the science and technology field than its main competitors, the United States and Japan, according to latest figures published by the European Commission. (more…)


Commission to publish Communication on research careers in Europe
18 December 2002 – Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin has announced plans to adopt a Communication in June next year looking at the issue of scientific research careers in Europe. The document is expected to outline a number of concrete proposals aimed at improving the career prospects and social visibility of researchers working in Europe. The overall objective is to encourage more young people to take up scientific careers, essential to Europe's future competitiveness and job creation potential. (more…)

First calls for proposals launched for FP6 Marie Curie Actions
17 December 2002 – The first FP6 calls for proposals for all 12 Marie Curie Actions were launched today. Almost € 750 million is availabe in this round. Research organisations and individual researchers are invited to apply. Full details are available now on CORDIS.

Logo conferenceHuman resources and mobility - at the heart of FP6
13 November 2002 – The new Human Resources and Mobility actions in FP6 offer exciting opportunities for researchers throughout their careers, and are among the most essential and visible means of developing the European Research Area. At the FP6 launch in Brussels on 11-13 November, researcher training, career development and mobility were recurrent themes throughout the conference as can be seen from the following news reports. (more...)

last update: 27-11-2006