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Feature: 2005 – a vintage year for research careers

30 June 2004 - A newly launched EU initiative is set to make 2005 a special year for European research. This Union-wide awareness-rasing action for researchers – lasting from the spring till the autumn – will help address popular misconceptions about R&D and draw more people to careers in the field.

On 30 June, Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin officially launched the 2005 ‘Researchers in Europe’ (RIE) Initiative which is due to run from April to November of next year. RIE aims to improve and promote public understanding of the contribution of researchers to society, encourage young people to embark on R&D careers, and help to make the EU a more attractive destination for international researchers.

This comes as part of a general European Commission drive to close the communication and perception gap between the scientific community and society at large, as raising awareness of the important role researchers play will help attract more young people to the field.

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Although doctors, scientists and engineers are the most highly regarded professions in Europe, the number of young people pursuing science and technology studies – although still higher than the EU’s main competitors – is dropping off. This is partly due to a perception that science courses are difficult and boring. The view that S&T jobs are too demanding and under-rewarding, despite the fact that R&D personnel have among the best work prospects in Europe, is also one reason why not enough Europeans are choosing scientific careers.

To be launched under the Luxembourg presidency, the RIE will seek to promote a more positive image of researchers and research careers through a large and multi-faceted awareness-raising programme. This includes a global platform where all stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, businesses, academic institutions, research organisations, public authorities, etc. – will have the opportunity to exchange views on the place of researchers in society. Other high-profile events will include a Pan-European Researchers’ Night.

There will also be a wide-range of conferences, open door events, contests, internet forums, as well as TV and radio programmes. The initiative will wind up under the UK presidency with a grand closing conference.

The idea for RIE was first floated in last year’s Commission communication, entitled ‘Researchers in the European Research Area: one profession, multiple careers’, which launched a broad debate on research careers.

It also recommended creating a European researchers’ charter to help researchers manage their careers, drafting a recruitment code of conduct, as well as establishing a common way of evaluating and recording researchers’ skills, qualifications and achievements.

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last update: 28-06-2004