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RTD info taps into researchers' careers in the EU

RTD COverA special edition of the European Commission's flagship Research magazine RTD info investigates efforts to capitalise on a valuable European asset: researchers.

RTD info’s human resources special delves into the issues surrounding research careers and explores what draws people to them and what drives them away. It also looks at EU efforts to capitalise on this precious European asset through special training and career programmes, and how the EU’s Marie Curie programme is helping European researchers to make a move.

The human resources special examines EU efforts to improve scientific education in order to nurture Europe’s future scientific talent early. But creating new scientific talent is not the only issue – the Union needs to get better at keeping the talent it already has. The magazine investigates the transatlantic brain drain and attempts to counteract it.

The special issue also looks into the evolving role of universities and public research institutes, as well as the migration of a growing number of researchers to the private sector. Women are still under-represented in science and RTD info finds out what the EU is doing to balance the gender equation.

The magazine considers the human aspect, profiling the trials and tribulations of a research career through real life examples. Interviews with key players in research and the views of opinion-setters make this special edition a must for anyone interested in science and research.

You can read it on-line at or
obtain a free copy by e-mailing Research DG contacts.



last update: 02-10-2003