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Mobility headlines

Electronic submission – Important information for applicants

  •   Deadline 1 April 2003: FP6-2002-Mobility-4 Conferences and Training Courses (SCF/LCF)
  •   Deadline 2 April 2003: FP6-2002-Mobility-2 Host Fellowships for Early Stage Training (EST)
  •   Deadline 3 April 2003: FP6-2002-Mobility-1 Research Training Networks (RTN)

Regarding the forthcoming Marie Curie deadlines above, the validation of electronic forms is still in progress and therefore there is a risk that the electronic submission system will not be available, or may only be available shortly before the deadline for these calls.

Furthermore, when using the electronic submission system there is a requirement to request a login and password, which is then sent to proposers by post (which may take several days). Please note that even if the tool becomes available within the next few days, there is a risk that proposers may not receive their login and password in time.

Therefore, applicants should not solely rely on the electronic submission system being available in time for these Marie Curie actions and they are strongly advised to prepare and submit their proposals on paper.

last update: 21-03-2003