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Upcoming events

The Commission regularly organises Marie Curie Scientific workshops and seminars and it also supports scientific events or conferences with research policy content. These are seen as part of the training, transfer of knowledge and career development of researchers funded through the Marie Curie actions. These conferences provide networking and training opportunities that are extremely valuable for future career planning.

The Marie Curie funds already allocated to the host institution can cover travel and/or accommodation expenses as well as registration fees. If you are a Marie Curie fellow and are interested in participating, discuss it with your supervisor and check the WebPages below for current events:

  • 19th Sustainable Energy Marie Curie Research Fellowships Conference
    Saturday 27th to Wednesday 31st 2007 of October 2007at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
    Theme: Clean Energies and Engines
    Organized by the EC DG RTD Sustainable Energy Theme in association with Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and University College Cork
    Further details on the conference and the draft programme are given in the documents.

    - Draft Programme ( 32 KB )
    - Information note ( 15 KB )

  • Candidates to participate in the Lindau Meetings of Nobel Laureates
    In the areas of Medicine or Physiology
    1-6 July 2007, Lake Constance, Bavaria.
    Deadline for applications is extended to Friday 9th March.

    Very important: Marie Curie fellows are nominated only by their Supervisors via these Invitation Letters:
    - Marie Curie - Networks ( 982 KB )
    - Marie Curie - Fellowships( 680 KB )

  • 18th Sustainable Energy Marie Curie Research Fellowships Conference
    Saturday 21st to Wednesday 25th April 2007 in Rungsted, near Copenhagen, Denmark
    Organized by the EC DG RTD Sustainable Energy Theme in association with University College Cork

    Information note ( 12KB )

Past Events [2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002]


  • Marie Curie Nikola Tesla Conference
    Zagreb and Belgrade 7th -11th October 2006
    If you are a Marie Curie Fellow in the areas of Engineering, Physics or Mathematics we encourage you to participate in this event. In the words of Commissioner Potočnik "…through this Workshop the Commission commemorates the 150th anniversary of the birth of a remarkable, innovative scientist whose groundbreaking achievements and discoveries have inspired many generations of researchers."

    Registration is now open with a deadline of September 22nd 2006 at the following websites: or

    Address by Commissioner Janez Potočnik ( 10 KB )
    Invitation letter from Raffaele Liberali, Director of the Human Factor, Mobility and Marie Curie Actions ( 107 KB )

  • Candidates to participate in the Lindau Meetings of Nobel Laureates
    In the areas of Economics
    16-19 August 2006 , Lake Constance, Bavaria.
    Deadline for applications is Friday 07 July 2006.
    Very important: Marie Curie fellows should apply directly via this Information Note ( 63 KB )

  • 17th Sustainable Energy Marie Curie Research Fellowships Conference
    Saturday 20th to Wednesday 24th May 2006 in Athens, Greece
    Organised by the EC DG RTD Sustainable Energy Programme in association with NCSR Demokritos and University College Cork
    Information note ( 16 kb )

  • Candidates to participate in the Lindau Meetings of Nobel Laureates
    In the areas of Chemistry, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences
    25-30 June 2006, Lake Constance, Bavaria.
    Deadline for applications is extended to Tuesday 25 April.
    Very important: Marie Curie fellows should apply directly via this Information Note ( 21 kb )

  • A Researchers' Labour Market: Europe - a Pole of Attraction? - The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their Recruitment as a driving force for enhancing career prospects
    1-2 June 2006, Vienna, Austria
    Event organised under the Austrian Presidency of the EU. Further information will be soon available from the Austrian Presidency website.

  • 7th EMBL/EMBO Joint Conference 2006: Genes, brain/mind and behaviour
    3-4 November 2006, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

    This conference forms part of a series of EMBO/EMBL joint conferences on
    Science and Society. The tradition of these conferences is to promote
    mutual interest, understanding, and dialogue between biologists and a
    variety of other sectors of society that are concerned with the impact of
    modern biology. The conferences are open to the public.

  • 18th Annual Conference of Academia Europaea: Brain, Matter and Mind
    21-23 September 2006, Budapest, Hungary

    The Annual Conference will be preceded by two satellite events (also
    taking place in Budapest):

    19-20 September, symposium on "Liberty and the search for
    identity", organised by the Academia Europaea History section

    19-20 September, two workshops organised by the Informatics
    section: "Grand Challenges of Informatics" and "Computer Mathematics"

  • Political Approaches to University Identity
    Annual Conference of the Magna Charta Observatory (organised in
    conjunction with the Cpouncil of Europe)
    followed by the ceremony for the signing of the Magna Charta
    14-15 September 2006, Bologna, Italy

  • Science policies meet reality: gender, women and youth in science in
    Central and Eastern Europe

    1-2 December 2006, Prague, Czech Republic

    As the "Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science", the first
    regional support project for women and youth in science funded by the EC,
    is drawing to its close, this conference will provide an opportunity to
    assess the impact of the project and present findings and results. The
    conference will include sessions on researcher mobility, work-life
    balance, gender and decision-making, and communication of science.

    The deadline for submission of proposals for papers or posters is 16 July
    Download: Call for papers ( 87 kb )

  • "The sociology and politics of immigration in Europe"
    The EUI Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies and the Social and Political Science Department organize the summer training programme “The sociology and politics of immigration in Europe.” It will take place at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy from 2-9 July 2006.
    Information Note ( 91 kb )

  • European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS)
    Summer School Maastricht, The Netherlands from 12th-23rd June, 2006.
    Information and application form ( 91 kb )

  • Communicating Science and Technology - CST 060606
    6-9 June 2006, Tromsø, Norway
  • International Youth Forum
    30 May - 2 June 2006, Tomsk, Russian Federation
    organised by
    # Tomsk Polytechnic University
    # Russian Union of Young Scientists
    # Tomsk Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Young Scientists
    # Young Researches Tomsk Regional Public Organisation
  • Quality Assessment in Institutions of Higher Education in Europe:
    Problems, Practises & Solutions
    23-25 March 2006, Pavia, Italy
    organised by Academia Europaea

  • First International AMONET Meeting on "Women in Science"
    March 16-17, 2006, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon

  • World congress for freedom of scientific research
    A draft programme can be found at the congress website.
    16-18 February 2006, Rome, Italy
  • EURODOC Annual Conference 2006
    The aim of the conference is to provide a framework for young European researchers to meet with European political and economical leaders and to engage in a fruitful discussion on the construction of the European Research and Higher Education Areas. As usual, delegates from European countries will be asked to answer a questionnaire and present the results during the conference.
    You can contact the organisers at
    9-12 March 2006, Bologna, Italy
  • European Conference – Researching Women in Science and Technology
    Organised under the Austrian Presidency of the EU.
    15-16 May 2006, Vienna, Austria
  • EARMA Annual Conference 2006
    The Annual Conference of EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) will take place in Paris on 15-16 June 2006, with an evening reception on Wednesday 14th June. The programme is currently being finalised and details of accommodation options will be published in early 2006 in the EARMA website.
    14-16 June 2006, Hémicycle du Conseil Régional d'Ile-de-France, Paris, France
  • UKCGE European Summer Conference 2006: New Dimensions for Doctoral Programmes in Europe – Training, Employability and the European Knowledge Agenda
    The 12th UKCGE Summer Conference will be held in partnership with the European University Institute in Florence and will follow up key issues at the 2005 Ministerial Summit in Bergen, focusing on outcomes and implications for doctoral programmes in Europe.
    6-8 July 2006, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
  • Euroscience Open Forum 2006 (ESOF2006)
    ESOF seeks to showcase European achievements right across the scientific spectrum and serves as an open forum for debates on science-related issues. Through ESOF, researchers and scientists, as well as the general public, are provided with an adequate platform for exchanging views and discussing the challenges and consequences of scientific developments around the world. It thus promotes, fosters and maintains contacts between associations, professional societies and industry, both within Europe and worldwide. Finally, it assists policy makers in consulting relevant scientists on issues affecting society, including the governance of science.
    15-19 July 2006, Munich, Germany
  • Academic Mobility: Crossed perspectives. International conference on academic mobility
    The main aim of the conference is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for discussion about the actors of academic mobility. Papers are welcomed from linguistics, education, anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography and educational policy, among others.
    21-23 September 2006, Turku, Finland


  • Marie Curie Awards 2005
    This third edition of the Marie Curie Awards under FP6 will be organised by the European Commission, with the support of the Conference of Heads of Irish Universities (CHIU). This year's jury has been chaired by British astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell. The ceremony will be followed by the closing event of the ‘Researchers in Europe 2005’ initiative on 2 December 2005. You can download the programme (PDF document 150 Kb).
    1 December 2005, Dublin, Ireland
  • CNRS signature of the European Charter for Researchers
    On 16 December, France’s largest research organisation CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) will commit itself to implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their Recruitment in a ceremony attended by Commissioner Janez Potocnik and the Director of CNRS.
    16 December 2005, 10.15 am (time to be confirmed), Berlaymont Press Room, Brussels, Belgium
  • Is there a European ‘brain drain’? Doing more for research in Europe – Press briefing
    The briefing will highlight the measures put in place to support researchers in Europe and to attract researchers from across the globe. These measures include the ‘Researchers in Europe 2005’ campaign, the Marie Curie scholarships to support mobility, the ERA-More network of mobility centres, the acceleration of the visa application process, special admission procedures for non-European researchers and the publication of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their Recruitment.
    14 December 2005, 11.15 am, Berlaymont Press Room, Brussels, Belgium
  • Communicating European Research logo
    ‘Communicating European Research’ - CER 2005
    This international forum offers scientists, communication professionals and journalists a unique opportunity to showcase their activities. The conference will also take stock of the way towards the Seventh Framework Programme.
    14-15 November 2005, Brussels
  • 'Making Europe more attractive for researchers'
    As one of the most important Marie Curie events, the European Marie Curie Conference 2005 will offer researchers the opportunity to share their scientific knowledge, mobility experiences and career perspectives, and to participate in open debates with policy-makers from industry, academia and the European Commission.
    28-30 September 2005, Tuscany (Pisa/Livorno), Italy.
    Proceedings available (50 MB)
    Zip file. Instructions: After downloading the zip file, please extract all files in your local hard disk and run the powerpoint presentation (.pps) file.

  • European Researchers’ Night
    The European Researchers’ Night is a pan-European event organised by the European Commission under the ‘Researchers in Europe 2005’ initiative. It involves a wide range of scientific and research organisations – including museums, laboratories and academic institutions – hosting a variety of entertaining and fun events planned to run late into the night of Friday, 23 September. The aim is to give the public, and in particular young people, the opportunity to meet researchers within the context of festive and  ‘fun’ activities and to highlight the appeal of pursuing a research career.
    23 September 2005, all over Europe
  • Logo Logo
    European Conference “The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their Recruitment – Turning policy into practice: Building the pool of talented researchers to achieve Europe’s goals and future innovation”
    Organised by the UK GRAD Programme in collaboration with other UK research institutions and the European Commission, the conference is one of the events in the programme planned for the UK presidency of the European Union. It will gather together members of research institutions and industry, as well as policy-makers at European and national level and representatives of professional associations. The conference will be a key event in the implementation of this Charter and Code.
    You can see the programme and register on-line via the conference website or by downloading the conference brochure.
    8-9 September 2005, London
  • A Workshop for new scientists
    Join other PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers for a day of practical information and networking at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw. Learn about the results of the MOBEX 2 project on mobility and excellence in scientific labour markets!
    This workshop is jointly organised by Science's Next Wave, the Mobility and Progression in Science Careers Project, and the Marie Curie Fellowship Association (MCFA). It forms part of an ongoing series of Workshops for Early Career Researchers.
    15 June 2005, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Researchers in Europe Opening Ceremony
    ‘Researchers in Europe’ Opening Ceremony
    Commissioner Janez Potocnik and Luxembourg’s Minister for Research François Biltgen, will be present at the official launch of the initiative, which will be hosted by the Luxembourg Presidency. The Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg will be the place where a large number of animations will be organised for the youngest.
    8 June 2005, Museum of Natural History, Luxembourg
  • 'Language and the Future' - Engelberg Forum - 16th Annual Conference
    How will the scientists of the future publish their research results? How will medical scientists and biologists communicate with each other and with ever-more sophisticated computer systems? These are some of the questions that will be raised at the 16th Annual Conference of the Engelberg Forum, organised with the support of the European Commission. During the gathering, the Young Scientists Programme will give the floor to Marie Curie fellows to exchange their knowledge and experiences, and take part in the discussions on how language and research will affect each other in the future. The Programme is part of a series of multidisciplinary Marie Curie scientific conferences organised in the framework of Marie Curie fellowships training activities.
    21-25 May 2005, Lucerne and Engelberg Abbey, Switzerland.
  • European Forum for Early Career Researchers
    The European Forum for Early Career Researchers is jointly organised by the Marie Curie Fellowship Association and the Slovenian public foundation Ad Futura. The idea of the Forum is to bring together early career researchers and more experienced colleagues from across Europe and across disciplines, as well as from a broad range of professional backgrounds. About 150 participants are expected to attend. Marie Curie fellows (past and present) are especially invited.
    6-7 May 2005, Otocec/Slovenia
  • Research Training in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: Current Status and Future Needs
    The workshop was organised by DG Research of the European Commission. Its aim was to determine future needs from the point of view of research training necessary to maintain progress in these new technologies in Europe and the world. The discussion was primarily concerned with research training – both scientific and in other areas, such as business, safety, environmental safety and ethics – but this linked directly to infrastructure and regulation. Participants had a wide range of academic and industrial experience and came from 27 countries in Europe, the USA and Asia. The presentations given at the conference are now available on the event website on CORDIS.
    14-15 April, Borschette Centre, Brussels, Belgium.


  • First Annual Conference of the ERA-MORE Network
    This First Conference of the ERA-MORE Network will mainly be oriented to sharing experiences of information and communication tools, awareness-raising activities, customised assistance to researchers and co-operation with other transnational and international networks as well as industry.
    7-9 December 2004, Baden bei Wien, Austria.
  • Marie Curie Week in Warsaw
    After the success of the 2003 event in Brussels, the second edition of Marie Curie Week was organised in co-operation with Poland, the birthplace of the great scientist. Director-General for Research Mitsos Achilleas was among the participants. The 2004 Week also marked the official launch of the Polish network of Mobility Centres. Marie Curie Week is an initiative of the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General and EU Member States. The highlight of the event is the Marie Curie Awards Ceremony. Participation is free of charge and is open to secondary school teachers and students, university students, scientists and the general public. (more…)

    3-10 November 2004, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF 2004)
    This event addressed questions related to Science and Society, Scientific careers, Mobility, etc.
    The Marie Curie Fellowship Association organised a workshop under the title "Mobility of researchers in Europe and beyond" and another one, in collaboration with the European Molecular Biology Organisation, on "Scientific careers in Europe".
    25-28 August 2004, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Brain drain, brain gain: new challenges PDF document 184 KB
    Fuite ou circulation des cerveaux : de nouveaux défis
    Colloque international Mercredi 30 juin 2004 de 8h30 à 18h30
    Cité des sciences et de l’industrie
    30, avenue Corentin-Cariou
    75019 Paris
  • Research Management and Administration in a Changing World
    The EARMA Annual General Conference,
    24-26 June 2004, Bucarest, Romania
  • EurOCEAN 2004
    This conference will include a session dedicated to young scientists and their vision of marine research in Europe with presentations given by Marie Curie Fellows.
    10-13 May 2004, Galway, Ireland.
  • Increasing human resources for Science and Technology in Europe
    The purpose of this conference is to present the provisional findings and recommendations of the independent high level group on human resources for S&T and to discuss the conclusions.
    2 April 2004, Brussels, Belgium.
  • International mobility and co-operation of Early Stage Researchers in the European Research Area
    Annual meeting of Eurodoc, the council for postgraduate Students and junior researchers in Europe
    18 -21 March 2004, Athens, Greece.
  • "Early Stage Researcher Mobility in Europe - Meeting the Challenges and Promoting Best Practice"
    Conference jointly organised by by the associations Euroscience, Marie Curie Fellowship Association, Eurodoc and PI-net.
    25-27 February 2004, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • "Attractiveness of Scientific and Technical Careers"
    jointly organised by the associations ASPERT and "Femmes et Sciences",
    9-10 January 2004, Paris, France





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