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Upcoming events
Marie Curie Week

Activities to enhance the image of scientific research and promote research careers

A wide range of activities aimed at enhancing the image of scientific researchers in Europe and focusing on the person of Marie Curie and the European actions bearing her name is being organised in cooperation with the partner institutions. 

Wednesday 5 November

17.30 to 23.00: Presentation of initiatives promoting the mobility and career development of research scientists to Brussels-based business executives and entrepreneurs at the Latour de Frein Training Centre (Domaine de Latour de Frein - 555 rue Engeland - 1180 Brussels

  • 17h30 - 18h30: Inauguration of the ‘International House of Researchers living in the Brussels-Capital Regions’ – an initiative of the BRAINS centre (Brussels Relocation And Interfacing Network for Scientists).

  • 18h30-20h00: ID Workshop organised by the Brussels-Europe Liaison Office in collaboration with the Representation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the EU covering: International researcher mobility& Brussels at Europe’s research crossroads.

  • 18h30 - 23h00: The Global Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s ‘First Tuesday’ event. Promoting research: added value of international and inter-sectoral mobility. (

Friday 7 November

Afternoon VUB : proclamation of the answers to the ComiX-files competition ( for first grade high school students which consists of 40 questions leading to the discovery of 5 clues, which all have a direct link to the … Marie Curie Week
Contact : Sofie Vandenbossche, 02.629 22 24,

8.00 p.m. ULB, Main Hall : “Marie Curie, Myth and Reality”, conference and film projection on Marie Curie, with the participation of Professor Eliane Gubin (Groupe interdisciplinaire d'études sur les femmes - GIEF)

Friday 14 November

8.00 p.m. ULB, Main Hall : “Poland and the European Integration”, conference and debate with the participation of Michel de Waele, professor at the Institute of European Affairs, and Jerzy Lukaszewski, Ambassador, former Rector of the College of Europe. Moderator : Christian Dupont, RTBF, Brussels

Saturday 15 November

8.00 p.m. ULB, Building H, Auditorium H2215: “Nobel Prizes for Physics and Chemistry : why so few Women ?“, conference organized by the ULB and the Commission’s Women and Science Unit, with an introduction by European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin and the participation of Professor Petra Rudolf

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