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Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses
Scientific conferences and courses are effective ways of learning, exchanging information and planning future projects. Marie Curie funding is available to help universities, research centres and businesses in the EU or Associated States organise conferences and training courses and to allow early-stage and more experienced researchers to take part.

Marie Curie Conferences and Training CoursesThe research organisation submits a proposal to the Commission to fund either a series of events or a large conference. The Commission then selects the most relevant proposals and signs a contract with the organisers.

In the case of series of events, support is given towards the organisational costs and the participation of early-stage researchers (in the first four years of their career) and experienced researchers (with up to ten years' experience) of all nationalities. This includes European researchers working outside the EU or Associated States. Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses

In the case of large conferences, support is provided by the Commission to allow early-stage and experienced researchers to take part. All nationalities are eligible, except for events outside the EU or Associated States. In this case, only EU and candidate country researchers are eligible.

  • The last call for proposals has been published on 18 January 2006. It is an open call with closure date on 17 May 2006 at 17.00 (Brussels local time).
  • A detailed explanation of Marie Curie Conference and Training Courses is provided in the following Handbook (PDF document - 553 Kb)
  • Individual researchers are invited to visit the "Marie Curie Funding Opportunities Search Tool" on CORDIS website for information and funding opportunities for attending conferences and training courses funded by this scheme.
  • Additional information on the progress of calls and the status of proposal evaluation, as well as guidance on how to apply and manage your project can be found at the new Marie Curie information service on CORDIS
  • Frequently Asked Questions (36 Kb)

last update: 20-01-2006