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Sixth Framework Programme of the European Community 
for research, technological development and demonstration activities (2002 - 2006)

A common informatics system for the Sixth Framework Programme

(Updated 21/05/02 )

To realize the ambitious objectives of the European Research Area and the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) requires not only new policies but also new tools with which to administer the system and communicate. It is against this background that the directorates-general involved in research, and therefore in FP6, have joined together to produce a common informatics system for its implementation (see diagram 27 kB). In doing so they have agreed to use the most advanced web-based technology to enable both proposers and project participants to communicate with the Commission electronically, thereby rendering the process both more transparent and rapid.

Given the interest of the research community, the scale of the task and the short time scale within which it must be achieved, the Commission has decided to publish its plans for IT developments to be made, except where these relate to security. In doing so it is fully aware that the ongoing political process for the adoption of FP6, its associated specific programmes and the rules for participation may necessitate changes to the proposed system. This web site will therefore be updated to reflect any such changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Diagram of the Sixth Framework Programme Informatics System (27 kB)
*Electronic proposal submission, evaluation information, experts online registration, external evaluation, project information

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EPSS: Electronic Proposal Submission System 151KB

EPSS: Data Base


ESP: Evaluation Service Provider 170 KB

Proposal Data Base

ESP: Proposal/Results Data Base

RTD IT/ESP-FP6: Call For Tenders of the DGs of the Commission involved in the Research Sixth FP for the supply of computing services

Questions and answers RTD IT/ESP-FP6

[Posed until 18/04/2002 ] 18 KB
[Posed until 29/04/2002 ] 18,8 KB
[Posed until 03/05/2002 ] 8,46 KB
[Posed until 14/05/2002 ] 28 KB
[Posed until 15/05/2002] 6 KB

PMS: Proposal Management System

Organisation Data Base

Contracts/Projects/CODE Data Base

Subset Projects Data Base

Ranking/decision 67 KB
Contract negotiation 85 KB

EXSIS: EXperts Sub-Information System 61 KB

Experts Data Base

Mirror Experts Data Base


CPM: Contract and Project Management

User Requirements Specification for the Contract and Project Management System 248KB
Use Case Specification 205KB

SINCOM 2: the Commission's main contract and financial system