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As announced in the various documents preparing the fifth framework programme and at the ministerial colloquium on the management of Community R&D programmes held in London on 28 April 1998, the Commission will require advice on the content and directions of the research to be carried out in the context of the key actions. For this purpose, it has set up 17 "External Advisory Groups" (EAGs). The list of members | Last update: 05.06.2000 | and the list of groups are available as well as the Press Release of 24 November 1998: "Commission appoints members of new External Advisory Groups for research".

Four additional "ad hoc expert groups" have been set up, with an advisory function similar to that of EAGs, in relation with areas of generic research activities. The lists of members of these groups are available.


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Call for applications

In order to allow all interested parties to put forward candidates for membership of the external advisory groups, the Commission has published a call for applications in the Official Journal (OJ C183/23 of 13.06.1998).
This call remains open for the duration of the fifth framework programme, although the last appointments of members of the external advisory groups are likely to be in 2001.
The text of this call is available as PDF-file (approx. 40 Kb):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions [last updated: 05.06.2000] on the external advisory groups are available for consultation and further enquiries may be e-mailed to or to for the advisory group covering the Information Society Technologies programme.


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