Strategic Foresight

These activities are carried out to specifically support the development of proposals for the Framework Programme and its biannual work programmes


The foresight study Beyond the Horizon: foresight in support of future EU Research and Innovation Policy (BOHEMIA), aims to support the deliberations on future Commission proposals for a post-2020 Research and Innovation Framework.

The study is implemented by a consortium involving the Austrian Institute of Technology, ISINNOVA of Italy , the Romanian Institutul de Prospectiva and the German Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung

The BOHEMIA study involves three phases:

Phase 1: A literature review and synthesis into a set of scenarios that aim to sketch possible future settings and boundary conditions for the development of future R&I policy and funding.

Phase 1 has been completed.

Phase 2: The second phase involves a Delphi survey to gain new insights into future technologies, societal issues, and R&I practices.

Phase 2 has been completed.

Phase 3: It will involve analysis and the deriving of policy recommendations, building on the scenarios, the results of the Delphi and on consultation and public engagement with the findings.

The final report is expected before the end of 2017.


BOHEMIA Publication

New Horizons: Future Scenarios for Research and Innovation Policies in Europe

Publication cover

The report describes a range of futures we might be facing in the 2030s, and suggests ways how research might create options for Europe to cope and flourish. Echoing the Commission’s recent White Paper on the Future of Europe, the scenarios of this report navigate between megatrends, forces that drive the future of the world, and the policy goals and values of the European Union".

Read: Report | Summary


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