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click to go back to the FISSION programme homepage Nuclear Fission Safety Programme - Radiation Protection Research Action
implemented under the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998)
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Key Action 2 : Nuclear Fission
implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)

Under the Fourth Framework Programme the Radiation Protection Research Action was integral part of the Nuclear Fission Safety specific programme which covered its two last activity areas :

D - Radiological Impact on Man and the Environment


Improved radiation protection of man and the environment requires a better understanding of mechanisms of radiation action for improved quantification of risk related to external and internal irradiations, including improved knowledge of environmental transfer of radionuclides for the evaluation and management of radiation risks. These may contribute to further reduction of exposures in the light of social and economic considerations. The evaluation of the consequences of previous nuclear accidents will be used to advance and test current knowledge and radiation protection concepts under realistic conditions and contribute towards mastering events of the past

E - Mastering Events of the Past


The overall coordinated effort is conceived to concentrate on practical applications to define appropriate policies for the long-term management of the consequences within the contaminated territories and to improve the broad international management of any future accident. In specific topics a restricted amount of more fundamental research may be needed to provide input into the targeted research.

EURATOM - Research & Training in the field of Nuclear Energy
Key Action 2: Nuclear Fission on the CORDIS server.



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