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Framework Programme Monitoring

Annual monitoring
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The monitoring of EU Framework Programmes' implementation is an essential component of the overall evaluation and monitoring system. It supports the management of the programmes, provides transparency on programme activities and contributes towards the base of information which is used for major evaluations of the Framework Programmes.

Over the years there has been progressive updating of the way in which monitoring is carried out. Up until the start of the Seventh Framework programme (FP7) there was an annual monitoring exercise involving a panel, or panels, of external experts which would examine some of the key issues relating to programme implementation.

The archive of annual monitoring reports from the period before FP7 is available on this site: Monitoring Reports before FP7.

Under FP7 the whole system for FP evaluation and monitoring has been changed radically. In line with commitments made in the FP7 ex ante Impact Assessment, the monitoring system was changed in favour of an internal Commission-run exercise, the primary aim of which was to provide a reliable source of systematically collected information to support FP management.

In legal terms the requirement to undertake monitoring is set out in the FP7 Decisions (EC 385 KB and Euratom 96 KB), Articles 7(1) and 6(1).

The details of the new monitoring system were developed after extensive discussion and coordination between relevant Commission services involved with FP management and evaluation.

The key features of the new monitoring system are as follows:

  • Carried out by the Commission services internally
  • Based wherever possible on extensive use of quantitative indicators
  • Targeted at the needs of senior Commission management
  • Featuring indicators which provide a synthetic and comprehensive picture of FP activities and on sensitive or politically important issues
  • Based wherever possible on existing information collected systematically by the Commission, incorporating in addition a survey of stakeholder opinion
  • Covering comprehensively both Framework Programmes (EC and Euratom) except the direct research actions carried out by the Joint Research Centre (JRC).