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Evaluation of the Seventh Framework Programmes

FP7 Interim Evaluation

FP7 evaluation
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In compliance with article 7.2 of the FP7 Decision (EC), an interim evaluation of FP7 was carried out in 2010.

No later than 2010, the Commission shall carry out, with the assistance of external experts, an evidence-based interim evaluation of this Framework Programme and its specific programmes building upon the ex-post evaluation of the Sixth Framework Programme. This evaluation shall cover the quality of the research activities under way, as well as the quality of implementation and management, and progress towards the objectives set.

The Commission shall communicate the conclusions thereof, accompanied by its observations and, where appropriate, proposals for the adaptation of this Framework Programme, to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

The interim evaluation shall be preceded by a progress report as soon as enough data becomes available, giving initial findings on the effectiveness of the new actions initiated under the Seventh Framework Programme and of the efforts made with regard to simplification.

Following the practice of previous major FP evaluations, the FP7 interim evaluation was carried out by a group of international, independent experts and based on an extensive database of statistical and other evidence. Click the following links for the questions used for the FP7 interim evaluation  PDF icon 14 KB and the panel members  PDF icon 16 KB .

The exercise was preceded by an a Progress Report for FP7: Communication ( 53 KB) and Staff Working Document ( 578 KB) which are also available on the Research site's Reports page.

The Commission Response to the Report of the Expert Group on the Interim Evaluation of the FP7 and to the Report of the Expert Group on the Interim Evaluation of the RSFF  PDF icon 86 KB was published on 9 February 2011.