European RTD Evaluation Network (EUevalnet)

The work of EUevalnet and related documents

Established in 1997, The European RTD Evaluation Network (EUevalnet) is a platform for sharing information and best practice on issues related to evaluation methodology, use of research indicators and measurement of research impact.

The network is a European focal point for discussion and analysis of RTD evaluation and research on evaluation. It aims to:

  • enhance dialogue and cooperation between national ministries and agencies, academics and experts, and Commission services working in the area of RTD evaluation, with a special emphasis on strengthening the dialogue between producers and users of RTD evaluations
  • help construct the European Research Area by improving the quality and strengthening the use of RTD evaluation as part of evidence-based policy making

The network is composed of two representatives from each Member State, Candidate Country and country associated with the EU RTD Framework Programme. The representatives are a mixture of researchers with evaluation expertise and officials from national ministries and agencies.

Meetings are held twice a year, normally in the Member State holding the EU Presidency. Meetings can also be held elsewhere, for example in Candidate Countries and/or in connection with evaluation congresses, workshops or similar events.