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Executive Vice-President AB Volvo (Retired) 

AB Volvo

tel.: +46 - 31 66 10 78
fax. : +46 - 31 66 12 72
E-mail :

Date of birth : 20th October 1940
Nationality : Swedish

Dr. Wittlöv graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1964 with a M. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering. He joined the ALFA-LAVAL Group in its division of industrial high speed centrifugal separators, where he worked in the area of manufacturing engineering and manufacturing management. He also became the Technical Director, responsible for research and development, at the same division.


In 1984 Dr. Wittlöv was appointed Vice President, Engineering, of Volvo Aero Corporation. In 1989 he became Executive Vice President and in 1993 President and CEO of the company. In 1997 he was appointed Executive Vice President of the Volvo Group with main responsibility for technology, which position he left in connection with his retirement in 2001.

Dr. Wittlöv is honorary Doctor of Technology, chairman of Göteborg University (GU), and member of the board of the Swedish Research Council (VR).
Furthermore, Doctor Witlöv is chairman respectively board memeber of a number of Volvo companies and foundations. From 2002, chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of
Engineering Sciences (IVA).


Since 1998, Doctor Witlöv is chairman of the steering committee for the Swedish Technology Foresight.


He has earlier held positions as vice chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), chairman of the Swedish Natural Science Research Council (NFR), chairman of Federation of Swedish Industries Committee on Research and Development, chairman of the Committee of Industrial Research of IVA, member of the board of Swedish Strategic Research Foundation and member of Industrial Research and Development Advisory Committee of the European Commission (IRDAC)


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