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* EURAB Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Tony Mayer

Dr Gérard Mégie

Science Policy Consultant

17 rue d’Upsal
67000 Strasbourg

Tel: +33 (3) 88 61 05 59


Personal details:

 Born in Hawarden, North Wales.


1952-60 Alun Grammar School, Mold (Yr Wyddgrug), North Wales

1960-63 University of Manchester

B.Sc. Honours Geology

Professional and Similar Bodies:

1997 - present Member of Euroscience, elected to the Board of Euroscience in 2001 and elected Treasurer, February 2004

1965 - present Fellow of the Geological Society and Chartered Geologist

1985 - 2003 Member of the American Geophysical Union

1978 - 82 Member of the Council of the UK Remote Sensing Society


2005- Independent Science Policy Consultant including acting as a Senior Science Policy Adviser to the European Science Foundation

2003–2005 Director COST Office, Brussels, Belgium

Responsible for the negotiation and implementation of the Sixth Framework Programme contract for the support of COST (European Cooperation in Science and technology) and response to the contract Mid term Review.. Established the COST Office in Brussels, staff recruitment, installation of facilities and transfer from the European Commission followed by , management of 35 scientific and administrative staff. Re-invigorating the COST system and initiating and developing the overall reform of COST. Establishing good working relations with the European Commission, General Secretariat of the Council of the EU and, especially with the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) and with the scientific activities of COST. Representation of COST at a variety of events.

1996-2003 Head Secretary General’s Office, European Science Foundation, Strasbourg, France

Particular responsibilities included overseeing the strategic implementation of policy, responsible for harmonisation of procedures and activites across Science Units and development of ESF science policy activities. Member of the senior management team of the Foundation working closely with the Secretary General and the Director, Administration and Finance. Responsible for a range of new initiatives and policy activities, leading to a series of published reports and briefings. Negotiated an agreement between ESF and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for collaboration in research conferences. Responsible for first ESF Scientific Forward Look on Earth System Science (global change reseaerch).

Served as an independent monitor for the evaluation of calls in FP5 Environment and Climate Programme. Served as a rapporteur for the EURAB (1) Working Group on the ERA. Part of planning committee group for the EC:French Presidency/ESF Strasbourg Conference on research infrastructures (2000)

1986-96 Natural Environment Research Council, Swindon, UK

1994-96 Head, International Relations Group within the Directorate of Science & Technology

Reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive (Director, Science & Technology) and to the Chief Executive on international aspects of NERC’s activities. Responsible for the development of NERC’s international relations policy including general representational duties internationally and with UK Government committees, and serving as the main liaison point on EU, ESF and related matters. Developed NERC- NASDA ( Japan) collaboration agreement in remote sensing. Acting as the NERC focal point and for global change matters in general and responsible for the inter-Research Council Global Environmental Change Office. Member of the UK delegation to the Programme Management Committee for the EU Framework Programme 4: Environment and Climate. Rapporteur for the CREST Group on the Environment and Climate Programme proposal for FP5.

1987-94 Head of Polar Sciences and International Section of the Corporate Affairs Unit reporting to Chief Executive (then Secretary), NERC on polar matters.

Responsibilities included the NERC Polar Sciences Committee and general liaison with the British Antarctic Survey. Responsible for the compilation of the UK Arctic research policy and the NERC Antarctic Sciences strategy. Initiated the UK National Arctic Research Forum for provision of advice on Arctic matters. Represented the UK at various international Arctic meetings, including preparatory meetings for Ministerial meetings on the Protection of the Arctic Environment. Author of a desk study for a major report to the Advisory Council for Science and Technology (Cabinet Office) on Global Environmental Research (1987) leading to a new UK Government initiatives in global change. Joint secretary of the NERC/SERC Group on global change and also Secretary of the UK Inter-Agency Committee on Global Environmental Change (IACGEC).

Starting 1991, assisted the UK Department of the Environment as an 'expert' member of its delegation on the EU Third Framework Programme - Environment Management Committee as the focal point for all the UK Research Councils and was the UK representative on its Working Party on Global Change. This also to covered membership of the EU's ENRICH Task Force, Senior Expert Group and Council. Assisting the European Commission in relation to supervision of the Logica contract for ENRICH. NERC representative to the UK Government Inter-Departmental Committee on International Affairs. Prepared case for Cabinet Office on the implications of the draft EC Public Procurement Directive (Services).

1986-87 Returned to NERC from USA. Assigned to the Earth Sciences Directorate.

Miscellaneous duties including ODP matters, a review of isotope geology, the basin dynamics Special Topic and a review of experimental and high pressure petrology policy.

1984-86 Seconded to the Joint Oceanographic Institutions Inc as Executive Assistant to the JOIDES Planning Committee Chairman.

First holder of a post for a non-US senior science administrator assigned to the JOIDES Office of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). Responsibilities included directing other Office staff; processing all drilling proposals; instituting general office organisation and procedures (which are still being used); liaison with science planning panels; specific responsibility for international coordination of site surveys; executive secretary to two reviews - one of the JOIDES Databank and the other the first Performance Evaluation Committee of the whole project. Compiled and edited JOIDES Journal Special Issues and editorial adviser on general issues of the Journal. Acting for the Planning Committee Chair in his absence and providing an international perspective for the Executive and Planning Committee Chairs.

1970-84 Employed by the Natural Environment Research Council in its Headquarters Science Division.

1981-4 Oceanography, Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences Section. Deputy to Section Head. Responsibility for servicing Council's Preparatory Group D (covering the same sciences as the section).

Continuing responsibility for ocean drilling matters. Dealing with the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, the Institute of Hydrology and the British Antarctic Survey on a day to day basis. Responsible for special initiatives in ocean circulation modelling, climate research, atmospheric chemistry and geodesy. Co- -Chair of NERC/Foreign Office Group for ships clearances and Law of the Sea matters. NERC representative on the Royal Society Committee on Geodesy. Liaison with Government Departments and European agencies on commissioned research programmes.

1976-81 Earth Sciences Section. Responsible for servicing Council's Preparatory Group A (Earth Sciences) and for associated work including Visiting Groups to institutes.

Particular responsibility for the early development and support of scientific policy on remote sensing, including international liaison. Member of DTI national working party leading to the development of a British national remote sensing centre, which eventually was established as the British National Remote Sensing Centre. From 1977 to 1984 responsible for scientific ocean drilling including relations with NSF (DSDP/IPOD and ODP). Secretary of the UK Coordinating Committee for Ocean Drilling. NERC representative to the SERC Solar System Committee and on the British National Committee for IGCP. Liaison with Government Departments and international agencies including the European Space Agency.

1973-76 Secretary of the Geological Sciences Research Grants & Training Awards Committees (university support).

This post involved responsibility for the administration of grants and studentships, together with general liaison with universities on these matters.

    • Assistant in the Geological Sciences Section

Responsible for a series of policy working parties in the geological sciences leading to the development and publication of future NERC policy in this area.

    • Research Assistant, Dept. of Geology, University College London.

Research on the geochemistry and petrology of gabbroic igneous intrusions with special reference to Ardnamurchan, Scotland and Freetown, Sierra Leone. Also providing general geochemical support to the Department, especially to projects on the volcanic regions of Chile and on Cjhilean mineralisation.

    • DSIR Research Assistant, Dept. of Geology, Leicester University .

Research on the chemistry of carbonatite intrusions, especially from East Africa.

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