Photos of contestants (2015)

Photos of contestants (2015)

Milan 2015—Photos of contestants

The 27th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Engineering


Project: CubeControl

Presented by: Lukas Ebenstein and Stefan Wohlrab, Austria, CubeControl

Austria - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: LebensMittel

Presented by: Lilliane Steiner, Elena Seitaridis and Fabian Kasper, Austria, LebensMittel

Austria - Materials


Project: Fatigue Limit Test Stand

Presented by: Lorenz Sauerzopf and Stefan Fuchs

Austria - Medicine


Project: Tendon Tissue Engineering - Development of a Novel Tissue Bioreactor for Culturing Tendons

Presented by: Michael Bayrhammer and Florian Thaller

Belarus - Engineering


Project: Creation of the multifunctional UAV and research of its main physical characteristics

Presented by: Dzmitry Kryvenchuk

Belarus - Mathematics


Project: Functional equations over finite sets

Presented by: Nikolai Prochorov

Belarus - Physics


Project: Increasing wing lift for safer landing

Presented by: Viktar Beliautsou, Aleh Karabko and Mikita Syravatnikau

Belgium - Engineering


Project: Farmclean

Presented by: Kenneth Lema and Jens Ghesquière

Belgium - Physics


Project: A man flight in wingsuit

Presented by: Yuan Yuan Li

Bulgaria - Computing


Project: A new genetic algorithm for the 3-dimensional matching problem

Presented by: Paolina Gadjulova

Bulgaria - Environment


Project: Influence of water contamination on the environment and the biodiversity of cross- border Struma river

Presented by: Lachezar Stanchev

Bulgaria - Mathematics


Project: Creating two dimensional manifolds by gluing the edges of 2n-gons

Presented by: Kristian Georgiev

China - Biology


Project: The effects of Chimney ash fertilizer on the growth and yield of 4 kinds of maize

Presented by: Zhaoru Meng, Yuting Zhang and Jiaming Zong

China - Engineering


Project: Programmable,Human-Computer interaction Puppet

Presented by: SiYao Chen

China - Mathematics


Project: A Robust Log-Optimal Strategy and its Application in NYSE

Presented by: Yifeng Guo

Cyprus - Environment


Project: School Waste: A source for energy production

Presented by: Alexandros Andrianos, Stelios Stylianou and Filippos Agathokleous

Czech Republic - Chemistry


Project: The Effect of Cholesterol on Biological Membranes

Presented by: Michaela Kajsova

Czech Republic - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Falsification of food

Presented by: Markéta Pitrová

Czech Republic - Medicine


Project: More Efficient Cancer Treatment Using Novel Ferrocene and Titanocene Derivatives

Presented by: Thi Thu Giang Tran

Denmark - Mathematics


Project: Rearranging Rectangles

Presented by: Mikael Moesgaard

Denmark - Physics


Project: Supernova type 1a

Presented by: Lasse Voss

Egypt - Biology


Project: Bio-energy production from organic wastes

Presented by: Alaa Aboushanab and Mennaalah Ahmed

Egypt - Chemistry


Project: Methane Recovery from manure biogas by amine absorption for hydrogen synthesis

Presented by: Abdel-Rahman Sharfaldeen and Mohamed Abdelsalam

Egypt - Engineering


Project: Increasing the efficiency of wind turbines

Presented by: Samira Ramadan and Samaa Ali

Estonia - Chemistry


Project: Synthesis and biochemical characterization of covalent fluorescent probes targeting mitotic protein kinase Aurora A

Presented by: Katariina Kisand

Estonia - Computing


Project: Effectiveness of different anti-cheat methods used in games

Presented by: Ago Ambur

Estonia - Environment


Project: The Härjapea Riverbed on Tallinn City Map and the Importance of the River in the Temporal Development of the City

Presented by: Karl Kiur Saar

Estonia - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Determination of neutral sugars from different honeys by capillary electrophoresis

Presented by: Georg Kuusik

European Schools - Materials


Project: Biomimetic Bulletproof Suit

Presented by: Ludovico Tron and Samuel Liebana Garcia

Finland - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: how Toothpastes Affect Coffee Stained Teeth

Presented by: Kira Huuska and Pinja Laitinen

Finland - Social Sciences


Project: Optimizing Mobile Blood Collection With A Computational Tool

Presented by: Petteri Timonen

France - Engineering


Project: Distrib Médic

Presented by: Zoé Mandelli, Finn Köhler and Sana Fenek

France - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Contamination of a corn field by another

Presented by: Alice Leurent-Flaviano, Clara Fauveau and Justine Nourry

France - Physics


Project: Calefaction at low temperatures

Presented by: Laurine Andrieux, Maxime Frey

Georgia - Computing


Project: Sound Glasses

Presented by: Nikoloz Gvasalia and Kakha Kudava

Georgia - Engineering


Project: Multiclimatizator and Quadcopter

Presented by: Irakli Kapanadze and Karlo Khutsishvili

Georgia - Physics


Project: The Way to the Space

Presented by: Guram Otinashvili and Gaioz Sauri

Germany - Chemistry


Project: Power to gas - an alternative approach

Presented by: Jakob Dichgans, Daniel Riesterer and Lumen Haendler

Germany - Computing


Project: Statistical modeling of volume-scattered light

Presented by: Lukas Stockner

Germany - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Renewables to green olefins

Presented by: Levin Winzinger, Larissa Roth and Felicitas Kapla

Germany - Physics


Project: Monopod - Physics and the tipping point

Presented by: Anselm Freiherr von Wangenheim

Hungary - Computing


Project: Gyromouse

Presented by: Bence Tóth and Dániel Kecskés

Hungary - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: A new, energy efficient method for optimizing the environment of cultivated plants in the greenhouse

Presented by: Viktor Terék

Hungary - Medicine


Project: Building blood vessel-like structures using stem cell derived endothelial cells

Presented by: Szilvia Király

Hungary - Physics


Project: Detecting particles with TPC detector

Presented by: Péter Pázmándi

Iceland - Biology


Project: The effects of volcanic ash on vegetation

Presented by: Súsanna Guðmundsdóttir and Kristín Þorsteinsdóttir

Iceland - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Örn Bjartmars Ólafsson

Presented by: Örn Ólafsson

Ireland - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Injury Increasing Crop Yields

Presented by: Mark O'Dowd

Ireland - Social Sciences


Project: Alcohol consumption: Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Presented by: Eimear Murphy and Ian O'Sullivan

Israel - Biology


Project: The structure of the large ribosomal subunit of Deinococcus radiodurans in complex with different antibiotics

Presented by: Avner Okun and Ori Lavi

Israel - Computing


Project: ImproApp – an Application that Transforms Live Music into Sheet Music

Presented by: Nadav Shalev and Roi Gil

Israel - Mathematics


Project: Counting Horizontally Convex Polyhexes and Polyamonds

Presented by: Guy Shtotland

Italy - Chemistry


Project: Metals - Catchers: "A banana a day keeps the heavy metals away"

Presented by: Alvaro Maggio

Italy - Engineering


Project: BOpHIS - Buoy for the measurement of pH by ISFET technology

Presented by: Thomas Alt, Alessandro Roccaforte and Sofia Srebotuyak

Italy - Environment


Project: Davide Carboni and Alessandro Carra

Presented by: iBin: A "smart" bin to separate waste collection

Italy - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Photosynthesized sugar partition and improvement in the plant production quality: use of a fluorescent tracer

Presented by: Fabio Bronzin, Matteo Cividino and Lorenzo Marano

Latvia - Chemistry


Project: Stereoselective synthesis of 2`-Deoxy-β-ribonucleosides

Presented by: Nikita Sergejevs

Latvia - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Jerusalem artichoke juice fermentation by non-conventional yeasts

Presented by: Valts Krumins

Latvia - Mathematics


Project: Groups and polyomino tilings

Presented by: Olga Rogozhenko

Latvia - Physics


Project: Hydrogen storage and ion-exchange capability un modified NaA, NaX, clinoptilolite zeolites

Presented by: Amanda Dolga and Ingars Lukosevics

Lithuania - Biology


Project: Herbal Extracts to Control Granary Weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.)

Presented by: Gabrielė Bumbulytė and Lukas Petreikis

Lithuania - Engineering


Project: Inhibition of mould growth by environmentally friendly factors

Presented by: Ligija Andrijauskaitė and Karolis Šikšnys

Lithuania - Environment


Project: Scented pelargonium against horse-chestnut leaf miners

Presented by: Greta Patkauskaitė

Lithuania - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Winter Rape Germination and Growth Control Using Sound

Presented by: Simonas Pranys and Pijus Žagrakalys

Luxembourg - Biology


Project: Do electrostatic fields influence organisms?

Presented by: Alexandra Heuschling and Jennifer Servé

Malta - Biology


Project: An in vitro study to measure the antioxidant activity of complex phytonutrients

Presented by: Jessica Bonnici and Nicole Grech Flores

Malta - Chemistry


Project: Removal of Cell Receptor Specific Precursor B-cell Lymphoblasts from Whole Blood through Electromagnetic Filtration Therapy by Metalloprotein Cell Surface Attachment

Presented by: Laura Farrugia and Gabriel Tabone

Malta - Medicine


Project: Effect of protease inhibitors from apples to prevent asthma in affected patients

Presented by: Enrico Zammit Lonardelli

New Zealand - Environment


Project: To Graze or Not to Graze

Presented by: Timothy Logan

Norway - Physics


Project: Modelling Coupled Metronome Systems; an Application of the Kuramoto Model

Presented by: Peter Dougherty

Norway - Social Sciences


Project: How far were the conditions of female prisons in Spain a result of Franco's political aims or the ideological influence by the Catholic Church in 1940-50?

Presented by: Blanca Yáñez Serrano

Poland - Environment


Project: Research of the relationship between temperature anomaly on Earth and chosen parameters of solar activity

Presented by: Paulina Drożak

Poland - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: The influence of essential oils on selected bacteria and fungi microorganisms as to verify their potential as plant and food protection specificities

Presented by: Sara Berent

Poland - Medicine


Project: Origami BioBandage - mathematically described multipotential bioimplant based on polymeric nanomaterial modified by hydroxyapatite and stem cells

Presented by: Dominika Bakalarz and Joanna Jurek

Poland - Physics


Project: The studies of behaviour of single and coupled on-off type oscillators on the example of bottle oscillators

Presented by: Michał Bączyk and Paweł Czyż

Portugal - Biology


Project: Food Additives: (cyto)toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster

Presented by: Bárbara Alves, Núria Santos and Pedro Poças

Portugal - Chemistry


Project: Decrease in chromium concentration as a result of the bioadsorption by Sacharomices cerevisiae

Presented by: Francisco Santos Lima Geraldes Barba, João Roberto Martins and Sara dos Santos Pinheiro

Portugal - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Lipids on the run!

Presented by: Carolina Matos, Dora Mendes and Laura Serralheiro

Russia - Computing


Project: LigoDrive: portable wireless NAS

Presented by: Aleksandr Lukianov

Russia - Environment


Project: Successions of vegetation and recultivation of the anthropogenically changed landscapes in neighborhoods of the Krasnoye settlement and in the Nenets State Nature Reserve, 2013-2014

Presented by: Polina Ledkova

Russia - Physics


Project: Muon telescope

Presented by: Artem Vasilyev

Slovakia - Medicine


Project: Incidence and spread of trichina spiral / Trichinella spiralis / in selected animals in Presov and Sabinov

Presented by: Barbora Fedorková

Slovenia - Chemistry


Project: Development and application of the reaction system based on chemiluminiscence for forensic applications

Presented by: Nik Kajtna

Slovenia - Environment


Project: Pyrolysis of organic waste materials

Presented by: Nik Dobnikar

South Korea - Materials


Project: Basic study for applications and physical properties change by surface treatment of the magnesium alloy (AZ31)

Presented by: Gumin Kang and Junhyeok Lim

South Korea - Mathematics


Project: Asymptotic Properties of the Additive Nonbase

Presented by: Ikhan Choi and Juno Seong

Spain - Chemistry


Project: Corrosion on metallic alloys in a sodium choride solution

Presented by: Carmen Aragonés Román, Isabel María Márquez Palomo and Sandra Moreno Cardosa

Spain - Social Sciences


Project: Am I happy? A research about stated happiness or subjective well-being of young people in Molina de Segura (Murcia, Spain): Who is happier, boys or girls?

Presented by: María del Pilar Vicente Nicolás and Samah Sadir

Sweden - Biology


Project: Lysande och oljebildande proteiner för en bättre framtid

Presented by: Sofia Björkman and Amanda Olsson

Sweden - Medicine


Project: The Effect of Selenite and Selenium-Methylselenocyste

Presented by: Klara Kiselman and Ulrika Wennberg

Switzerland - Computing


Project: Controlling a swarm of robots by sight using electroencephalography

Presented by: Luca Mondada

Switzerland - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Natural arsenic poisoning? Decontamination of spring waters using superparamagnetic particles!

Presented by: Nency Domingues and Robert Barbaric

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Analysis and visualisation of space-time models

Presented by: Barbara Roos

Switzerland - Social Sciences


Project: The tinfoil crackled: How students in Mussolini's Italy were indoctrinated. Organisation, methods, content

Presented by: Giorgio Scherrer

Turkey - Chemistry


Project: Development of a Novel Radiation Shielding Material

Presented by: Harun Yaşar Kivril and Tahsin Elmas

Turkey - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: The usage of the faeces of household-waste-fed snails as fertilizer and for vegetation efficiency

Presented by: Umut Poyraz and Özay Öztürk

Turkey - Mathematics


Project: From the Fibonacci to the Lucas

Presented by: Zeynep Orhan and Yavuz Selim Akpinar

Turkey - Physics


Project: Generation of Artificial Gravity by Using Electrostatic Force for Prevention of Muscle Atrophy and Osteoporosis Occurring in Gravity-Free Environment

Presented by: Baris Gürses

Ukraine - Engineering


Project: Study of the dynamics of physical parameters defining the degree of watermelon ripeness

Presented by: Dmytro Humeniuk

United Kingdom - Food - EXPO 2015


Project: Reducing Acrylamide Content in Wheat Using Genetic Modification

Presented by: Ellen Piercy

United Kingdom - Medicine


Project: Understanding Lubiprostone's mechanism of action to examine whether it can be prescribed to cystic fibrosis patients

Presented by: Sarah Sobka

USA (Thailand) - Biology


Project: Alternative method for Silk Sheath Production Developed from Observation of Spinning Behavior of Silkworms

Presented by: Thananon Hiranwanichchakorn, Nattapong Chueasiritaworn and Sutthiluk Rakdee

USA - Mathematics


Project: On the Stability and Algebraicity of Algebraic K-theory

Presented by: Sanath Devalapurkar



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