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Warsaw 2014—Photos of contestants

The 26th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Chemistry


Project: Phosphor Cycle - A sci-fi fairytale

Presented by: Simon Moll, Dominik Dörler and Hanna Weiss

Austria - Computing


Project: LockShare - Crowd Storage for All - Cool sharing

Presented by: Benjamin Soura

Austria - Engineering


Project: Power4Glider - I got the power

Presented by: Julian Prikril and Mario Steiner

Belarus - Environment


Project: Bioconversion of chicken manure into the biomass of microalgae

Presented by: Ilya Novoselskiy

Belarus - Mathematics


Project: Continued Fractions and Euclidean Algorithm in Norm Unique Factorization Domain

Presented by: Nikita Kondratyonok

Belarus - Physics


Project: Song of electric arc

Presented by: Aleksander Konikov

Bulgaria - Computing


Project: Genetic Algorithms for FOREX Trading

Presented by: Marin Shalamanov and Vasil Vasilev

Bulgaria - Mathematics


Project: Hamming Distance of Polynomials over GF(2)

Presented by: Petar, Gaydarov

Bulgaria - Physics


Project: Sound Produced by Heated Water

Presented by: Grigori Matein

Canada - Engineering


Project: Picture This!: A Novel Approach to Limb Donor Identification and Prosthetic Design

Presented by: Daniel McInnis

China - Engineering


Project: The remote-controlled security alarm system for family

Presented by: Zi Lin

China - Materials


Project: Synthesis of carbon-coated TiO2 nanomaterial and its application in photocatalyst

Presented by: Shuhe Hu

China - Physics


Project: Vibration Monitoring and Fracture Early Warning of Wind Blades

Presented by: Zhezhou Li

Czech Republic - Computing



Presented by: Vojtěch Boček

Czech Republic - Mathematics


Project: Simson-Wallace Theorem and Its Generalizations

Presented by: Emil Skříšovský

Czech Republic - Physics


Project: Rolling Friction

Presented by: Luboš Vozdecký

Denmark - Biology


Project: Eradication of a Nicotine Addiction

Presented by: Christian Sindrup

Denmark - Engineering


Project: A functional, inexpensive bionic hand with feelings

Presented by: Emil Bülow Pedersen

Estonia - Chemistry


Project: Using computer generated exercises for teaching chemistry calculations in lower-secondary school

Presented by: Anna Katt

Estonia - Environment


Project: The Coastline of Aegna Island and Its Changes 1900-2012

Presented by: Sander Varbla

Estonia - Medicine


Project: Characterization Of Virus-Like Particles Pseudotyped With Influenza Virus Antigens

Presented by: Tatjana Punger

European Schools - Engineering


Project: Project Eclipse: A solution to sun dazzling

Presented by: Jacopo Di Matteo

Finland - Medicine


Project: How do varying concentrations of caffeine affect on selected human genes?

Presented by: Maura Kere

France - Mathematics


Project: The Dobble

Presented by: Emeline Berlendis and Nadège Chojnacki

France - Physics


Project: Can we make a microscope slide sing ?

Presented by: Audrey Himmer

Georgia - Engineering


Project: The smart speed bump

Presented by: Giorgi Tchelidze and Daviti Chkheidze

Georgia - Environment


Project: Application of novel molecular typing tools for anthrax strains isolated in the country of Georgia

Presented by: Salome Javashvili and Ekaterine Mgebrishvili

Georgia - Physics


Project: Cracked egg detection

Presented by: Nika Alavidze

Germany - Biology


Project: Microbial helpers of the energy revolution

Presented by: Adrian Huck,Daniel Heid and Rafael Quadbeck

Germany - Engineering


Project: Hexapod

Presented by: Philipp Mandler, Anselm Dewald and Robin Braun

Hungary - Chemistry


Project: Research of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Composites’ photochemical properties

Presented by: Szabolcs Rozsnyik

Hungary - Engineering


Project: apaBoard

Presented by: Bálint Broscautanu-Kiss

Hungary - Physics


Project: Electrically controlled levitating minicar

Presented by: Péter Németh

Iceland - Engineering


Project: The Tangle

Presented by: Hinrk Helgason

Ireland - Mathematics


Project: Contributions to cyclic graph theory

Presented by: Paul Clarke

Israel - Biology


Project: Common Cancer Mutations Grant Cells Apoptotic Resistance

Presented by: Rotem Mayo

Israel - Computing


Project: A Simultaneous System Translating Speech into Sign Language

Presented by: Dana Rimon,Omer Mori and Ophir Hemo

Israel - Social Sciences


Project: Between Ideology and Norms of Translation: The Case of Yonatan Ratosh

Presented by: Yarden Lichterman

Italy - Environment


Project: Pollution of soil: guide to treatment

Presented by: Maddalena Bucchi,Federico Buttò and Maria Veronica Di Lenardo

Italy - Medicine


Project: A new method for the diagnosis of Enterobius vermicularis infestation

Presented by: Domenico Parigino, Francesco Antonio Tucci and Antonio Pio Di Virgilio

Latvia - Computing


Project: Using Vehicle Vibration Data for Automatic Road Surface Irregularities Identification

Presented by: Rita Dubovska

Latvia - Engineering


Project: Synthesis of sulphate-ion-substituted tricalcium phosphate -new and improved material for bone grafting

Presented by: Katrina Neiburga

Latvia - Physics


Project: Optical device for measuring light properties in an unusual way

Presented by: Valdis Mizers

Lithuania - Biology


Project: Flowering Apple Tree in a Test Tube

Presented by: Matas, Navickas

Lithuania - Environment


Project: Natural Implements to Control Bee Mite Infestation

Presented by: Violeta Kalasinskaite and Monika Orlovaite

Luxembourg - Biology


Project: The use of plant extracts as natural preservative in apple juice

Presented by: Rebecca Klapp and Elise Meys

Malta - Environment


Project: Noise Pollution, Finding a Solution

Presented by: Benjamin Crisp, Andrew Thake and Matteo Sammut

Malta - Physics


Project: Urban Hydroelectric Power

Presented by: Sara Lee Bonavia and Sean Mallia

New Zealand - Chemistry


Project: You've got mushrooms

Presented by: Thomas Morgan

Norway - Physics


Project: Investigating "pumping", a technique applied in skateboarding quarter pipes

Presented by: Sander Coates

Poland - Biology


Project: The huge importance of small insects - research about bumblebees

Presented by: Monika Leończyk

Poland - Physics


Project: How to force photons to go into fibers?

Presented by: Jerzy Szuniewicz

Poland - Social Sciences


Project: The minority and endangered ethnolect wymysiöeryś (Wymysorys) and some considerations of its language contacts

Presented by: Andrzej Żak

Portugal - Biology


Project: Smart Snails

Presented by: Mariana Garcia and Matilde Moreira da Silva

Portugal - Mathematics


Project: A natural characterization of semilattices of rectangular bands and groups of exponent two

Presented by: João Estácio Gaspar Gonçalves de Araújo

Portugal - Medicine


Project: Iodine Availability and thyroid morphological alterations

Presented by: Anna Hormann, Cândida Medeiros, Tânia Santos

Slovakia - Biology


Project: Aging Research in Yeast

Presented by: Lukáš Janošík

Slovakia - Physics


Project: Observation and Modeling of Planetary Nebulae Spectra

Presented by: Jakub Šalko

Slovenia - Chemistry


Project: Self-cleaning fabrics based on nanocovers

Presented by: Aleš Zupančič

Slovenia - Computing


Project: Thermosublimation Device

Presented by: Lovro Metikoš and Luka Lešnik

South Korea - Mathematics


Project: Research on generating and proving inequalities through intermediation to fundamental symmetric polynomials

Presented by: Eunha Beak and Jeongmin Park

South Korea - Social Sciences


Project: Investigating Mathematical Nature of Korean Traditional Music

Presented by: Jiyoon Kim

Spain - Mathematics


Project: Fiboseries

Presented by: Marc Ranchal Caselles

Spain - Physics


Project: Astronomical Model

Presented by: Sergio Hernandez Cuenca

Spain - Social Sciences


Project: Learning Spanish as a foreign language

Presented by: Aina Guijarro Baude

Sweden - Physics


Project: Quantum Mechanical Currents

Presented by: Felix Tellander and Johan Ulander

Switzerland - Mathematics


Project: Metamorphs

Presented by: Viviane Kehl

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Jet and Film

Presented by: Eric Schertenleib

Switzerland - Social Sciences


Project: Moral Attitudes – Differences between Women and Men

Presented by: Camill Oberhausser

Turkey - Biology


Project: Cure for Breast Cancer: Artemisia dracunculus and Hibiscus sabdariffa

Presented by: Güner Yenal

Turkey - Mathematics


Project: A New Approach to Geometric Inequalities

Presented by: Osman Akar and Emre Girgin

Turkey - Social Sciences


Project: Persistence in the first decision

Presented by: İpek Ünlü and Selma Güneş Hasgören

Ukraine - Mathematics


Project: Uniquely constructed figures on the spheres

Presented by: Anna Krymova

United Kingdom - Medicine


Project: pHLIP? Beacon of hope

Presented by: Ameeta Kumar and Aneeta Kumar

USA - Computing


Project: A new optical computing method with combination of colored lights realizing balanced ternary computation

Presented by: Yue Yao

USA - Environment


Project: Bio-Waste Materials as Eco-Friendly Mordant in Fabric Dye Process

Presented by: Faye Jong Sow Fei

USA - Physics


Project: Increase in Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Ocean Subsurface Warming in the Western North Pacific Ocean

Presented by: Yu-Hsin Chen

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

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