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Prague 2013—Photos of contestants

The 25th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Computing


Project: Variable Neighborhood Search for the Partition Graph Coloring Problem

Presented by: Lorenz Leutgeb, Moritz Wanzenböck

Austria - Engineering


Project: Anastomose Robot Tool - ART

Presented by: Thomas Steinlechner, Yuki Trippel, Dominik Kovacs

Belarus - Computing


Project: Algorithms for generating trees

Presented by: Uladzislau Paulovich

Belarus - Mathematics


Project: Percolation games on Cayley graphs of groups

Presented by: Maksim Bezrukov, Aliaksandr Stadolnik

Belarus - Physics


Project: How to create a supercondenser: the practical usage of the concept of the double electric layer

Presented by: Raman Paliakou

Belgium - Biology


Project: Plants in agarose gel

Presented by: Jasper D'eer, Jonas Borgmans

Bulgaria - Computing


Project: DeafTalk – analysis and recognition of human gestures

Presented by: Nikolay Nikolov Dakov

Bulgaria - Engineering


Project: Dynamic Road Conditioning Network

Presented by: Hristo Svetoslavov Staykov

Bulgaria - Medicine


Project: Research on the fungicidal Activity of Silver-Nanoparticles embedded into hybrid materials

Presented by: Ekaterina Yordanova Latinova

Canada - Medicine


Project: Mustard Oil as an Apicomplexan-targeting Drug Therapy for Plasmodium falciparum

Presented by: Jessie MacAlpine

China - Engineering


Project: An Innovative Zipper Puller

Presented by: KaiZheng Li

China - Environment


Project: Identification and Screening of lignin- degrading Fungi of Inscribed Bamboo Tablets of Wu Kingdom and the Application in Treatment of Papermaking Blake Liquor

Presented by: Qinying Yi

China - Environment


Project: The Ecological Benefits from Intercropping Bioenergy Plant (Switchgrass) and Grain Crop (Maize)

Presented by: Yuelin Wang

Czech Republic - Biology


Project: Ocurrence of Branchiobdellid worms (Annelida: Branchiobdellidae) on the stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torretium) in the south-west part of the Czech Republic

Presented by: Kateřina Fialová, Klára Nováková

Czech Republic - Computing


Project: Connection Between Optimization Programs and Quantum Chemical Software Packages: Its Use in Exploring Hypersurface of Potential Energy

Presented by: Lukáš Červenka

Czech Republic - Physics


Project: Determining parameters of extrasolar systems from CCD photometry of their transits

Presented by: Michal Vyvlečka

Denmark - Chemistry


Project: Astrobiology: to what extent can life-supporting amino acids form on cosmic dust?

Presented by: Alexander Munshi Mørch

Denmark - Engineering


Project: Quantification of the effect of contamination in lithium-air batteries

Presented by: Emilia Wódzka

Denmark - Physics


Project: The Astronomical Unit and the Venus passage

Presented by: Martin Ryberg Sørensen

Egypt - Engineering


Project: Innovative an inexpensive, riskless and proper device that help deaf people to communicate with normals through visualizing the sound

Presented by: Aly bdelfatah Seisa

Egypt - Engineering


Project: Prevention of Aircraft Fall by Using Helium Gas

Presented by: Mohamed Alaaeldin Mohamed

Estonia - Chemistry


Project: Polymer coating PolyE-323 for capillary electrophoresis of compound lipids

Presented by: Kristiin Resik

Estonia - Environment


Project: Analysis of the aquatic humic substances in Lake Harku using high pressure liquid chromatography

Presented by: Mari Liis Pedak

Estonia - Social sciences


Project: Estonian High School Students’ Attitude Towards Global Problems and Change of Perception between 1991 and 2012

Presented by: Martin Talvik

European Schools - Engineering


Project: Submergible Energy Apparatus – Linearly Extending Generator

Presented by: Alexander Heron Thanos

Finland - Mathematics


Project: Map Coloring - Finding the Number of Colorings of Maps Colorable with Four Colors

Presented by: Samuli Kristian Thomasson, Eero-Pekka Johannes Räty

Finland - Social sciences


Project: Music A' Clock

Presented by: Perttu Aku Anttoni Pölönen

France - Engineering


Project: The chameleon robot

Presented by: Benjamin Michaël Georges Lazard, Adrielle Laury Rakotomalala, Aymeric Stéphane Jacquin

France - Mathematics


Project: Constant diameter sets and their applications

Presented by: Fabian Rainouard, Margaux Le Brun

Georgia - Engineering


Project: Autonomic accumulator charging device

Presented by: Guram Beraia

Georgia - Mathematics


Project: Space diagonal equation of perfect cuboids

Presented by: Ketevan Topchishvili

Georgia - Physics


Project: Lightning in the Rainy Window/A water curtain functioning as an air ionizer combining Kelvin dropper and Van-de-Graaf generator in a single device

Presented by: Temur Chichua

Germany - Chemistry


Project: Preparation of Electrically Conductive Carbon Layers by Chemical Converting Graphene Oxide

Presented by: Michael Laue

Germany - Computing


Project: FreeGeo – the world's first dynamic Android mathematics system app

Presented by: Lennart Julian Kleinwort

Germany - Physics


Project: Measuring water waves

Presented by: Daniel Pflueger

Hungary - Computing


Project: PictoVerb – Giving Everyone a Voice

Presented by: Balázs Péter Zsombori

Hungary - Engineering


Project: Poker robot

Presented by: Donát Sándor Hegyesi

Hungary - Medicine


Project: How can protein networks help the design of drugs having less side effects?

Presented by: Áron Ricardo Perez-Lopez

Ireland - Biology


Project: A statistical investigation of the effects of diazotroph bacteria on plant germination

Presented by: Emer Frances Hickey, Ciara Elizabeth Judge, Sophie Healy-Thow

Israel - Computing


Project: Improving Paralyzed Functional Independence using Brainwaves Signals

Presented by: Idan Dinovetsky, Bar Hickri, Ziv Boguslavsky

Israel - Physics


Project: Structural Defects with Trapped Ions in Multiple Traps

Presented by: Victor Isarov

Italy - Computing


Project: nanoWebGIS

Presented by: Violetta Toto, Emilio Dorigatti

Italy - Physics


Project: Low cost equipment for the physics laboratory

Presented by: Luca Maria Colombo Gomez, Gionata Pandini, Daniele Maggioli

Latvia - Biology


Project: Sequencing of LEPREL1 Gene in Myopic Patient Family

Presented by: Jekabs Fridmanis

Latvia - Engineering


Project: Energy harvesting with piezoelectric materials

Presented by: Edgars Viziņš

Latvia - Physics


Project: Spatial location of carbon stars in Galaxy and in H-R diagramm

Presented by: Agnese Lice

Lithuania - Biology


Project: Daylily (Hemerocallis L.). A New Method of Breeding and Cultivation

Presented by: Edvinas Misiukevičius

Lithuania - Environment


Project: The sawdust filter to clean water from Pb(II) ions

Presented by: Eglė Stonkutė, Akvilė Gintautaitė

Lithuania - Medicine


Project: Does the knee joint degeneration is predetermined by the shape of patella?

Presented by: Agnė Gudaitė

Luxembourg - Engineering


Project: Development of an anthropomorphic robot hand

Presented by: Joé Aloyse Hoffmann, Ben Weber, Patrick Lux

Luxembourg - Physics


Project: UV-Light

Presented by: Florian Christian Maly, Mika Schmit, Daniela Nicoleta Ilie

Malta - Physics


Project: Switch Off, Unplug, Save!

Presented by: Joachim Johann Zammit, Matthew Ben Attard

New Zealand - Medicine


Project: Locus of the focus

Presented by: Hannah Wai Yin Ng

Norway - Physics


Project: Factors That Affect the Accuracy of 3-Dimensional Acoustic Locating for Sound Emitting Objects.

Presented by: Maria Zakharova

Poland - Biology


Project: Honey bee's (Apis mellifera L.) foraging range based on panlynological analisis of the composition of its pollen loads

Presented by: Arkadiusz Jankiewicz

Poland - Mathematics


Project: Invariants of Finite Metric Spaces

Presented by: Aleksander Horawa

Poland - Physics


Project: Studies of the applicability of CMOS and CCD sensors for detection, dosimetry and mapping of alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray and proton beams

Presented by: Rafał Tomasz Kozik, Michał Gumiela

Portugal - Medicine


Project: SmartKIT

Presented by: Jéssica Félix Marques, Jessica Filipa Rodrigues Santos, Soraia Amorim Gaspar

Portugal - Physics


Project: Determination of the temperature and spectral classification of stars: an experiment in astrophysics

Presented by: Sofia Moura Guedes da Silva Fernandes, Pedro Antunes Oliveira, Ana Sofia Monteiro de Figueiredo Lopes

Russia - Engineering


Project: A New Approach to Studying Cloud Technologies in Robotics

Presented by: Dmitrii Sukhotckii

Russia - Engineering


Project: Hardware-software navigation devices for blind people

Presented by: Pavel Kurbatskiy

Russia - Environment


Project: The results of the integrated research of the natural and anthropogenic landscape of Island Medvezhi (the Poria Bay, the White Sea, 2010 – 2012)

Presented by: Vilena Savinova

Slovakia - Biology


Project: Molecular aspects of nitrogen excess on wheat plants in the vegetative stage

Presented by: Martin Sarker

Slovakia - Medicine


Project: Aspirin and salicylic acid in the combination with inhibition of PI3K promote cell death in malignant melanoma

Presented by: Emília Petríková

Slovakia - Social sciences


Project: The influence of the economic crisis brought up in 2008 on progressive economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China

Presented by: Peter Kicko

Slovenia - Environment


Project: Ozonation process as a suitable method for degradation of wastewater from hair-dresser salons

Presented by: Tilen Komel, Jure Fabjan

Slovenia - Medicine


Project: Extraction of arsenic and its metabolites after ingestion of contaminated mineral water

Presented by: Marko Stručić

South Korea - Chemistry


Project: Development of Red-Fluorescent Materials using POSS-Hybrid

Presented by: Hye Min Choi

South Korea - Engineering


Project: Utilization of Korean Traditional Flower Pattern on a Double Soundproofing Screen

Presented by: Ye-lim Shin, Nayoon Yoo, Bokyung Kim

South Korea - Environment


Project: The Recycle of Abandoned Silk Selvage as a Silk Paper

Presented by: So Hyun Park, Junsu Kwon

Spain - Engineering


Project: The energy of the future: Microbials Fuell Cells

Presented by: Álvaro Mingote Lladó, Gonzalo Maortua Langdon, Jaime Fernández de Santaella Sunyer

Spain - Environment


Project: Glaciers: an endangered wonder. Study of the retreat of glaciers in Europe.

Presented by: Anna Olivé Abelló

Spain - Social sciences


Project: Aranese and Gardiol: phonetic study about two poles of the Occitan language.

Presented by: Roger Ferran i Baños

Sweden - Engineering


Project: PROOF - the waterproof PET-roof

Presented by: Johanna Maria Elisabeth Janebäck, Anton Emanuel Olsson, Moa Linnea Berglund

Switzerland - Engineering


Project: Autonomous Arduino-based recirculation of radiosounds

Presented by: Alex Hönger, Nicolas Mesot

Switzerland - Mathematics


Project: LSLLSLSLLSLLSLS – Modern Mathematics in Islamic Mosaics

Presented by: Jasmin Allenspach

Switzerland - Medicine


Project: Impregnation of hydroxyapatite with growth factors for the osteogenesis

Presented by: Lucia Ronchetti, Mila Roncoroni, Lisa Corti

Turkey - Biology


Project: The effect of ankaferd and L-carnitine on angiogenesis in chorioallontoic membrane (CAM)

Presented by: Nur Sena Uzunay, Mert Ruşen Gülşen

Turkey - Chemistry


Project: Illumination of cancer cells by fluorescent carbon nanotubes

Presented by: Ege Salma, Ecem Eker

Turkey - Computing


Project: A web based interpreter Rhodeus-Script

Presented by: Talha Zekeriya Durmuş

Ukraine - Computing


Project: Researching semistructured problems of multicriteria optimization using the software system

Presented by: Roman Trygub

United Kingdom - Engineering


Project: Genetics at home: Building a PCR machine and other equipment for setting up a home genetics lab

Presented by: Frederick Edward Turner

USA - Engineering


Project: A noval modular repulsive type hybrid magnetic bearing for FES systems

Presented by: Zeyu Liu

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant