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Bratislava 2012—Photos of contestants

The 24th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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Press release with details of all prizewinners

To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Biology


Project: ICA-Method

Presented by: Lucas Sulzberger and Robert Gautsch

Austria - Engineering


Project: Cam Guard

Presented by: Philip Huprich, Manuel Scheipner and Daniel Zindl

Belarus - Computing


Project: Development of hardware and software complex for the formation of three-dimensional image

Presented by: Pavel Litvinka

Belarus - Engineering


Project: Color Coordinates Determination with the Help of Chromacity Identification Board 

Presented by: Uladzimir  Kuznichenkau and Ilya Tsedryk

Belarus - Mathematics


Project: The probability of generating the symmetric group with a commutator condition

Presented by: Raman Birulia

Bulgaria - Computing


Project: Relate2Spot

Presented by: Dimitar Vuldzhev and Ivan  Stefanov

Bulgaria - Engineering


Project: ModernSteward

Presented by: Lyubomir Yanchev and Hristo Stoyanov

Bulgaria - Mathematics


Project: Elliptic Arbelos

Presented by: Prolet Lazarova

Canada - Environment


Project: Euglena: The Solution to Nanosilver Pollution

Presented by: Adam Noble

China - Engineering


Project: Double braking prevent fall back and rollover multifunction walking frame

Presented by: Bocheng Song

China - Mathematics


Project: Heron Triangles and Perfect Cuboids

Presented by: Zeen Huo

Czech Republic - Chemistry


Project: Monitoring of the Molecular Basis of Drug Abuse

Presented by: Eliška Zlámalová

Czech Republic - Engineering


Project: Visually Programmable Mobile Controller for Personal Automation

Presented by: Adam Heinrich

Czech Republic - Mathematics


Project: Rigid Body Statics in Geometry

Presented by: Martin Bucháček

Denmark - Mathematics


Project: Applications of Dirichlet series

Presented by: Asbjørn Nordentoft

Estonia - Biology


Project: Study on Nuclear Transport Mechanisms of Neurl1 Protein

Presented by: Jaan Toots

Estonia - Chemistry


Project: The chemoenzymatic synthesis of lithocholic acid conjugates and their influence on the activity of Candida rugosa lipase

Presented by: Karl-Sander Erss

Estonia - Social Science


Project: The relationships between academic achievements and happiness among students in secondary education

Presented by: Anna Punab

European Schools - Engineering


Project: M.O.B. Light: A new Development

Presented by: Alvaro Vela, Enrique Galceran Garcia and Leyre García

Finland - Environment


Project: Owl´s Prey Detection In The Vicinity Of A Highway

Presented by: Kiira Saarela

France - Engineering


Project: Hexapedal Robot

Presented by: Céline Lay, Fanny Risbourg and Ophélia Bolmin

France - Physics


Project: Diving into the invisible or how to characterize matter

Presented by: Damien Toussaint, Yohann Roiron and Charlie Leprince

Georgia - Mathematics


Project: New Method of Construction of Congruum Solutions

Presented by: Tsotne Mamalashvili and Beka Chkhartishvili

Georgia - Physics


Project: Modernization of the Electro-Magnetic Launcher

Presented by: Alexander Barnaveli

Germany - Chemistry


Project: Electrolytic Raffination of Hydrogen

Presented by: Alexander Emhart

Germany - Computing


Project: Information Technology for a Feedback Control

Presented by: Jan Rapp and Timo  Schmetzer

Germany - Physics


Project: Darkfield Contrast Microscope

Presented by: Timm Piper

Greece - Engineering


Project: Device which enhances and supports the movement of the human palm

Presented by: Charalampos Ioannou

Hungary - Computing


Project: Depth psychology of error messages

Presented by: Balázs Ludmány

Hungary - Engineering


Project: Resonantial-cone loudspeaker with neodym magnet

Presented by: Gergely Papp

Hungary - Physics


Project: Optical seismograph

Presented by: Ádám Hollós

Ireland - Physics


Project: Simulation accuracy in the gravitational many-body problem

Presented by: Mark Kelly and Eric Doyle

Israel - Engineering


Project: Remote Sensing of Medical Parameters by Laser Illumination

Presented by: Roy Tal Yosef

Israel - Physics


Project: Water crystallization kinetics in porous media

Presented by: Alfarook Abu Alhassan

Israel - Social Science


Project: Magic Amulet Ts K1.165 From the Cairo Genizah – Introduction, Scientific Edition and Explanation

Presented by: Amit Shafran

Italy - Biology


Project: A new protocol for the diagnosis of GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumours (GISTs) and non GISTs

Presented by: Ilaria Furlan, Sebastian Gregoricchio and Anastasia Moravskaya

Italy - Engineering


Project: Break system with non-Newtonian fluid

Presented by: Giulio Favaro

Italy - Engineering


Project: CNC milling machine 

Presented by: Luca Passerini and Michele Simoncelli

Latvia - Biology


Project: A new quantitative method of collecting of tardigrades and its testing with a short-term study of population dynamics in the moss Leucodon sciuroides

Presented by: Andis Ozoliņš and Lāsma Purina

Latvia - Computing


Project: Study of Cellular Automata on Orthogonal and Hexagonal Fields

Presented by: Vitālijs Brejevs and Maksims  Sokolovs

Latvia - Physics


Project: The creation of a MHD generator and the improvement of its efficiency for wave power harvesting in the Baltic Sea

Presented by: Jāzeps Rutkis and Toms Dreiže

Lithuania - Biology


Project: Mobile phones and bacteria Bacillus subtilis

Presented by: Airidas Žukauskas

Lithuania - Biology


Project: Magnetic field and cryogenic water for plant growth  

Presented by: Miglė Radžvilaitė and Edvinas Černauskas

Lithuania - Physics


Project: Survival of Star Clusters in Our Galaxy

Presented by: Motiejus Valiūnas and Gabija Maršalkaitė

Luxembourg - Biology


Project: Physiological analysis of various stimuli on Paramecium caudatum

Presented by: Amandine Meisch, Nora Schroeder and Nora Schmit

Luxembourg - Chemistry


Project: The Myth of Chocolate

Presented by: Anouk Ewen, Myriam Maitry and Romalea Hadzajliċ

Malta - Environment


Project: Anthropogenic contamination of surface water in selected areas of Malta

Presented by: Lucia Farrugia and Martha Zammit

New Zealand - Biology


Project: Eye Think

Presented by: Nuan -Ting Huang

Norway - Biology


Project: How forest degradation affects reptiles in a Madagascan spiny forest

Presented by: Elise Damstra

Poland - Biology


Project: Alternative pollination: influence of different ecosystems on the reproduction of red mason bee (Osmia rufa L.) on the example of a meadow, an orchard, a forest and an arboretum

Presented by: Anna Kuśnierczak

Poland - Chemistry


Project: Development of molecular patches therapy: trimethylguanosine cap analogues synthesis

Presented by: Jakub Nagrodzki

Poland - Social Science


Project: A general description of the Vilamovian female attire with particular focus on mourning and funerary garments

Presented by: Tymoteusz  Król

Portugal - Biology


Project: Flies on the Phone

Presented by: Armindo Fernandes, Mariana Santos and Ricardo Fernandes

Portugal - Environment


Project: Impact of invasive flora in riparian ecosystems in Odemira

Presented by: Daniel Ricardo Silva and Lúcia Filipa Martins

Russia - Computing


Project: Information system of educational institutions j-Journal

Presented by: Alexey Volkov

Russia - Environment


Project: The project ‘The fire-fighting robot EXPERT’

Presented by: Alexandra Luganskaya

Slovakia - Biology


Project: Biotechnological preparation of 2-phenylethanol by immobilized yeasts

Presented by: Rebecca Hassanová

Slovakia - Chemistry


Project: Synthesis of triazene compounds and their application in spectrophotometric determination of cadmium

Presented by: Peter Horváth

Slovenia - Biology


Project: TLR4 Protein as a Potential Vaccine for Melanoma

Presented by: Tim Prezelj

Slovenia - Engineering


Project: Wireless Safety Traffic Device

Presented by: Nejc Bombek and Rok Nemec

South Korea - Environment


Project: Research Of Natural Air Pollution Indicator

Presented by: Soon Woo Kwon

Spain - Chemistry


Project: Control of enzymatic browning. The most effective and innocuous inhibitory method of melanogenesys among food industry favorites

Presented by: Eva Martín del Pico

Spain - Social Science


Project: History Of A Bubble: Analysis of the Factors That Have Led to the Creation of the Property Bubble in Spain

Presented by: María Hita

Sweden - Engineering


Project: Project Millenium Falcon

Presented by: Nils Ygge

Sweden - Medicine


Project: Drivers, DJ7l5 och DJ695, the Effect of Amyloid Peptides

Presented by: Nils Anlind, Delawar Said and Linn Larsson

Switzerland - Chemistry


Project: Study of a metal micro-deposition process on natural microporous structures using chemical deposition from supercritical phases 

Presented by: Fabrice Roncoroni and Tiziano Schürch

Switzerland - Engineering


Project: Development, Construction, and Use of an Autonomous Drone for Measuring the Concentration of Gases in the Air

Presented by: Marc Kirsch

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Diffusion cloud chamber: The visible radioactivity

Presented by: Nevzet Khasanov

Turkey - Computing


Project: Developing an algorithm as to determining the closed area that traverses all the points with the shortest clustered circumference

Presented by: Kamil Toraman and Mustafa Yaldız

Turkey - Physics


Project: Determining the Thickness of Transparent Thin Layers in Digital Media By Means Of Double Slit Method

Presented by: Adem Noktacı and Sevcan Altundal

Turkey - Social Science


Project: Somebody is Watching Us (Evaluation of the Security Cameras in Schools in the Context of Surveillance Society)

Presented by: Mine Uçan and Miray Akbaş

Ukraine - Mathematics


Project: Digital signature systems on elliptic curves in the Edwards form

Presented by: Oleksandr Guryanov

Ukraine - Physics


Project: Research of electromagnetic interaction in some systems

Presented by: Roman Vydro

United Kingdom - Biology


Project: Mice and Worms: The New Supermodels?

Presented by: Maia Rowe-Sampson

United Kingdom - Materials


Project: Processing and Characterisation of SHS 7574 Nanosteel by Selective Laser Melting

Presented by: Helen Sheehan

United Kingdom - Physics


Project: Gravitational Lensing

Presented by: Thomas Myers

USA - Biology


Project: Towards the Cure: Abnormal Protein Interactions between Amyloid Beta and Tau as a Therapeutic Target for Alzheimer's Disease

Presented by: Raghav Tripathi

USA - Engineering


Project: Design and Creation of Small Wind-Powered Engines for Low-Wind Speeds Based on Magnus Effect

Presented by: Assiya Kussaiynova

USA - Environment


Project: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Target Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions on Lung Health Plus a Novel Risk Assessment Model to Predict their Effect on the Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR); and the Development of a New VOC Adsorption Filter

Presented by: Naomi Shah


photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant