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Helsinki 2011—Photos of contestants


The 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Biology


Project: Tastes are Different - Genes Too!

Presented by: Amin Kraiem, Eva Christine Schitter

Austria - Computing


Project: Air Vision

Presented by: Pavitter Josan, Gökhan Özdemir

Austria - Medicine


Project: Chromosomal Integration of HHV-1

Presented by: Barbara Schamberger, Kerstin Zimmer

Belarus - Physics


Project: The Composite Panel with Adjustable Acoustic Properties

Presented by: Viachaslau Murashka

Belarus - Physics


Project: The Composite Panel with Adjustable Acoustic Properties

Presented by: Michail Yekelchyk

Belgium - Physics


Project: Frostal

Presented by: Yoni Geerinck, Ruben Geerinck, Eline Meul

Bulgaria - Computing


Project: DriveFreeZ - Driving Simulator

Presented by: Georgi Atanasov, Georgi Georgiev, Kalina Petrova

Bulgaria - Mathematics


Project: Convex Sets Among Points in an Euclidean Space

Presented by: Rumen Dangovski

Bulgaria - Mathematics


Project: New Constructions Connected with Isogonal Conjugation. 'Isogonal' Triangles

Presented by: Anton Belev, Kaloyan Bukovski

Canada - Environment


Project: No Power, No Water, No Food, No Problem

Presented by: Sandra Dusolt

China - Biology


Project: The Efficient Selection of Antagonistic Bacteria of Pear Black Spot Disease and the Effect of Disease Prevention

Presented by: Ya Gao

China - Biology


Project: Production of Valuable Sialic Acid from Trashed Chalaza of Hen’S Egg with Sialidase Produced by Newly Isolated Strain LXS6

Presented by: Yulin An

China - Engineering


Project: Electronic Skateboarding Assistant

Presented by: Haoyang Fan

Czech Republic - Chemistry


Project: Synthesis and Testing of Tetramethyl[5]helquat

Presented by: Pavel Svec

Czech Republic - Computing


Project: warm Robotics Simulator

Presented by: Bedřich Said

Czech Republic - Mathematics


Project: Geometric Reconstructions of Gothic Monuments

Presented by: Tereza Konecná, David Majer, Martin Prchal

Denmark - Chemistry


Project: Enzymatic Browning in Bananas

Presented by: Pernille Neve Petersen

Denmark - Engineering


Project: Boltstrips

Presented by: Magnus Vestergaard Laursen, Morten Risom Nielsen, Frederik Lindekilde Rasmussen

Egypt - Environment


Project: Production of Hydrocarbon Fuel by Catalytic Cracking of High Density Polyethylene Wastes

Presented by: Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad

Egypt - Environment


Project: The Miracle of Living by Termites

Presented by: Ahmed Hassan

Egypt - Environment


Project: A Biofuel for the Poor

Presented by: Yomna Yasser Mohamed

Estonia - Biology


Project: The Abundance and Distribution of the Bristle Worm (Marenzelleria neglecta) and the Factors Influencing the Species in the Pärnu Bay Area

Presented by: Anna-Helena Saarso

Estonia - Environment


Project: Growth Potential of Short Rotation Willow Cuttings

Presented by: Uku-Laur Tali

Estonia - Physics


Project: Studies on Rail Vehicle Dynamics with Applications to Tramline Network

Presented by: Kees Vanamölder

European Schools - Physics


Project: Kite Based Wind Generation

Presented by: Stijn Hofstee, Danylo Matselyukh

Finland - Chemistry


Project: Comparison of Three Finnish Berries as Sensitizers in a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

Presented by: Jarkko Etula

France - Engineering


Project: How Can We Create a System Able to Solve a Rubik's Cube?

Presented by: Florentin Delaine, Joseph Gennetay, Jason Loyau

France - Physics


Project: The Boule De Fort

Presented by: Manuel Coffin, Thomas Roussel, Simon Thomas

Georgia - Mathematics


Project: Exact Solutions of Interval Equations of the First Power

Presented by: Irakli Saralidze

Georgia - Medicine


Project: Autotransplantation of Spleen Tissue after Splenectomy

Presented by: Ilia Kevlishvili, Giorgi Kolbaia

Germany - Chemistry


Project: The New Magic Formula for Eliminating Bad Breath: C42H70O35

Presented by: Gabriel Salg, Nicolas Scheidig

Germany - Mathematics


Project: (Almost) Unit-Distance Points in the Polychromatic Plane - Colourings of the n-Dimensional Space

Presented by: Fabian Henneke, Danial Sanusi, Xianghui Zhong

Germany - Physics


Project: Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy of Coronene Molecules on Germanium (111) (Physics)

Presented by: Benjamin Walter

Greece - Biology


Project: Simulation of Development Conditions of the Truffle Fungus in an Electronically Controlled and Automated Indoor Environment

Presented by: Christodoulos Iosifidis, Nikolaos Pampoukidis, Konstantinos Theofanis

Greece - Computing


Project: Virtual Representation Method, Medium and Device “All-Orama”

Presented by: Ioanna Savelidi, Maria Savelidi

Hungary - Computing


Project: Medical Pocket Assistant

Presented by: Soma Miklós Erdélyi, Ádám Lipécz

Hungary - Computing


Project: Audio Sliding Puzzle

Presented by: Áron Ócsvári

Hungary - Medicine


Project: Investigation of a Novel Therapeutic Approach in Multiple Sclerosis

Presented by: Enikő Biró

Ireland - Computing


Project: Tennis Sensor Data Analysis: An Automated System for Macro Motion Refinemen

Presented by: Alexander Amini

Israel - Engineering


Project: Antileaks - a Device for Detection and Discontinuation of Leakages in Water Supply Systems

Presented by: Gal Oren, Nerya Yair Stroh

Israel - Social Sciences


Project: The Influence of Georges Sorel's Political Thought on Italian Fascism

Presented by: Hilit Oreny

Italy - Engineering


Project: L.C.T. - Low Cost Titrator

Presented by: Lorenzo Mauro, Michele Mulinaris, Marco Tedeschi

Italy - Physics


Project: Following Kepler's Path - an Estimate of Jupiter Mass

Presented by: Andrea Bracesco, Jacopo Prinetto, Federica Villa

Latvia - Biology


Project: Activity of Bats on the Lake Pape during the Autumn Migration Period

Presented by: Agnis Mednis, Kaspars Reinis

Latvia - Chemistry


Project: The Usage and Properties of Rigid Foam Polyurethane Material Derived from Tall Oil by using Cyclopenthane as a Blowing

Presented by: Andris Avots, Raivis Eglītis

Latvia - Physics


Project: Research and Application of Two-Side Active Organic Solar Battery based on Grätzel Cells

Presented by: Jana Chaplinska, Janis Kalnins

Lithuania - Chemistry


Project: Mushroom Dyes for Tapestry Restoration

Presented by: Dalia Bartkevičiūtė, Gailė Tumėnaitė

Lithuania - Engineering


Project: Protective Cases for Mobile Phones

Presented by: Dobilė Minkutė

Lithuania - Medicine


Project: The Role of Houseflies (Musca domestica) in Spreading Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Presented by: Povilas Kavaliauskas

Luxembourg - Biology


Project: Defense of Garlic against Herbivore and Heavy Metals

Presented by: Amel Muharemovic, Cyril Wegner, Charel Wohl

Malta - Engineering


Project: 3 Dimensional Display

Presented by: Melvin Zammit

New Zealand - Environment


Project: Bacterial Bivalves

Presented by: Bailey Lovett

Norway - Physics


Project: Investigations into an Amphiphile: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Investigations into Temperature Induced Transformations of an Amphiphilic Polymer

Presented by: Espen Bernton

Norway - Social Sciences


Project: Guanxi – the Significance of Relations and Social Networks in Chinese Business

Presented by: Alex Bergsåker

Poland - Biology


Project: Tracing Vitamin C. How to Preserve the Valuable Vitamin?

Presented by: Magdalena Nowikiewicz

Poland - Biology


Project: What does a Bush Cricket Sing About?

Presented by: Norbert Wasik

Poland - Mathematics


Project: The Charm of the 'mi' Set

Presented by: Michal Miskiewicz

Portugal - Biology


Project: Honey under Investigation

Presented by: Marisa Alves Cristovão Paulino, Beatriz Gonçalves Crisóstomo Esteves, Daniel José Rodrigues Roque dos Santos

Portugal - Medicine


Project: SMART Detection of Protective Effects of Agrimonia eupatoria L. on DNA Damage

Presented by: Cecília Almeida Moreira, Vânia Patrícia Pinto Rocha, Ana Rita Sousa Rocha

Russia - Engineering


Project: Energy in a Trip

Presented by: Dmitry Abramov

Russia - Engineering


Project: Multi Robot

Presented by: Nikita Kalmykov

Russia - Mathematics


Project: The Secret of One Unproved Inequality

Presented by: Igor Penkov

Slovakia - Biology


Project: Macroscopic Evaluation of Active Substances Content in Saint John's Wort

Presented by: Zuzana Hanusova

Slovakia - Biology


Project: Determination of the Mosquito Order Representation and the Possibilities of Preventing their Overgrowth

Presented by: Miroslava Lörincziová

Slovakia - Physics


Project: Influence of Magnetic Field on Free-surface Ferrofluid Flow

Presented by: Michal Fabian, Michal Habera

Slovenia - Engineering


Project: Automatic Lock for a School Locker

Presented by: David Marn

Slovenia - Engineering


Project: Plastic Bottle and Tin Can Separator

Presented by: Urban Ferenčak, Andraž Ferleš, Primož Skutnik

Spain - Biology


Project: Arachnids Living in Our Skin. Study of Acari of the Genus Demodex

Presented by: Pablo Almuiña Varela

Spain - Physics


Project: A Study of Double Stars

Presented by: Miguel Gómez Garrido

Spain - Social Sciences


Project: Handbook of Quenya: Introduction to the Study of Quenya Language and History of the Elves

Presented by: Marc Barceló Tost

Sweden - Biology


Project: Protein Aggregation in Yeast Cells

Presented by: Therese Blum, Erik Anders Rothman

Sweden - Biology


Project: An Investigation on the Effects of Fish Predation on the Population Density, Size Distribution and Wariness of Pacifastacus leniusculus Populations

Presented by: Victoria Welander

Sweden - Biology


Project: Hydrogen from Solar Energy and the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Presented by: Anna Welsapar

Switzerland - Chemistry


Project: Impregnation of a Natural Surgically Implantable Porous Structure for the Controlled Release of Antibiotics

Presented by: Elena Bertola

Switzerland - Engineering


Project: pi Cam - The Development of a Camming Device for Climbing

Presented by: Pius Markus Theiler

Switzerland - Medicine


Project: Migraine Prophylaxis with Botulinum Toxin Type A: Establishment and Analysis of a General Data Pool & Quest for Treatment Response Indicators

Presented by: Sarah Jazintha Katharina Rauber

Turkey - Biology


Project: Using Enzymatic Biofuel Cells in Photosynthesis to Produce Electrical Energy

Presented by: Emir Aycan Bedel, Cem Öztürk

Turkey - Chemistry


Project: Study of Eliminating Heavy Metal Ions in Waste Water using Low Cost Natural Absorbant

Presented by: Ahmet Dirican, Çagri Taspinar

Turkey - Physics


Project: Analysis of Optical Activities of Different Honey Samples with Empirical Methods

Presented by: Aliye Bihter Günal, Melisa Tokmak

Ukraine - Mathematics


Project: On Inequalities for the Lengths of Perpendiculars Drawn from a Point to the Sides of a Triangle

Presented by: Anton Pugach

Ukraine - Mathematics


Project: Research Varignon’s Theorem, Generalization Wittenbauer’s and Varignon’s Theorems, Development of them and use Discoveries in Practice

Presented by: Yuriy Zakharyan

United Kingdom - Biology


Project: Investigation into Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation

Presented by: Holly Rees

United Kingdom - Engineering


Project: Optical Characterisation & Mechanical Design for Accurate Imaging

Presented by: Martin Richard Thompson

United Kingdom - Physics


Project: Auto Focusing Methods for Digital Microscopy

Presented by: Natalie Mitchell

United States - Biology


Project: A Novel Approach to Mapping Protein Interactions during Pilus Biogenesis by using In Vivo Photocrosslinking

Presented by: Erica Portnoy

United States - Computing


Project: Efficient Implementation of Tilt Compensated Compass and Depth Camera in Interactive Augmented Reality

Presented by: Lai Xue

United States - Physics


Project: Using Amino Acid Analysis to Distinguish Chondritic Meteorites

Presented by: Jane Cox


photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant