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Paris 2009—Photos of contestants


The 21st European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Chemistry


Project: Research on the long-term stability of low-cost dye sensitized solar cells

Presented by: Andreas Wagner (19)

Austria - Engineering


Project: Audio Wireless Analyzer

Presented by: Marian Forster (21) Thomas Hütter (20)

Austria - Medical Science


Project: Flexible Alligator Forceps

Presented by: Martin Brezowar (19) Michael Tobias König (19) Iris Schmidt (19)

Belarus - IT Science


Project: Smart House Control System

Presented by: Dzmitry Kabak (15)

Belarus - IT Science


Project: Modelling process of shafts drilling

Presented by: Uladzislau Kaptsiuk (18) Igor Pertsav (17)

Belarus - Medical sciences


Project: Research of biological liquids self-organisation processes under thermal dehydration

Presented by: Darya Stralenka (17)

Belgium - IT Science


Project: E-School

Presented by: Gert-Jan Andries (17) Carl Hermans (18) Jeroen Theys (17)

Belgium - Medical sciences

  No photo available

Project: The disease in weightlessness

Presented by: Amandine Honoré (18) Elisa Pazzaglia (18)

Bulgaria - Engineering


Project: Temperature Mapping by Means of Digital Photography

Presented by: Vassilina Tatarlieva (17)

Bulgaria - Mathematics


Project: Random walk in trees

Presented by: Yoan Delchev (18) Lyuboslav Panchev (18)

Bulgaria - Physics


Project: Exploration of Galactic Characteristics and Peculiarities

Presented by: Alexander Kurtenkov (16) Momchil Molnar (18)

Canada - Environmental sciences


Project: Down the Drain, Only to Resurface Again

Presented by: Megan Schlorff (16)

China - Biology


Project: A Simple and Quick Detection of the Panama Disease Pathogen

Presented by: Chengyan Zhan (17)

China - Engineering


Project: A Novel and Practical Water-Saving Solar Heater

Presented by: Tong Zhou (17)

China - Environmental sciences


Project: Too Much Bright "Lake Pearl" – The Measure and the Statistics of Light Reflection of the Outside Wall on Beijing National Grand Theatre

Presented by: Xuan Wang (16)

Czech Republic - Biology


Project: The Ferrofluid Dance: Studies and interests for magnetic colloïds

Presented by: Marketa Korcova

Czech Republic - Chemistry


Project: New Geopolymers in construction

Presented by: Michal Repík (18)

Czech Republic - Social sciences


Project: Banana Children: The young Vietnamese generation in the Czech Republic

Presented by: Anna Krejcí (19) Thuy An Nguyen (20) (VN)

Denmark - Medical sciences


Project: Human Papilloma Virus: The Etiological Factor of Vulvar Cancer?

Presented by: Liane Dupont (17)

Denmark - Medical sciences


Project: Evaluation of the antibiotic treatment against infections with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis patients

Presented by: Mikkel Mohr Madsen (19)

Estonia - Environment


Project: Factors influencing the phenol tolerance of soil bacteria Pseudomonas putida

Presented by: Kristina Aare (18)

Estonia - Environmental sciences


Project: Vascular plant species richness and overgrowth rate in association with soil parameters in semi-natural calcareous grasslands

Presented by: Annika Soom (18) Signa Toom (17)

Estonia - Social sciences


Project: Secondary school admission tests in mathematics – a case study

Presented by: Kaspar Märtens (18)

European Schools - Engineering


Project: Can school canteen leftovers be used to heat up a school in a carbon-neutral way?

Presented by: Ana Gaona (16) (ES) Laura Sanmiguel (16) (ES)

Finland - Chemistry


Project: Green Soda

Presented by: Paula Hietala (18)

France - Physics


Project: The Ferrofluid Dance: Studies and interests for magnetic colloïds

Presented by: Alexandre Crespy (17) Andréi Galindo (18) Stéphane Ruffe (18)

France - Physics


Project: Pick Up a Cosmic Wink

Presented by: Elodie Aubanel (18) Jérémy Dargent (18) Arnaud De Richecour (18)

Georgia - Biochemistry


Project: Ion exchange characteristic systems zeolites, soil and ecologically safe products using zeolites

Presented by: Ana Gogoladze (16) Nino Khurtsilava (17)

Georgia - Biology


Project: Bacteriophages – alternative approach to treat infectious diseases

Presented by: Iveta Mikeltadze (18)

Georgia - Environmental sciences


Project: Observation and Rehabilitation of a Unique Coniferous Forest in the Aftermath of Wildfire

Presented by: Vasili Kavtaradze (18) George Topouria (19)

Germany - IT Science


Project: Development of a near-infrared vein imaging system

Presented by: S. Strobel (20)

Germany - Physics


Project: SAMS - improved determination of minor planet positions

Presented by: Julian Petrasch (17)

Germany - Physics


Project: Adjusting optical properties at nanoscale – Plasmon-resonance of gold Particles

Presented by: Lucas Rott (19) Karen Wintersperger (19)

Hungary - Engineering

  No photo available

Project: Blind Navigator

Presented by: Tamás Gyöngyösi (19)

Hungary - Engineering


Project: WHERE IS THE LEAK? High-precision leak detection in underground storage tanks

Presented by: Máté Kajtár (20)

Hungary - Engineering


Project: Walking through (a piece of) time with a timepiece

Presented by: Áron Hunyadi (20)

Iceland - Medical sciences


Project: Model of an Artificial Neural Implant

Presented by: Sigridur Jensdottir (17) Kristrun Kristjansdottir (17) Kari Reynisson (17)

Ireland - Biology


Project: The Development of a Convenient Test Method for Somatic Cell Count and its Importance in Milk Production

Presented by: Liam Mc Carthy (14) and John D. O'Callaghan (15)

Israel - Chemistry


Project: Chemical Sensors Based on Metal Nanoparticle Networks for Detection of Organic Pollutants in Water

Presented by: Emily Serah Elhacham (18)

Israel - IT Science


Project: Developing an Effective Instrument for Determining Insulin Injection Dosage for Diabetics

Presented by: Gal Milman (19) Meirav Pinkas (19)

Israel - Physics


Project: The Conplex Potential and Its Application to the Planning of Dams

Presented by: Omri Lesser (17)

Italy - Biology


Project: One gene, one carotene. One carotene, one vitamin

Presented by: Dean Kos (17) (HR) Jacopo Padovano (17) Davide Zuliani (19)

Italy - Engineering


Project: Acquisition of physical parameters on surfaces

Presented by: Cataldo Azzariti (18) Riccardo Galli (18) Vittorio Sala (18)

Japan - Biology


Project: Triploid worms of planarian conduct sexual reproduction

Presented by: Yuki Koda (17)

Japan - Biology


Project: The cues that elicit spawning behaviour by the rose bitterling in fresh water mussels

Presented by: Yu Sugimoto (17) Fumiaki Taniguchi (18) Yuki Tsujii (18)

Japan - Engineering


Project: Developing a System for Autonomous Robots Using Layers

Presented by: Keisuke Uyama (17)

Latvia - Biology


Project: Changes of viability of isolated chloroplasts cultivated in vitro

Presented by: Liga Zagere (18)

Latvia - Chemistry


Project: The synthesis of artificial bone material using eggshells and cockleshells

Presented by: Eva Drucka (18)

Latvia - Physics


Project: Development and optimisation of electrolysis cell to improve engine operation

Presented by: Gunars Kisis (19) Martins Zeps (19)

Lithuania - Engineering


Project: Wireless device for exploring the underwater world

Presented by: Einoras Ramonas (18)

Lithuania - Medical sciences


Project: Herbal medicine: from ethnology towards modern analysis

Presented by: Dovilé Bundzinskaité (17) Meškelevičius Džiugas (18)

Lithuania - Medical sciences


Project: The genealogic-genetic tree of the family according MMP-3 gene promoter region -1171 5A/6A and ACE gene I/D polymorphism, their clinical significance

Presented by: Kamilé Pléšnyté (19) Vilgaillé Vaitkuté (19)

Luxembourg - Biology


Project: Analysis of water proofs with bioluminescent Vibrio fischeri bacteria

Presented by: Nina Hentzen (18) Claude Hoeltgen (19)

Malta - Engineering


Project: Cappucino Logo Printer

Presented by: Philip Cardona (20)

New Zealand - Chemistry


Project: The Discovery Model Gasifier and Biocarbon Research

Presented by: Jake Martin (18)

Norway - Biology


Project: The Physics of Medieval Trebuchets

Presented by: Carl Andreas Lindstrøm (19)

Norway - Medical science


Project: Differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into neural tissues

Presented by: Anastasiya Dykyy (19)

Poland - Biology


Project: Distribution and content of kynurenic acid in medicinal herbs – circulation of kynurenic acid in the biosphere

Presented by: Monika Turska (18) Michal Turski (20)

Poland - Medical sciences


Project: Evolution of the potential for ciprofloxacin resistance in Escherichia coli

Presented by: Anna Kornakiewicz (20)

Poland - Physics


Project: Spiral Zone Plates

Presented by: Aleksander Kubica (20) and Wiktor Pilewski (20)

Portugal - Biology


Project: A sanctuary for Monarch butterfly in the south-west of Portugal: a population-based ecological study

Presented by: Vanessa Cristina Lourenço Reis (16) Francisco José Reis Silva (17)

Portugal - Engineering


Project: Cycle@ICT

Presented by: António José Sampaio da Costa (17) António Fernando Pinto Faria (17) João Paulo Pinto Soares (17)

Russia - Chemistry


Project: Nowadays nanotechnologies: synthesis of nano-oxides and studying of their catalytic possibilities

Presented by: Dmitriy Malyukov (17)

Russia - Engineering


Project: The design of the deck cargo crane with the jib parallel to the deck with the use of a round drum of variable section

Presented by: Kirill Shatokhin (17)

Russia - Engineering


Project: Developing of alternative ways of movement of autonomous lowered vehicle on Venus

Presented by: Ana Shvetsova (17)

Slovakia - Biology


Project: The study of leukocytes activity and antibacterial effects of the herbs genus Echinacea

Presented by: Mária Stratilová (18)

Slovakia - Engineering


Project: Wind turbine with vertical axes and rotation vanes – new innovative principle of wind turbine

Presented by: Tomáš Balogh (19) Peter Felvideky (20)

Slovakia - Physics


Project: Two-Dimensional Melting Transition observed in system of magnets

Presented by: Jakub Jenča (18) Peter Rabatin (18)

Slovenia - Information/Computer Sciences


Project: TriP: A low-cost smart classroom

Presented by: Luka Mustafa (18) Tim Pušnik Jaušovec (18)

Slovenia - Social sciences


Project: Influences of mass media and media manipulation

Presented by: Ana Tori (18)

South Korea - Medical Sciences


Project: The development of analytical method of malondialdehyde in urine as a cancer marker

Presented by: Da Eun Kim (17)

Spain - Biology


Project: The microcosmos of water bears: first study of Tardigrada in Galicia (NW Spain)

Presented by: Alejandro Rivero de Aguila (19)

Spain - Earth Science


Project: From mineral to Romanesque altarpiece: Identification of mineral pigments and reproduction of a Catalan Romanesque altarpiece

Presented by: Sara Vima Grau (18)

Spain - Information/Computer Sciences


Project: Algorithm for a 3D representation. Design of an algorithm which allows representing real objects in three dimensions

Presented by: Pedro María Fernández Gaspar (19) Alejandro León Gimeno Sanz (19) Jaime María Medina Manresa (19)

Sweden - Engineering


Project: Development of product: Open Ratchet Wrench

Presented by: Viktor Ottosson (18)

Sweden - Physics


Project: Construction of a TEA-laser. A theoretical and practical examination of the gas laser

Presented by: Malin Carvalho Nejstgaard (19) Adam Liberda (19) Olof Steinert (19)

Switzerland - IT Science


Project: Multi-Touch - Building a multi-touch screen and creating supporting software

Presented by: Thomas Steinacher (19)

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Dikranos – the airplane with reverse gear

Presented by: Fabian Gafner (19)

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Dikranos – the airplane with reverse gear

Presented by: Fabian Gafner (19)

Switzerland - Physics


Project: On the trail of the first cyclotron pioneers

Presented by: Damian Steiger (19)

Turkey - Earth Science


Project: An alternative method of generating electrical energy from geothermal sources

Presented by: Betsi Levi (15) Reysi Rodikli (16)

Turkey - Mathematics


Project: different approach to the tangent points of a triangle

Presented by: Muhammed Fatih Balli (17) Furkan Kokdogan (17)

Turkey - Physics


Project: A new method for wave front measurement and its applications

Presented by: Onur Aksoyek (17) Ugur Yekta Basak (16)

UK - Biology


Project: Studying effect of isolation on pollination success of Primula veris

Presented by: Robert Phillip Tann(19)

UK - Medical Sciences


Project: Original research into a cancer-linked call signalling pathway

Presented by: Hannah Taylor Stuart (18)

UK - Physics


Project: Listening For Ghost Particles: The Acoustic Cosmic Ray Neutrino Experiment (ACoRNE)

Presented by: Courtney Williams (18)

Ukraine - Social Sciences


Project: Research on characteristics of a surgeon personality

Presented by: Iaroslav Tsymbaliuk (18)

USA - Medical Science


Project: Lipoic Acid: Towards a Novel Neuroprotective Treatment for Alzheimer's-Associated Cognitive Dysfunction in a Drosophila Model

Presented by: Peter Massey (17) Shaunak Bakshi (16)


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