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Copenhagen 2008—Photos of contestants

The 20th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Austria - Biological science


Project: Lively bees, nasty disease

Presented by: Lukas Eberharter, Sarah Gallob, Martin Osterauer

Austria - Engineering


Project: Sensor for organic residues on aluminium surfaces

Presented by: Christoph Wiesinger

Austria - Environmental science


Project: Biological Indicators for Aquatic Systems

Presented by: Johannes Niedermayer, Elisabeth Sommavilla

Belarus - Computer Science


Project: Mechanical Executor with a program control

Presented by: Aliaksandr Tsiarenia

Belarus - Information science


Project: The development of the new desktop GNU/LINUX distribution

Presented by: Pavel Bogdanov

Belarus - Mathematics


Project: Orbital origamis and stabilizers of stair origamis

Presented by: Aliaksandr Minets

Belgium - Biological science


Project: Efficiency of disinfectants: Should we use an Economical Brand or Leading Brand of Disinfectant?

Presented by: Blanca Olaya Aguado Sierra, Thomas Kavvadias, Carlo Alberto Zaccheo

Belgium - Engineering/Physics, Electricity, Mechanics


Project: The joy of making music with a self-acting music machine

Presented by: Bart Bruynooghe, Jeroen Doornaert, Karel Lamote

Brazil - Environmental science


Project: Assessment of land uses effects on the water quality of rural areas in southeast

Presented by: Paolillo Neto Victor

Bulgaria - Computer science


Project: RSG – Function generator, using the audio output

Presented by: Hristo Georgiev

Bulgaria - Information/Computer science


Project: PC Chemistry 1.0

Presented by: Petyo Pahunchev, Alexandar Ivanov

Bulgaria - Information/Computer science


Project: Pascal/C++ Developer’s Handbook

Presented by: Aleksandar Kolarski

Canada - Medical Science


Project: Microarray profiling of gene expression in the normal aging brain of Drosophila

Presented by: Aaron Hakim

China - Biological science


Project: Discovery and observations of memory-like behaviour in Oxalis corymbosa

Presented by: Jie Chen, Xiao Li, Guang yuan Shi

China - Chemistry


Project: Chemical synthesis and applied research of Macromolecule planting substance

Presented by: Kangping Cheng

Czech Republic - Biological science


Project: Ecology and Ethology of family Lestidae (Insecta: Odonata)

Presented by: Michael Mikát

Czech Republic - Environmental science


Project: Investigating Regional Fruit-tree Alleys

Presented by: Hana Hušková

Czech Republic - Information/Computer science


Project: Web Content Management System for dummies

Presented by: Jiří Maňas

Denmark - Biological science (Medical Biotechnology)


Project: Understanding Psoriasis at the Molecular Level

Presented by: Cecilie Nøhr Pedersen

Denmark - Chemistry


Project: Making Green Petrol Greener

Presented by: Alexander Andersen, Gorm Galster

Denmark - Microbiology


Project: Antimcrobial Peptides - the New Weapon against Multiple Drug Resistance?

Presented by: Cecilia Engel Thomas

Estonia - Chemistry


Project: Why is it happening this way in inorganic chemistry?

Presented by: Ivan Jakovlev, Gleb Široki

Estonia - Environmental science


Project: Relations between radial increments of pines in bog stands and anthropogenic influx of mineral nutrients from the atmosphere

Presented by: Riinu Ots

European schools - IT, Engineering


Project: Autonomous Storage System

Presented by: Philip Gouder, Jana Schubert, Michael Schubert

Finland - Chemistry


Project: The Phosphate Problem and the Baltic Sea

Presented by: Johanna Syrjänen

France - Engineering


Project: The Sun Flower project

Presented by: Michel Cebrian, Samuel Rispal

France - Physics


Project: Physics from breakfast

Presented by: Marion Deriot, Hélèna Lacroix

France - Physics


Project: Phaethon, the solar balloon

Presented by: Etienne Lalique, Axel Talon

Georgia - Biotechnology


Project: Micropropagation in plants by 'In Vitro' method

Presented by: Lana Bokuchava, Ana Kharibegashvili

Georgia - Chemistry


Project: Modified natural zeolite in catalytic clearing of exhaust and ejected gases from

Presented by: Tea Kadagishvili, Mariam Meladze

Georgia - Medical Science


Project: Disorders of visual processing in Schizophrenia

Presented by: Archil Agladze

Germany - Biological science


Project: When leaves turn red… Chlorophyll fluorescence as a quantitative indicator of plant damage

Presented by: Anja Massolle, Lisa Schowe

Germany - Chemistry


Project: Fluorescence polarization as a measurement method for molecular interactions

Presented by: Maria Hoyer

Germany - Physics


Project: Polygonal structures on rotating fluid surfaces

Presented by: David Wittkowski

Greece - Computer science


Project: Developing Distributed Systems using XO

Presented by: Nikolaos Passalis

Hungary - Earth science


Project: Geomorphological and mineralogical research of Citadella crystal cave

Presented by: Csaba Leél-Őssy, Zsolt Marta

Hungary - Engineering


Project: EPRIC: Erasable Programmable Integrated Circuit

Presented by: Éger Ferenc

Hungary - Medical science


Project: A sight-testing apparatus

Presented by: Gergő Gács, Balázs Sarkadi-Nagy

Ireland - Engineering


Project: Research and Development of Emergency Sandbag Shelters

Presented by: Émer Jones

Israel - Computer science


Project: Computerised System for the Identification and Diagnosis of Pressure Sores

Presented by: Inbal Flischer, Alon Ghelber, Roei Yizhak Shachar

Israel - Mathematics


Project: When 2 is Red, B is Friendly and June is on the Right: A Mathematical Approach to the Mystery of Synesthesia

Presented by: Yaniv Sadeh

Israel - Physics


Project: Density Profiles of Dark Matter and Super-Massive Black Holes in the Centre of Galaxies

Presented by: Yuri Rozhansky

Italy - Biological science - Chemistry


Project: Bioreactor for the production of autolysates from fermenting dregs yeast

Presented by: Marco Boem, Michele De Bortoli, Alessandro Pivetta

Italy - Mathematics


Project: The cycloid: a new way of skiing

Presented by: Yiyu Bai, Clelia Maria Bonardi, Ilaria Scarabottolo

Latvia - Biological science


Project: Wing length differences in Passerine birds of migration waves observed in Pape, Latvia 2007

Presented by: Mārtiņš Briedis

Latvia - Physics


Project: The storage and transformation of solar energy using the proton exchange membrane (PEM)

Presented by: Janis Vinklers, Juris Zalans

Latvia - Physics


Project: Monitoring of cardiovascular system

Presented by: Eriks Zaharans, Janis Zaharans

Lithuania - Earth science


Project: Sun – the answer to global warming?

Presented by: Andrius Misiukas Misiūnas

Lithuania - Environmental science


Project: Assessment of population characteristics of red algae Furcellaria lumbricalis (Huds.) Lamour at the Lithuania Baltic Sea coast

Presented by: Giedrė Ašmonaitė, Jelena Synanovič

Lithuania - Environmental science


Project: Heavy metals and sulphur in scotch (Pinus Sylvestris) bark

Presented by: Justas Simonavičius, Egle Vaitonyte

Luxembourg - Physics


Project: Heat energy storage using the latent heat of fusion of salt hydrates

Presented by: André Wilmes

Malta - Microbiology


Project: Biological and Non-Biological: Is There A Difference?

Presented by: Dorianne Calleja, Anthea Zammit

Mexico - Biotechnology


Project: Chemical composition of the unmarketable avocado Hass (Persea americana Mill.) seed: Proposal of potential possible agro-industrialintegral uses.

Presented by: Pamela Barraza

New Zealand - Medical science


Project: Fighting facial eczema

Presented by: Pippa Grierson

Nigeria - Engineering


Project: Appliance control device

Presented by: Temitope Mercy John

Norway - Medical science


Project: How can magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation be used to map finger movements in my brain?

Presented by: Katarina Lundervold

Norway - Physics


Project: Drag on an egg in two dimensions: An investigation of the drag in the forward and backward direction

Presented by: Michael Dalton

Norway - Social science


Project: Good fences make good neighbours

Presented by: Andrea Sjoberg Aasgaard

Poland - Biological science


Project: Differences between spatial orientation in male and female of Madagascan hissing cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa)

Presented by: Pawel Maryniak

Poland - Chemistry


Project: The Second Nature of a Protein: Study of Insulin Folding in a Nonaqueous

Presented by: Aleksandra Fulara, Slawomir Wójcik

Poland - Mathematics


Project: Hamiltonian cycles in generalized Halin graphs

Presented by: Magdalena Bojarska

Portugal - Biological science/Environmental science


Project: Xenobiotic danger: Paracentrotus lividus and the Barrinha de Esmoriz

Presented by: Sérgio Almeida, Ana Moreira, Vasco Sá Pinto

Portugal - Environmental science


Project: Sea water electrolysis – Hydrogen production with environmental benefits

Presented by: Mariana Oliveira, Nelson Ribeiro, Luísa Silva

Russia - Engineering


Project: Genealogy of irons

Presented by: Anatoliy Andreev, Anna Sokol

Russia - Engineering


Project: Lunar Base Development to provide Human Research and Production Activity on the Moon

Presented by: Margarita Gorbatyuk

Slovakia - Engineering


Project: Tilting of bulk materials based on gravitation principle in cargo railway transport

Presented by: Martin Tkáč

Slovakia - Engineering


Project: A Progressive way of PET waste utilization in wood processing industry

Presented by: Viktor Tóth

Slovakia - Environmental science


Project: Impact of selected ecological factors on distribution of the crayfish population in Slovakia

Presented by: Rastislav Rovný

Slovenia - Engineering


Project: Microcontroller experimental boards with PIC 16F876

Presented by: Gregor Krušič

Slovenia - Information/Computer science


Project: Comparison of codes used for video encoding

Presented by: Jernej Drobež

Spain - Biological science


Project: Fungal flora of the Gavà coastline. Contribution to the knowledge of fungal flora

Presented by: Andrés Valverde Valera

Spain - Information/Computer science


Project: Green Watch: a robot which has been designed, programmed and built for patrolling and other tasks

Presented by: Adrià Julià Juanola

Spain - Medical science


Project: It is not given for errant gentlemen to complain

Presented by: Ana María Calvente García, Álvaro González Gutiérrez, Jorge García Martínez

Sweden - Medical science


Project: Effective Epilepsy Treatment Using New Alzheimer’s Compounds

Presented by: Golshid Baghban

Sweden - Medical science


Project: The prevalence of chronic pain among adolescents

Presented by: Hajer Jasim

Sweden - Physics


Project: The properties of magnetically induced repulsion in simple media

Presented by: Gunnar Peng, Karl Larsson

Switzerland - Chemistry


Project: Setting out and reduction of atmospheric CO2 with hydrogen to short-chain hydrocarbons

Presented by: Andreas Frutiger

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Opening shock of braking parachutes

Presented by: Carmen Muller

Switzerland - Physics


Project: Simulation, Construction and Optimisation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based

Presented by: Julien Bellot, Robin Oswald, Lucien Segessemann

Turkey - Information/Computer science


Project: Functional simulation of a natural intelligence

Presented by: Mustafa Erkam Ozates, Yigit Bekir Kaya, Atakan Kaya

Turkey - Medical science


Project: Research on the antiviral activity of Abscisic acid (ABA) on bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) Cooper SPP

Presented by: Ezgi Ergun, Atakan Kaya

Ukraine - Environmental science


Project: Bioindication and biotesting of water and bottom sediments of Danube biosphere reserve

Presented by: Volodymyr Lyashenko

United Kingdom - Biological/Medical science


Project: Investigation of CVB3 Targeted Golgi-Resident Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor, GBF1, for Myocarditis Research

Presented by: Joshua Raphael Ighalo Okhiria

United Kingdom - Earth science


Project: From Microcosm to Magma Oceans: A Lunar Meteorite Perspective

Presented by: Elisabeth Muller

United Kingdom - Physics


Project: F.L.A.S.H – Five laser accentuated security holder

Presented by: Teleri Edwards

USA - Medical science


Project: Protecting of Neurons against Injury using Neuro-receptor targeting Nanoparticles

Presented by: Jared Goodman, Jonathan Wang

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant