Who Can Participate

How to enter the contest, its objectives, the prize details and how the winners are chosen

The contest – Who can participate?

Young scientists who have won first prize in their national science competition and who have been designated by their respective national jury can participate in the EU Contest. In each country, the National Organiser is responsible for nominating the projects, and therefore the contestants, who are entered for the EU Contest.

Projects may have been worked on by individual participants or by teams of not more than three people. The rules concerning age and education requirements are applicable to all members of a project team. Where a team is involved all members of the team must be represented at the Contest so the Jury can conduct a thorough evaluation of their combined efforts.

National Organisers

The National Organisers are responsible for selecting projects, submitting applications, and for all communication with the Commission.

All contestants will be accompanied to the EU Contest by their National Organiser, or by an adult escort appointed by the National Organiser. The National Organiser, as the principal contact in all participating countries, will assure liaison between the contestants and the EU Contest in all matters concerning the Contest.

National Organisers and/or escort(s), together with their contestants, constitute their respective country's official delegation and are the only ones that can enjoy access to all public and private events associated with the Contest.

National Organisers assume responsibility for the well-being and behavior of their party.


  • ensure that their party travels with adequate health, accident and travel insurance that covers them for both the travel and duration of the Contest
  • handle the linguistic or other problems that may arise during the Contest or in relation to associated activities
  • ensure that they have their own measures in place to assure their party's behavior remains beyond reproach



photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant