Photos of contestants (2013)

Photos of contestants (2013)

Prague 2013—Photos of contestants

The 25th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Finland - Social sciences


Project: Music A' Clock

Presented by: Perttu Aku Anttoni Pölönen

Ireland - Biology


Project: A statistical investigation of the effects of diazotroph bacteria on plant germination

Presented by: Emer Frances Hickey, Ciara Elizabeth Judge, Sophie Healy-Thow

United Kingdom - Engineering


Project: Genetics at home: Building a PCR machine and other equipment for setting up a home genetics lab

Presented by: Frederick Edward Turner

Austria - Engineering


Project: Anastomose Robot Tool - ART

Presented by: Thomas Steinlechner, Yuki Trippel, Dominik Kovacs

Germany - Computing


Project: FreeGeo – the world's first dynamic Android mathematics system app

Presented by: Lennart Julian Kleinwort

Switzerland - Mathematics


Project: LSLLSLSLLSLLSLS – Modern Mathematics in Islamic Mosaics

Presented by: Jasmin Allenspach

Belarus - Mathematics


Project: Percolation games on Cayley graphs of groups

Presented by: Maksim Bezrukov, Aliaksandr Stadolnik

Germany - Physics


Project: Measuring water waves

Presented by: Daniel Pflueger

Hungary - Computing


Project: PictoVerb – Giving Everyone a Voice

Presented by: Balázs Péter Zsombori

Canada - Medicine


Project: Mustard Oil as an Apicomplexan-targeting Drug Therapy for Plasmodium falciparum

Presented by: Jessie MacAlpine

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant

photo of a contestant