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Welcome to the website of the European Research Area Board ERAB

Making the European Research Area (ERA) a reality is a political priority for the European Union (EU). Following the public debate on its Green Paper The European Research Area: New Perspectives, the European Commission established the European Research Area Board (ERAB) as a consultative body responsible for advising the EU on the realisation of the ERA (Commission Decision establishing the European Research Area Board - December 2007).

ERAB plays a key role in helping to develop, promote and evaluate policy initiatives and actions to meet the goals of the European Research Area. It offers advice of the highest quality, assessing progress achieved and guiding the Commission on how to mobilise people in support of shared European ambitions for science and research.

ERAB consist of 22 high level experts from academia, business and industry. Their expertise and experience builds on the many valuable contributions made by its predecessor, the European Research Advisory Board (EURAB).

ERAB Members

ERAB Members


ERAB's Final report

ERAB has published its third and final report "The new Renaissance: will it happen? Innovating out of the crisis." ( 2.59MB) The report summarizes the outcome of the ERAB Brainstorming session, Innovating out of the crisis, in the Innovation Union Convention 06.12.2011. The report also compiles the recommendations ERAB has produced and submitted to the Commission in the last 16 months.

To support ERAB in performing its advisory tasks the Commission has commissioned several studies