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Publications - Reports and recommendations

The Consolidated Advice of the European Research Area Board
(February 2008 - May 2011).

The European Research Area Board (ERAB) has decided to consolidate most of its advice given to the European Commission over its lifetime in order to ensure that the logic and background to its current advice on the Common Strategic Framework (CSF) is seen in context. Not all these documents have been publicly available until now and since ERAB’s advice on the CSF will be published along with others, it is necessary to ensure that all the background is in one place. While this is the advice sent to the Commission, ERAB's work has been supported by several studies that it has commissioned in addition to other working documents that are much more extensive. However ERAB has always taken the view that its advice should be short, clear and with recommendations for action.

The papers in the consolidated document span the whole lifetime of ERAB and many are still in the process of further development in response to requests from the Commission. The key starting documents are the two annual reports (“Preparing Europe for a New Renaissance” and ”Realising the New Renaissance”) which provide the general framework for all the advice.

The short ERAB Views on specific topics reflect several of the key themes of the two annual reports and spell out in more detail the recommendations put forward.

The document at the front of the consolidated folio is a paper that the Director General for Research and Innovation commissioned as our overall recommendations for realising the Common Strategic Framework. This initial set of recommendations clearly sets out what ERAB believes is absolutely necessary if the European Research Area (ERA) is going to deliver. Also included are ERAB’s attempts to answer parts of the consultation exercise by extracting advice where it has already been submitted previously.

Finally, ERAB is encouraged that the Commission is taking the development and realisation of the European Research Area and its impact on regenerating economies and tackling Grand Challenges seriously. Mobilising this via excellent research and innovation is at the core of ERAB's ''grand vision'': Realising a new Renaissance (1st annual report).

ERAB's advice, while sometimes critical, is offered to help make ERA a reality sooner rather than later.

John Wood
Chair of ERAB
May 2011