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Quite simply: ERA is for you!

Are you a researcher or do you work the Science and Technology? Read how the development of ERA can help to improve your career conditions and opportunities across Europe and build the research infrastructures that you need.

Do you work for a university or research institution? Read how ERA initiatives can strengthen universities and research-performing organizations, in addition to bringing benefits to your researchers.

Do you work for a business? Read how ERA can smooth knowledge transfer and cooperation with "open access" and better management of intellectual property across borders.

Are you from a national or regional administration? Read how the Ljubljana Process is putting into place a partnership to research policy associating public authorities from all levels around a shared vision for the development of ERA.

Are you a European citizen? Read how the Joint
 initiative is bringing together the national resources from across Europe to address more effectively some of the great challenges facing our society, such as climate change and old-age diseases. And read how Science in Society (FP7) is stimulating a harmonious integration of scientific and technological endeavour and associated research policies in European society.

Are you from another part of the world? Read throughout the site how ERA is shaping as one of the world's most attractive places to do research and to innovate, but also how it is developing strong links with partners across the world.