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The European Research and Innovation Area Board (ERIAB) was established in 2012 in order to have independent advice for DG Research and Innovation on Research and Innovation Policy. ERIAB’s predecessors were the European Research Area Board (ERAB, from 2008-2012) and the European Research Advisory Board (EURAB, from 2001-2007). The latter two concentrated their work on the creation and implementation of the European Research Area. ERIAB marks the change to include advice on Innovation Policy and will have a focus on the Innovation Union’s policies and the completion of the European Research Area.

On request of the Research and Innovation Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn, DG Research and Innovation decided in 2011 to establish the High Level Economic Policy Expert Group "Innovation for Growth" (i4g) in order to receive independent advice supporting the Europe 2020 strategy as suggested in the Innovation Union flagship Initiative. i4g’s predecessor was the High Level Expert Group "Knowledge for Growth" (k4g) .

i4g assesses the socio-economic impact and the potential of research and innovation actions to deliver welfare to European citizens, reviews best research and innovation cases and practices, and forwards recommendations for R&I policies.

The flagship initiative "Innovation Union", adopted by the Commission in October 2010 and endorsed at the European Summit in February 2011, announced the creation of a European Forum on Forward Looking Activities (EFFLA) to bring together existing studies and data and involve public and private stakeholders to improve the evidence base of policies. The European Forum on Forward Looking Activities (EFFLA) was launched in Brussels on 23.09.2011.

Other high level expert advice

Apart from ERAB the Commission also has recourse to other high level expert advice on a more punctual basis.

Examples include: