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Support to policy coordination: OMC-NET

The European Commission launched the OMC-NET scheme in 2005 to reinforce and complement the OMC application to investment in research. Together with ERAC OMC cycles the scheme constitutes the principal Open Method of Coordination (OMC) instruments to support the R&I policy coordination. OMC-NET offers limited groups of Member States and/or their regions the possibility to develop policy coordination activities on issues of their own interest and to obtain financial resources to implement those activities.

Expected outcomes of OMC-NET projects are:

  • Development of national and regional R&D policies through mutual learning and peer review.
  • Identification and possibly transfer of good practices.
  • Development of concerted or joint policy initiatives between groups of countries and/or regions.
  • Identification of issues requiring Community action in support of actions undertaken at national or regional level.

OMC-NET scheme is implemented through calls for proposals for Coordination and Support Actions (CSA). The target audience for these calls is mainly national and regional R&D policy makers, although the participation of other stakeholders is not excluded.
The ongoing OMC-NET projects of 7th Framework Programme (FP7) are:

  • CIA4OPM - Optimising the policy mix by the development of a common methodology for the assessment of (socio-)economic impacts of RTDI public funding
  • GLOVAL - Global Value Chains as an Emerging Challenge for National and European RTD Policies
  • I-See-Mob - Inter-sectoral mobility of researchers in South-Eastern Europe
  • TARGET – Targeted R&D- Policy 
  • EU-KTS - European Knowledge Transfer Society   
  • K-Voucher – Implementation of a Transeuropean Knowledge Voucher System
  • ERA-PRISM – Policies for Research and Innovation in Small Member States to advance the European Research Area

More information and the documentations of the FP6-OMC-NET can be found from the Investing in Research website and the Cordis database.