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Support to policy coordination: ERAC OMC cycles

ERAC OMC cycles constitute the principal Open Method of Coordination (OMC) instruments to support the R&I policy coordination. Since October 2005, ERAC (former CREST) decided to meet once or twice a year at the level of Directors General to review and facilitate the progress of policy coordination and steer the forthcoming OMC in cycles of activities.

Expected outcomes of these OMC cycles are:

  • Enhanced mutual learning and peer review
  • Identification of good practices and of their conditions for transferability
  • Development of joint policy initiatives among several Member States and regions
  • Identification of areas where Community initiatives could reinforce actions at Member State level.
Fifth OMC cycle

The fifth cycle of the OMC focuses on:

  • Policy Mixes

Policy Mix Peer Review Report: Cyprus
Policy Mix Peer Review Report: Latvia