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ERA Progress Reports: Crucial tools for change

Backed by the conclusions adopted on 21 February 2014 by the Competitiveness Council, we now have a firm basis to advance on ERA, thanks to the first ERA Progress Report, a comprehensive snapshot of EU research.

This first report is not simply an assessment of recent policy developments. It is a tool for change. For the first time, we have comparable data, validated by Member States, to substantiate our discussions and direct future policy initiatives.

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Major push needed to progress ERA

Europe is moving towards completing the conditions for the European Research Area (ERA) but the pace of progress may be too slow to meet the 2014 deadline set by national governments, according to the ERA Progress Report.

The Report points to some positive steps on mobility for scientists and investment in large research infrastructures. But more effort is needed to meet R&D funding targets, to make national research programmes more compatible, and to improve gender equality.

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The history of ERA - By Philippe Busquin
Defining ERA progress
What is ERA monitoring?
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Charting progress
Despite the financial crisis and the deep-rooted structural barriers to be overcome, considerable progress has been made in several aspects of the European Research Area (ERA).

Take researcher mobility: national governments have implemented a range of actions to reduce barriers for scientists keen on moving across borders to pursue career opportunities.
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Gender equality
If almost half of Europe’s PhD graduates in 2010 were female, why did women account for only 1 in 5 senior academic staff and just 1 in 10 university rectors ? It may sound like an old mathematical riddle for which there is a clever answer, but in fact it is a snapshot of gender inequality in 21st century EU research.
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Joint programming icon VOX POPS Views from the field
Is national spending in decline?
Public spending has been under pressure for several years but, in some EU Member States, research and development (R&D) has been hit particularly hard.
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Can the ‘digital revolution’ fuel cross-border cooperation?
Creating, accessing and sharing information online have become a routine part of life for many Europeans.
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