The European Research Area - An internal knowledge market
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European Research Area

Date: 20-09-2002

Graphical elementThe European Research Area

An internal knowledge market

In a rapidly changing world, in which research is proving to be an increasingly vital element, Europe possesses considerable advantages. But to exploit these to the full, it needs to overcome the fragmentation of its Member States’ science and technology policies. The European Research Area (ERA) is intended to co-ordinate these national research policies in the direction of shared objectives, expertise and resources.

Once ERA has been achieved, the concept of European research will be as familiar as those of the single market or the single currency are today.

The ERA brochure web site is designed to explain the rationale behind the European Research Area and the implications for the future of research in Europe.
A *.pdf version is also available.

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Pdf Download the entire brochure (PDF file: 833Kb)
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