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Trends in Industrial R&D and in firm behaviour

The IRMA project is part of the monitoring and analysis of ERA development which has two flagships: the yearly EU industrial R&D investment scoreboard of the top 2000 companies and the EU survey on R&D investment business trends.

The IRMA project was launched in 2008, as the continuation of the "IRIM- Industrial Research Investment Monitoring" project, in a close cooperation between DG RTD and the DG JRC's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS). It consists of regular collections of worldwide information on corporate R&D and the production of analytical reports and papers on economic and political implications. The key components of this project are the following:

  • SCOREBOARD: Monitoring Industrial Research - Industrial R&D investment Scoreboard is a benchmarking annual tool that provides reliable up-to-date information on R&D investment and other economic and financial data, with a unique EU-focus. It collects publicly available information on the top 2000 companies (1000 companies based in the EU and 1000 based outside the EU), ranked by R&D investment.
  • EU SURVEY on Business R&D is aimed to annually address the Scoreboard companies, in order to gather qualitative information on factors and issues surrounding and influencing the R&D investment and strategic behaviour of companies.
  • Working Papers on Corporate R&D and Innovation shed light on policy questions related to industrial research and innovation. They will provide empirical evidence and insight into the R&D investment decisions made by the firms. The policy implications apply to the government measures targeted at stimulating and attracting R&D.
  • CONCORD Conferences on Corporate R&D are a bi-annual initiative, to provide a steady platform for scientific debate on private sector R&D in order to improve the understanding of key issues related to corporate R&D, dynamics of companies and economic sectors. CONCORD-2010 was a two day event that brought together prominent researchers of the private sector R&D and innovation with policy makers and business representatives. The aim of this conference is to contribute to a more accurate understanding of the role of the R&D in the dynamics of specific companies and sectors of economic activity.