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Understanding the sources and patterns of innovative activity in the economy

Commission services monitor overall progress on innovation performance using the Innovation Union scoreboard (IUS). The current reporting tools for monitoring innovation are the Innovation Union Scoreboard and the Innobarometer.

Research and Innovation Union scoreboard (IUS) is a set of indicators introduced by the Innovation Union communication (annex II). To characterise the multi-faceted innovation phenomenon IUS provides comparative benchmarking of EU and Member State performance against a set of 25 indicators divided to the following 3 main categories (and subcategories):

  • Enablers (Human resources, Open, excellent and attractive research systems & Finance and support)
  • Firm activities (Firm investments, Linkages and entrepreneurship & Intellectual Assets)
  • Outputs (Innovators & Economic effects)

The current reporting tools for monitoring innovation are the Innovation Union Scoreboard and the Innobarometer  both developed within the PRO INNO Europe initiative. The Innovation Union Scoreboard benchmarks, on a yearly basis, the innovation performance of Member States. It draws on statistics from a variety of sources, among which the Community Innovation Survey.

The Innobarometer has complemented the results of the Innovation Union Scoreboard by analysing specific aspects of innovation through a survey of 3,500 randomly selected companies in the EU.

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