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European Forum on Forward Looking Activities (EFFLA)


The mission of the European Forum on Forward Looking Activities is therefore to enhance collective forward looking intelligence, to help the EU in tackling upcoming societal challenges and to devise comprehensive and pro-active European Research & Innovation Policies.


  • Advise the Commission on the basis of the most outstanding Forward Looking Activities on the early identification of emerging or disruptive grand societal challenges
  • Within the selected grand challenges: detect the missing research and innovation challenges
  • Detect the needs for further Forward Looking Activities
  • Advise the European Commission on how to embed FLAs in (R&I) policymaking

Function, Form and Governance

The Forum brings together a set of high-level experts and decision makers from Academia, Industry, Government, European and International Organisations, NGOs, as well as think tanks, with very diverse profiles, able to mobilise the best available expertise and interact with key networks. EFFLA is consists of 15 full members.

The European Forum on Forward Looking Activities is chaired by Prof. Peter Piot (BE), Professor of Global Health and former Executive Director of UNAIDS (1995-2008).

Expected output and outcome

Policy Briefs addressed to the Commissioner and the cabinet. "Future Horizons", a series of Briefs, such as: "Enhancing strategic decision-making in the EC with the help of Strategic Foresight", aiming to become a reference for the communication of outstanding results from Forward Looking Activities to European decision makers.

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