Discuss with Commissioner Potočnik

Dear Reader,

Janez Potocnik I am convinced that creating a unified and attractive European Research Area can make a real difference in your life. It will:

  • Bring more dynamism and innovation into all sectors of industry and services, resulting in more and better jobs;
  • Address important issues of European and even global dimension, such as health, energy supply and climate change;
  • Create a society in which knowledge is shared, taught and valued as an essential source of personal and collective development.

The European Research Area is not only a matter for scientists or for high-tech industry - it is a matter for each and everyone.

This is why I invite you to read the Commission's paper on the subject and to
share your views on what we should do to complete the creation of the European Research Area.

I also invite you to read and post comments on my website where you can learn about my daily activities to promote the European Research Area, give your opinion, ask questions and discuss with me.

Let's invent our future together!

Janez Potočnik