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Georg Buchtela has experience in the field of knowledge transfer. During the last 10 years he has been responsible for the development and implementation of support programs. Generally they targeted the facilitation of knowledge transfer from Austrian research organizations to national and international companies and the use of intellectual property of SME in a national and international context. Theseprograms (e.g.tecma, IPP, uni:invent, prize, ISTT,…) include a wide range of activities: training, identification of commercial exploitable intellectual property (IP), filing of patents, commercialization, litigation and enforcement.

Georg Buchtela’swork included program design and support of policy measures regarding the use of IP.

He worked for several Austrian ministries (bmwf, bmwfj and bmvit) and is strongly connected to the activities of the Austrian National Contact Point for IP which was set in the Ministry of Science.
On European level Georg Buchtela has been involved in several European projects dealing with IP. He initiated projects like CER-TTT-M and EUKTS (bothcertification of training), Transatlatic IPR collaboration (counterfeiting in EU and US),TRANSBIO (transfer of patentportfolios,), SEE-IFA and IPRforSEE (structural funds projects related to patent transfer and innovation financing in Southeast Europe) and participatedin several other international projects.

He has been actively involved in several EU expert and policy groups like the European Commission’s Expert Group on Knowledge Transfer Metrics, the Expert Group on IPR and research (first cycle),the Expert Group on cross-border collaboration between publicly funded research organizations and industry and technology transfer training (second cycle), the expert group on fiscal measures for research, the Group “Making IPR Work for SME”.

Georg Buchtela chaired successfully the metrics sub group of the knowledge transfer group during the last two years. He has been frequently invited to give presentations or to chair sessions on national and international venues related to knowledgetransferissues and its support.
Georg Buchtela contributed with his knowledge to several books, publications and articles and gives lectures at Austrian universities.

Currently Georg Buchtela holds the position of the managing director of ofi (ÖsterreichischesForschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik), which is one of Austrian large research and testing organizations (150 persons).